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19th September 2012, 09:04 PM
Noah's Ark: Total Wip3out

Based on the racing game by Psygnosis

Story by Nicholas Manuel

Characters by their respective owners.

Chapter 1: Good Sequence, Bad Timing.

Miyamoto Dojo Labs is in for a real treat, today. Archibald McShane was about to bring his team into the future, more like an alternate future.

Arch: Ladies and gentlefurs, what you are about to see is the future of racing.

He inputs a sequence and pulls the lever to take them into the year 2048. However, Rayden, the mischevious Norn was about to send them further into the future.


Rayden presses buttons randomly, and overloads the console.

Rayden: Oops, my bad. Oh well, a team is in need of your help anyway. Have fun at the F7200!

Arch: Wait, what tea--?!

Before his question was finished, Arch and company were pulled into the singularity prior to collapsing.

They end up in an futuristic alley.

Kentaro: Where are we?

Arch: More like when, we're in the year 2116.

Aurora: Oh No! What do we do?

Arch: *Reading a billboard* "F7200 Preseason Race Today". I know let's watch a Anti-Gravity Race!

The team agrees and pay for tickets and take their seats. For the race is about to begin.


Just because this is a Furry fanfiction, doesn't mean it's going to contain yiff. Ok, I'll admit, there will be only one chapter for a yiff scene, but I will not post it here, due to regulations within this forum. Instead, I will post a link to it, if any pilot's feeling brave enough to weather it, once I reach that point.

More to the point, this story ties into the universe of one of my storytelling colleagues, who's fursona is under the moniker, Noah Taller, a wolf sorcerer. Remember when Fairclough, and Foxx said that the Overtel Corporation never made a real power grab until the F9000, years after Belmondo's death? Well, Noah's arch-nemesis, Lucien, gave the Overtel Corporation additional support to make Qirex-RD more dominant in the league than ever. Lucien even slated FEISAR for borderline foreclosure. This however, was all a front for Lucien biggest move, yet: to unite all the forces of evil in the known universes. While Arch and company boggle down over this trival matter, unaware of the true plot unfolding, Lucien will continue to make power grabs to recreate the multi-verse in his own twisted image! What will Lucien do next to keep our heroes distracted? Read more to find out!

UPDATE: Lucien is actually in hibernation, However Spartace, Arch's brother is Racing for Qirex-RD to keep our heroes distracted while he continues his attempts to awaken Lucien. Will Arch win the seven Chaos Emeralds, and restore the balance of the WipEout Continuity? For all this and more, stay tuned!

Amaroq Dricaldari
21st September 2012, 10:10 PM

21st September 2012, 11:07 PM
Noah's Ark: Total Wip3out

Chapter 2: Pre-season Picks

Arch and company watch the race, only to see FEISAR in need of help.

Speedlix: Huh? What's that sound?

Arch: Nothing more than the humming of Anti-Gravity Engines. *sees Feisar* They, seem to have trouble with that Orange and Green team.

Vincent De Blanc: Oui, we are een a bit of a slump. I should know, I own ze team.

Arch: Archibald McShane.

Vince: Vincent De Blanc, at your service. Our crafts are but ze slowest een speed. And your friends, les pas?

Arch: Introduce yourselves, team!

Speedlix: Hello, my name's Speedlix Strife its great to meet you, sir.

Vince: Bonjour, Monsieur Speedlix. Are vous a technician, we need help getting our craft up to speed.

Speedlix: Okay, what do I have to do?

Vince: Your dragon friend agreed to race for us, zis season. You just need to keep ze craft maintained. We'll use our finances to get vous all up to speed.

Arch: You sound very desperate, has your team won in the past.

Vince: Sadly, no. And zis may be mon last year before the committee decides to pull ze plug.

Speedlix: I'll give it try. *goes to the craft to maintain it*

Kentaro: Um, I'm Kentaro Miyamoto.

Vince: Bonjour, Monsieur Kentaro. Do you know anyone that can pilot an Anti-Gravity craft? I'm sure you'll do great as a trainer.

