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15th December 2013, 04:22 AM
Time to start a video thread, all you SSGX pilots, post your videos here!

To start, I just finished an absolutely AMAZING Cassandra Gamma TT. I was thrilled with the result, as you can see at the end of the video, after a stellar run following some earlier practice runs.

I had a little bit of an interesting wall ride as you can see on Lap 1, and the first 3 corners on Lap 2 makes my brain melt - NO WALL TOUCHES!!! :D :D :D Too bad I side-shift failed coming over the Civic Center hill later in the lap, and then over-rotated entering the tunnel on Lap 4, and just tried to hold it together on Lap 5 (which I somehow did), and overall, I got out with a great time - 2:25.35, with my fastest lap at 28.63 on Lap 3.



For the record, it's my camera's fault that Cassandra appears in a minty-fresh shade of green; it still appears in its lovely daylight blue on my computer screen. Anyway, enjoy the show!

Lap Times:

Lap 1: 29.60
Lap 2: 28.96
Lap 3: 28.63
Lap 4: 29.21
Lap 5: 28.75

Also, just as a challenge for myself and the other skilled SSGX pilots, could some of you on the dev team post your best TT and SL times here so we can have something (like your world records) to chase after? That would just be fun, and I think doable for some of us with a little work. ;)

Edit: Those lap times actually add up to 2:25.15 instead of 2:25.35 if my calculations are correct. Devs might want to look into that.

15th December 2013, 09:26 AM
Haha wow, such an excitement at the end :D Nice to hear you are having so much fun with SSGX :)
You are right about the times, I'll have a look into that. Other than that, great thread. And VERY good piloting skills. Tbh I didn't race some lap times any more since my laptop was kinda weak for that. But I have a new Computer now and SSGX runs smooth as hell so I hope I can record some races soon :) But I might be not that skilled any more :D

15th December 2013, 01:56 PM
Goddamn dude, you dominated that session! Cool to see people enjoying this game and actually giving it a chance! :D

15th December 2013, 04:04 PM
Now you see why I advocate for no handling change in future builds! ;) Cassandra just flows so well for me, it was quick to perfect, but DC still needs some work, I'll get a video up as soon as I get a respectable time on there. All in all, I actually haven't played the game as much as people would think, but there was one day where I felt that I finally mastered the handling and what you see above is the result. Still room for improvement, though, I'll try to eliminate those errors and get back with a sub 2:25 time. :D

15th December 2013, 05:12 PM
And I will upload my video as soon as my computer can handle MP4 properly :D

15th December 2013, 06:06 PM
Also, you guys are free to download that video and use it if you want to on YouTube, Facebook, etc.

On a sidenote I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to embed G-Drive videos?

Edit: Seems like I finally figured out how to fly DC again! And another priceless reaction to boot! Btw, that's actually my second fastest time, first being 2:00.16, and this one at 2:00.25. It took awhile to get this one, as DC is a very tricky track, more so than Cassandra in my opinion. The corners on Cassy are more spread out, while they are in chains and combos at DC, all coming in quick and deadly succession. I love it and I hate it, but overall, it is a stunning track, a great piece of work, and very fun to conquer! :D



There's still a good bit of room for improvement here, although I've found that sideshifting off the jump increases lap times exponentially, even more so than cutting through the first gap of trees. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this wild and up-tempo ride on the challenging Draco Cavernae course.

Lap Times:

Lap 1: 24.28
Lap 2: 24.16
Lap 3: 24.21
Lap 4: 23.71
Lap 5: 23.68

^^ Consistency.

16th December 2013, 03:46 PM
Well done really well done. The game seems to me turns very well.
But the start is really so explosive?
which mode you're playing DDD113?

17th December 2013, 12:34 AM
I'm playing Time Trial, and yes, for all modes the start is just that explosive. The first lap is usually the hardest because it takes so much focus to keep your lines after that start, and it really takes the whole lap to fall into a rhythm. It's very challenging but very rewarding too, and mastering the boost start is one of the things that set the elite pilots apart from the average.

17th December 2013, 06:00 AM
It's not a video about race times, but some fun race with the AI while testing my new computer:


Will do some time-based races soon.

31st December 2013, 10:56 PM
I would have run many more time trials and races over the holiday break, and posted many more videos as well, but my desktop began having issues at the start of the break and is currently in the shop, no word on when I will get it back. :(

7th January 2014, 01:27 AM
Sadly I turned my camera off prior to these runs, but I beat my previous Cassandra Gamma Class TT of 2:25.35 again using iFreet and first achieving a time of 2:25.05


And later a time of 2:24.88


As you can see, the second lap in the race above was kinda poor, so I relaxed, fell into a rhythm, and hit every other lap of the race down to perfection. I know these aren't videos, but they're just a little update, hopefully I'll get some more videos up soon. :)

7th January 2014, 01:49 AM
Just gonna put this non-official video I made quite some time ago:


7th January 2014, 06:06 AM
I quite love that video. The first person perspective in SSGX just feels so pure, banking up around the tight bends and bouncing over the uneven open section in DC. It just looks so right with the speed of the game. That said, I think I'll still stick to the far camera for my preference. ;)

16th January 2014, 03:23 AM
Sadly, my camera broke today, but I managed to eliminate myself in Speed Lap...


This shows how bad of a pilot I really am :P

EDIT: I think I may have killed this thread