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11th November 2013, 01:00 AM
Hello again. I was just wondering if you guys have changed your campaign setup from the team challenge system to something else or if you are keeping or modifying it. I think the campaign structure is one of the most important aspects of the game, and I would like to help brainstorm and provide ideas on the setup of it, including the physical event layout such as succession (one event leads to another, then another after that), grid layout like Pulse and HD, or some other unlock system. I have some ideas on possible ways to form an interesting and fun campaign, and I would like to hear where you guys are at on it and if there have been any changes. :)

Personally, I like the idea of the Team Challenges, and I would not even suggest eliminating them, but I also think that having a central campaign would be a good thing; a progression system, with other unlockable challenges such as Team Challenges and maybe some other new challenge "grids." I like the way the HD and Pulse grids gave you choice of event, but I also like how the succession method keeps everything in a structured flow, so maybe we could combine the ideas to have choice of event, but your choice will still eventually lead you down a preset path, so the storyline stays consistent between players, since you guys have expressed interest in having more of a story behind the campaign, which would also be great.

Overall, I just want to see where you guys are at and provide some ideas to develop an immersive and entertaining campaign mode for SSGX. :)

11th November 2013, 04:27 AM
Hey there. Well we already have the campaign more or less completely planned out, it will contain some nice surprises but I give you an insight here [SPOILER-ALERT!]:

The story starts after the temtesh-disaster and when new teams are rising. You are a rookie guy, who achieved to get a talk to "Carlos". He organizes underground races and he will give you a tutorial training before that. If you do well in the underground races, official teams notice you and you can enter the ARC-150.

You can't pick all teams at first, you gotta unlock teams by playing through the campaign with a team. But each campaign differs a bit. You have "grid" events, a setup that we know from WOHD, straight forward: Races to select, win 'em and next race etc. and in between those grid events you have "key events". These are for the story and you have very very special race setups there [special race modes etc.].
Now, this all is packed into one single story. Have you ever heard of the movie "Vantage Point"? You see the same thing happening from 8 different people's views [president, terrorist, police officer, reporter etc.] and every view reveals you other interesting details around the story until it finally all comes together.
We have the same plan for doing that in SSGX. Each team has 5-6 key events, maybe some teams even share the same event, so you can see other ships in those events and eventually drive each ship during your progress in the campaign. In this events you learn alot about the team, their motivation and backstory, their ships and pilots. Here is an example of a key event introduction for LOGOS:

“Sneakpractice”: We want not to exaggerate in this League. Our goal is different. We will inform you about this but at first you have to show us that
you are capable to meet our expections. You may ask what they are. Remember: In our team, don’t ask for background info, we pretend there is
none. Practice stealth-flying on Basin Park forward. Lets see if you can come back in time on this Time Trial at night while your ship lights are turned

I won't give away the others now since there will be some nice surprises and I don't wanna spoiler too much :D