Arch: I have a Starship Pilot's License, does that count for certification?

Vince: Oui, I suppose. I'll see you all to our new Headquarters in Berlin. We may have hope for zis team.

Arch: *to Ken* Perhaps his team is the one Rayden said we should help.

Kentaro: Well, if it'll get us home, then sure.

Danny: Danny Furrison, Mr. De Blanc.

Vince: Bonjour, to you, Danny. Eh, what are you doing.

Danny: Contemplating on the track. It's amazing how the designers make the courses so fluid, yet challenging.

Vince: C'est magnifique! You, can be FEISAR's track analyst.

Danny: Awesome!

Aurora: Aurora Spencer.

Vince: *kisses her paw* Madamemoiselle, ze pleasure is mine.

Noah: No one kisses her paw but me!

Vince: Mon deiu, zat's a powerful voice. Just what we need for a manager.

Noah: You haven't assembled the team yet?

Vince: We just finished moving to Berlin, what did you expect?

Aurora: If he's manager, I'd like to be co-Manager.

Vince: Very well, we all meet for Berlin, no need to buy train tickets, I got eet covered! *gives the team train tickets* I'll be ze one with the FEISAR sign.

Arch: Ok, when's the next departure.

Vince: Een one hour. Ze train station ees to ze north.

The team runs off to catch the train, and they did.


Chapter 3: Simulated Training 1

At FEISAR Headquarters in Berlin, Germany, Arch undergoes preliminary simulation to ensure his place in the F7200 Racing League.

Speedlix: Okay, I'm ready to help you with anything, Arch. *holds on to his gear*

Arch: Easy there, boyo, it's just a simulation. They only want to test my effectiveness on the track.

Speedlix: Oh, so what's the point of this testing?

Arch: The point is, I have to pilot for FEISAR. But, to race in the F7200, I have to earn validation from the committee.

Speedlix: Wow, that's a pretty tough standard.

Arch: Fortunately, I only have to pass two-thirds of simulations. The committee might give this team a finacial boost, if I pass all six simulations.

Speedlix: That's great! You will pass for sure and I can't wait to see how you pilot. *smiling for excitement*

Danny: I never did this before. Is it hard?

Vince: Only Archibald ees qualified to pilot een ze simulator. The only thing you can do is radio him from the pits.

Kentaro: A simulation huh? That's like a video game, right?

Vince: Oui, I suppose. You have only verbal interaction with Arch, during ze sessions.

Arch: *is in a FEISAR race suit* Ok, Let's start on course LS101/NP62.

Vince: Oui! Bonne Chance!

And the race is on!


Danny: Be careful, Arch. If you're energy hits absolute zero, game over!

Kentaro: Hmm. Not bad. A few bumps, but pretty good for your first run.

Arch: Hey, I got vector gold, didn't I? And yes, I kinda turned too early on that last jump.

Vince: Great strategy with ze pits, though.

Arch: One down, five to go.

Vince: Oui, but remember, if you win ze next session, you will be tested in ze Venom class from here on out. Win four in a row, you will be tested in ze Rapier Class, for ze last two. Win all six, This team get's a bonus!

Danny: But... Those have ramps, don't they?

Arch: What do you mean by that? The curves bank, the ramps have boost pads sometimes, and you have to use your weapon and countermeasure ordinances effectively.

Danny: Sorry. Misunderstanding what you said from my part. ^^;

Kentaro: Good luck, Arch.

Speedlix: You can do it, Arch.

Arch: Preparing to race, LS102/MG71.

Aurora: I'm counting on you, my Space Captain!

Amaroq Dricaldari
22nd September 2012, 01:18 AM
Your Fan-Fiction is pretty cool.

However, I think that in a universe with Anthropomorphic beings, they shouldn't refer to themsleves as 'furs' or 'furries' or whatever. For example, it is okay to replace 'Gentlefurs' with 'Gentlemen', because the words 'men' and 'women' are context sensitive.

