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19th December 2012, 09:55 AM
Anyone who's interested in the mobile gaming market may have heard of the upcoming Table Top Racing. It's being developed by Playrise Digital, whose CEO is none other than Wipeout legend Nick Burcombe. He recently did an interview for Games Industry International which you may be interested in, it's a good read - http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2012-12-12-nick-burcombe-playrise

19th December 2012, 10:46 PM
I may get Table Top Racing. I have a thing for miniatures.

This is coming from the person who has lots of toy and model trains.

20th December 2012, 03:56 AM
Thanks for the link, that was a great read.

20th December 2012, 10:52 AM
Good interview, I'll keep an eye out for this next year. Looks like a cracking game :)

Nick Burcombe
4th January 2013, 12:07 AM
Greetings Wipetonians....glad to be back. Sorted the login prob out - thanks Charlie. And Im glad to see a mini thread on our next game - Table Top Racing. I don't know if you guys are iOS gamers, but I really hope you like TTR - as you know I love my combat racers and this is a lot of fun. Its NOT as hardcore as wipeout at the bottom end but there's scope and a lot of twitch at the top end. Some ruthless battles to be had. Its been a labour of love for an extremely small team of dedicated and passionate developers I'm proud to have worked with them all - its a triumph. We'll be starting PR activity shortly and we're hoping to have it out for the 31st of Jan. The price......£1.99/$2.99 - yes a full console quality game for less than a beer! Anyway, come and follow us on www.facebook.com/playrise and on twitter @PlayriseDigital. We'll have a video ready for about mid month and hopefully you guys will see the effort has been poured into this as any other game I've worked on. :) One day - I'd love to do you guys a new Wipeoutesque game one day - as soon as Sony start realising that "Playstation and it's massive IP's" should be a software brand not a hardware brand - Ooooh controversial...I'm not trolling, just think God of War, GT, Little Big Planet, Killzone etc would clean up on mobile..... never mind eh....the longer they stay out - the more chance for us little guys. Nice to be back - hope you guys are still flying the Wipeout flag strong as always.

Here's an exclusive screenshot http://i.imgur.com/vCYHy.png

Cheers all


30th January 2013, 06:06 PM
Just so you're all aware, Table Top Racing is out on iOS tomorrow :)

17th January 2014, 08:57 PM
For those of you who missed out on the now award winning Table Top Racing, it will be available on Android devices from next week! Hope you don't find any bugs, I was one of the testers ;)


19th January 2014, 01:47 PM
Quite a lot of fans are still playing WipEout Nick, and the series has inspired me to produce electronica music!

11th February 2014, 11:45 PM
this game is excellent. I've got it on my galaxy S3. I had no idea Nick Burcombe worked on it. The turbo feels wipeouty kind of.:D

currently i'm in the green jeep thing and maxed out its stats, but no wheels yet :D trying to build up some points.

2nd April 2014, 10:47 AM
Well I missed Charlie's post from January announcing that TTR was out on Android. I only found out the other day when I was reading a news story that it's being released for the Vita -http://www.videogamer.com/psvita/table_top_racing/news/table_top_racing_comes_to_ps_vita_this_spring.html
Anyway I immediately downloaded it on my phone and have been nailing it ever since. Superb game, highly addictive and miles better than any of the other games I have on my phone. It's free to play but with the option of in game purchases. I've already spent a few quid and will gladly spend a few more to support Playrise Digital. Brilliant game, you can tell it was made by Wipeout people :)

20th April 2014, 04:10 PM
my ps3 controller is dying a death so sad. TTR is my step-in game while I figure out how to efficiently break in my new 'stiff' ps3 controller. I was thinking, I should just let my toes wiggle over the dpad until it loosens up somewhat... meanwhile, i can play TTR - i've got the bouncy wheels and the skidding wheels, and the VW beetle all sprayed up! :D

man, those skiddy wheels rule :D

25th April 2014, 12:41 PM
Something I've been meaning to ask; what's up with multiplayer? I read there was online multiplayer but when you go to the online section you just get leaderboards etc?

25th April 2014, 12:57 PM
Seems to be a pattern with sl devs breaking online modes lol

26th April 2014, 04:54 PM
This just seems so strange to me, after Wipeout. Leaves a little of a bad taste in our mouth.

4th May 2014, 07:37 PM
I just wanted to say I was playing this on the train today, and time just flew :) wicked game

21st October 2014, 06:11 PM

WipEout co-creator Nick Burcombe has announced Table Top Racing: World Tour - a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Burcombe, who dreamed up the idea of futuristic racer WipEout with Psygnosis colleague Jim Bowers over a few drinks at the Shrewsbury Arms in Oxton, Merseyside, said Table Top Racing: World Tour is in the early stages of development for a raft of platforms, including PC, mobile and consoles - but it'll launch first on PlayStation 4 in Q4 2015.

Development is being led on PS4, Burcombe added. "With a long history of hit games for PlayStation over the decades, we feel that the PlayStation platform is our spiritual home and to make a return to console development, as an indie developer, feels like a dream come true."

World Tour marks the first time Burcombe has worked directly on a PlayStation home console title since 2007 PlayStation 3 game Formula One Championship Edition.

It's also the next version of the Micro Machines-inspired Table Top Racing series, which developer Playrise has seen substantial success with on mobile devices. The developers are using the Unity 5 engine to build World Tour, with four-player split-screen as well as online play a particular focus.

Unlike the mobile version of Table Top Racing, which switched from being a paid for app to free-to-play with in-app purchases, World Tour will be a premium game from the outset, Burcombe promised.

"We've had a steep learning curve on mobile," he told Eurogamer. "As the market swung from paid-apps doing well to free-apps all the way, we had to move and do something. Turning TTR free was a difficult decision and to be honest, with that wonderful benefit of hindsight, I wish we had just done a new version.

"Suffice to say, there won't be any F2P TTR:World Tour. It's going to be premium game, paid in-full with optional DLC for those that love it. If you pay more in, you should get more fun out. That's our goal for TTR:WT. No pay-to-win schemes, no wait-timers, no pay for lives, none of that stuff. It's just not what we got into indie dev for. We learnt some valuable lessons in the mobile space, but F2P is not for us. This will be the game we meant to make."

Early tech-test screenshots of Table Top Racing: World Tour.

Early tech-test screenshots of Table Top Racing: World Tour.Early tech-test screenshots of Table Top Racing: World Tour.Early tech-test screenshots of Table Top Racing: World Tour.
Burcombe spent 10 years at Psygnosis after joining as a game tester in 1988. He was the lead designer on the first WipEout game, which launched alongside the PSone in Europe in 1995, as well as its sequel Wipeout 2097/XL, and experienced the developer's transitional period after it was bought by Sony and renamed Studio Liverpool.

In 1998 he left to co-found N-Gen Racing and Quantum Redshift developer Curly Monsters (for more on Curly Monsters check out our article on the drama surrounding Quantum Redshift).

After Curly Monsters collapsed, Burcombe spent time at EA Warrington, which failed to ship any titles, before rejoining Studio Liverpool in 2004 to work on the Formula One franchise and game prototypes. He left in 2010 following a round of layoffs.

It was after this that Burcombe founded Playrise Games, initially helping other developers as a consultant before founding a small developer called Playrise Digital to make making a new racing game for mobile platforms.

That game was Table Top Racing, which launched on iOS devices in January 2013. An Android version released a year later, in January 2014. The Vita version went live in August.

Early work in progress screens