EDIT: Prototype Panic Race 2 of 6 @ Time Index [HH:MM:SS] 00:00:33
Your character needs to practice his racing lines. Having a bad racing line is a good way to get yourself stuck in 8th place.

22nd September 2012, 02:03 AM
Your Fan-Fiction is pretty cool.

However, I think that in a universe with Anthropomorphic beings, they shouldn't refer to themsleves as 'furs' or 'furries' or whatever. For example, it is okay to replace 'Gentlefurs' with 'Gentlemen', because the words 'men' and 'women' are context sensitive.

EDIT: Prototype Panic Race 2 of 6 @ Time Index [HH:MM:SS] 00:00:33
Your character needs to practice his racing lines. Having a bad racing line is a good way to get yourself stuck in 8th place.

Well, that's just two of the things I need to deal with.

1. Yes, Anthros thrive in the alternate reality, and you're right, I should worry less about their species.

2. Yeah, I was hoping to get a clean shot with the rockets. But AG-Systems was much faster than my craft.

Amaroq Dricaldari
22nd September 2012, 02:10 AM
Speaking of which, what kind of animal is your character, anyway? Wolf, Fox? Or something more obscure, like a Bird? Also, are there humans in your universe?

EDIT: You should use some of the forum's formatting tools to make certain parts of the text easier to distinguish from other parts of the text, and you should try to combine the current 'Playscript' style with some more focus on the details.

22nd September 2012, 02:18 AM
There's Humans in there, yes. And Arch is a Spore Alien, a cross between a Sasquatch and a dragon. Actually a Spore Alien can be a cross of any two or more species, extraterrestrial or non. Before you get riled up, bear in mind humans date only other humans. Same principle applies to Anthros.

Amaroq Dricaldari
22nd September 2012, 02:30 AM
Um... I wasn't implying that. But it does make sense.

22nd September 2012, 07:05 AM
The story's set in what year,2116? Who knows what kind of shizz humans might have come up with.

22nd September 2012, 01:47 PM
Perfected HD viewing platforms; Swiss army knives for engineers, race crew, and technicians; and insta-meals that require a cup of water and a special Nano-wave oven to make your favorite foods.

At least, that's what my grand-kids would expect 104 years from now. Alcoholic beverages are still being made in 2116, but in moderate quantities, thanks to a semi-temperance bill that passed worldwide in an fit to keep the populace sober. Pilots are not allowed to drink until after a race, this bit of info is important to the plot of the second book. Anyway, the next chapter is coming your way: This time, I used word to tweak the formatting.

Chapter 4: Simulated Training 2

Criticism from Arch's second race, leads to his change in strategy towards the Venom class trials.

Speedlix: Amazing, this is going to be amazing.

Kentaro: This won't be the same as the last time. Remember that.

Arch: To be honest, I haven't piloted an Anti-Gravity Ship since my days in the UGSF Academy.

Vince: Simulation begins een 10 seconds.

Arch: Right!


Danny: Those look like some sharp turns. Think you can manage?

Arch: We have something for those, they are called "Airbrakes".

After the race Arch feels great that he secured a gold medal position, but is discouraged by his lacking ability.

Arch: Maybe that jump is trying to tell me something. Don't floor it, glide down. Perhaps that was what the Airbrakes were for. Aurora, did I soar, or was it just my heart using hyperthrust for you?

Aurora: Oh you. *blushes at his witty remark*

Kentaro: You still got a high ranking.\

Arch: Doesn't matter, the next set of races are in the Venom Class, I have to race an additional lap from now on. And by the sound of things, the competition's gonna' get a little fiercer.

Kentaro: We'll just have to get you ready for that then.

Arch: We'll get to it tomorrow, right now we need some rest.

Kentaro: Of course, good night, Arch.

In Arch's sleeping chambers, he decides to call Mithane for help.

In a bar, Mithane is watching Arch's performance recap on the flat screen.

Mithane: now thats the kind of racing that will get him places...

He takes another sip of his scotch, before paying and leaving. Suddenly, his his communicator rings mithane opens his palm and a holographic arch stands talking to him.

Arch: Mithane, I'm surprised I can get some bars, here! More to the point, Feisar needs a chief engineer. Speedlix is doing great with maintenance, but he's inexeperienced at this level of tech. We need someone that knows how the ship is built inside and out. Someone like you. Can you come to Berlin at the next flight?

Mithane: Oh? Well I guess so... I'll be there in an hour....

Arch: I'll see you in the morning, Venom Class evaluations begin tomorrow.

Mithane: Heh I'll have to take a look at your rig... Plus I hear they have some strong drink over there!

Arch: You do that, LS103/AW72, isn't gonna' race itself.

Before Arch goes to sleep, he watches some TV and finds out the prize for first place finishes in the first seven races of the Nostalgia Cup are the seven Chaos Emeralds. How they managed to make their way into the future, he assumes that they were introduced before 2116 through chaos control. He decides to invite two unlikely treasure hunters from the past. One is the guardian of a great treasure that the other wants for herself. They are Knuckles the Echinda and Rouge the Bat. They were in the middle of a squabble over this great treasure known as the Master Emerald, when Arch taps into the frequency of the Master Emerald, and begins to talk to them.

Arch: Knuckles and Rouge, sorry to interrupt your little scrap, but I need you two for a special mission from the future.

Rouge: The future? Just who do you think you are?

Knuckles: And, how are you even reaching us from the Master Emerald?

Arch: I use a Mobian artifact I came across while I was in your universe, two years ago from the present. It is a Chrono-crystal, a by-product from Sonic’s adventure on the Little Planet. I use it to send messages to other Artifacts of Mobian Mythology. By the way, I am Archibald McShane and I’m trying to save an AG racing team from shutting down.

Knuckles: AG?

Rouge: As in, anti-gravity, hovercrafts?

Arch: Something like that, I’ll let you in on it, tomorrow. Here’s your ticket in.

Arch taps a miniature singularity generator with the crystal, and the warp device ends up on top of the Master Emerald. Knuckles grabs the device, and he and Rouge begin to examine it.

Arch: That’s a singularity generator, push that red button and it will take you beside the building I’m in, that’s the team’s headquarters. Don’t worry about leaving the emerald unguarded, my sentry will cover for you.

Arch then transports a sentry turret to the top of the Master Emerald.

Rouge: We’ll see you in the morning, not that I will enjoy it.

Arch: Settled, good night!

Arch then deactivates the crystal and goes to sleep.


The reason why my story has Sonic Characters in it, is because this story takes place in an alternate Wipeout Reality, which is part of the multiversal complex. In theory, anything is possible. Knuckles and Rouge are not just known for their rather frictional relationship, but they are also aviation experts, of course Knux can only glide. Arch knew he needed help piloting AG craft, so he turns to the two Mobians, in hopes they can give him moral support and a few pointers. The next chapter is currently under development, so sub to this thread for more notes and chapters.

Amaroq Dricaldari
30th September 2012, 11:26 PM
Wait, the prize is a bunch of glowing, floating gems? Unless they are a cross between Control Crystals and Zero Point Modules (and thus will provide (and coordinates (quantum, temporal, etc)) the energy to send you back to your own universe), I don't think we're ready to open that can of worms.
Also, I came up with an idea for the almost-final-chapter of your Fan-Fiction. Note that this is just a concept, so it isn't very well polished.

Arch is in first-place, on his way to the finish line. However, he takes a hit to the rear of his craft, severly damaging it. The computer starts diverting all power to structural integrity, putting the engines offline, and thus bringing Arch to a screeching halt. Jet, in the Icarus, passes Arch. However, right before he reaches the finish line, he releases the throttle, slams hard on both airbrakes, and starts turning his ship around. Then, as he flies towards Arch and fishtails around his craft, he locks onto Arch with a Nosferatu (Leech) module, but inverts the polarity (thus, the Nosferatu is draining Jet's shields and transferring it to Arch's craft). Then, he kicks the Hyperthrust, propelling both ships forward at high speed.

Arch engages the rear view camera, trying to figure out why he is moving forward so quickly, then he sees Jet's craft behind him, falling apart. Once Arch is back at full shield energy, the computer resumes providing the engines with power.
Then a missile hits Jet from behind, causing his craft to explode (wether he was able to eject is unknown), and the shockwave of the explosion propels Arch's craft with even greater momentum, allowing him to cross the finish line (in first place).

Cool idea, eh?

1st October 2012, 12:06 AM
Yeah, Arch does win, but he hails Jet on a secure frequency, waits, and hears him. Which reminds me, Arch thinks there are Chaos Emeralds up for grabs, but they're actually mock-ups, they just don't know it yet. But, he can get them home, he just needs a new fission battery for his singularity generator. But they were expensive, it would take the prize money from both Championships to compensate. Later on though, he'll realize they haven't made him just a better pilot, they made him a better person. He's playing the Chaos Emerald card to get that bat-girl to side with him along Knux. He needs a fan base, it's what propels him to do what he must.

Amaroq Dricaldari
1st October 2012, 12:30 AM
*very far in the past (or rather, the present day), Daniel Jackson (see - Stargate franchise) somehow comes across the real chaos emeralds while checking out a planet they gated to*
Daniel: Hmm... I wonder what these do...
*puts them inside slots around the DHD*
*gate starts dialing itself, and opens a wormhole to another universe*
Random Canadian *on other side*: Dafuq?

Oh, we should start using Google Docs/Drive
My email address is amaroqthewolf@gmail.com

1st October 2012, 12:49 PM
By "them", I was referring to Knux and Rouge, not the mock emeralds. Arch like most of his species rarely resorts to trickery and bending the truth. This policy does have exceptions, desperation is the best motivation. As for why fission batteries are worth a winning season, is thanks to a tax on nuclear and radioactive materials that he needs to make one. The tax was imposed in a fit to reduce the nuclear arsenal the world over. They still produce fission batteries, but the tax makes it nearly impossible to buy one, unless you are rich, part of a research team, or a heroic icon. The next chapter is on the way.

Amaroq Dricaldari
1st October 2012, 01:05 PM
Screw Fission Batteries, get a ZPM (short for Zero Point Module, but let's just call it a ZedPM).

In my imagination, the Chaos Emeralds are basically (as mentioned above) hybrids between Control Crystals (providing spatial, temporal, and trans-universe coordinates), and ZPMs (providing the necessary power to create a stable artifical wormhole to another universe, place, and time simultaenously. And since a stargate address has seven symbols (eight if dialing to another galaxy), I guess it all works out in the end.

Let me pull an Adrian Monk on you... Here's what happened;
Not too long before the F7200, Pierre Belmondo discovered seven ancient artifacts in an archaelogical dig with a technological level far surpassing what mankind could be theoretically capable of even after a few centuries of development. He decided to share them with each of the seven teams (there were only seven at the time) for the benefit of mankind (using the information stored in the artifacts to develop new technology, and using the energy produced by them to provide free energy to all of mankind (Zero Point Energy is the equivalent of billions upon billions of Petawatts, which of course is more than enough to satisfy the world's energy needs for a few millennia). Some of [REDACTED]'s henchmen were stationed at a base on Makana Island, and they had heard rumors of seven artifacts being discovered. Goteki was founded to undermine the league, and to get ahold of said artifacts (you have probablyt figured out by now that these artifacts are the 'Chaos Emeralds"). However, Qirex and Overtel were still trying to gain their own power, so they bombed Goteki's headquarters to keep them from suceeding. Next, Overtel sent spies to take down AG Systems from the inside via espionage.

That was another rough concept, but it fits in with your WipEout/Sonic crossover well without making it too corny.

Amaroq Dricaldari
1st October 2012, 05:20 PM
Or we could do an alternate version of my story, which is probably going to be WAY better (and less confusing).

[REDACTED] was in a high position at Overtel, and AG SYstems didn't provide Qirex with one (knowing that they would only abuse it). Because of that, he starts trying to sabotage all of the teams, and thus Goteki is established to eliminate Qirex. However, their plan sort-of backfired, and Qirex bombed them instead.

2nd October 2012, 04:14 PM
Well, Zig Zag and Sabrina (refer to Sabrina Online for more on the characters and story) are also from the same universe Arch resides in. In a scrapped story of mine "Operation Schwartz-geist", when the Brotherhood of Nod collapsed, Sabrina gave Arch his only working prototype, of a pocket singularity generator. If Sabrina survives her encounter with the same rat that her boyfriend Richard Conrad sprayed at, she and Zig Zag will get a first glimpse of the future of racing.

About [REDACTED], he needs a name, we can't use Spartace since he's piloting for Qirex. I want to use the Russian derivative of Arch McShane, Adrik Mikhailov. And this might be why FEISAR is in danger of losing it's label:

Adrik Mikhailov, an administrator for the Overtel corporation, noticed that FEISAR relocation to Berlin, Germany, weeks before the F7200 inaugural season, was also the same location where Overtel would plot the next move for when Belmondo finally kicks the bucket. To keep FEISAR distracted, they decided to exploit a marketing fault that FEISAR was hiding. Adrik discovered that FEISAR was but a sponsor short of meeting the minimum sponsorship limit. That's when Overtel blackmailed Qirex into reporting FEISAR to the commission, in exchange for keeping the corrupt funding to themselves. Vincent De Blanc was then issued an ultimatum, find a sponsor before the end of the season or sell the team. With FEISAR in a state of panic, their search for a sponsor went on long enough for Overtel to conduct their meeting. Members of the Belmondo Foundation, including Pierre himself discovered that Qirex plans to wager their Chaos Emerald in the Nostalgia Cup. Overtel is using this as a front, to collect the other Emeralds from their six enemies. Belmondo, then decided to persuade Makana to race in the F7200 to undermine the league, exposing Overtel's corruption in the process. But, with the arrival of Arch and company, he decides to use FEISAR's rising star, as a backup plan. For Qirex is bound to discover Goteki 45's true origins and will level Makana to keep their mouths shut. Thus, in anticipation, Pierre decides to make Arch his secret pilot, though his friends will find out eventually. So, Belmondo tells Arch's friends to help Arch, when he needs it, and make sure he doesn't give away the operation to the opposing teams, especially Goteki 45 and Qirex.

Of course, that's what the next chapter will contain.

Amaroq Dricaldari
3rd October 2012, 01:14 AM
I kept calling him '[REDACTED]' because it is easier than saying '[REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS]'. We don't want to spoil it for anyone, afterall.

3rd October 2012, 02:15 AM
Well, actually, you kinda' put a lot of sense into the story. Ok, here's what I posted on Sunday on FA.
Noah's Ark: Total Wip3out

Chapter 5: Simulated Training 3

Arch wakes up the next day to find Mithane upgrading the craft for the Venom Speed Class Evaluations.

Mithane: Morning, Anderetti. About time you woke up. By the way, we took account of your invite to Knux and Rouge, and agreed to make accomodations for them.

Rouge: Look what the the cat dragged in?

Knuckles: Sorry but where did they come from?

Arch: If you are referring to my friends and I, we're from the past, that's all I can tell you.

Noah: Remind me again, what do you want me to do?

Arch: You're the Team's manager, and Aurora's your co-manager. Your goal is to help me get to the Phantom Class Series of the F7200 League. But remember, I have to win all of the simulations to prove to the committee that I'm ready for the big time.

Noah: I'll do my best, sir.

Kentaro: I think you'll like the repairs made to your race, Arch.

Arch: Hmm, doesn't look any different. Is it faster, than normal.

Kentaro: Can you handle the higher speed?

Pierre Belmondo: Oui, but in evaluation, risks makes data. . . sketchy, so to say.

Arch: Pierre Belmondo! The divine father of AG racing!

Pierre: I wouldn't say "divine", but it's good enough for me. Bonjour, monsieurs Kentaro, Noah, madamemoiselle Aurora. I see FEISAR has a rising star, this season.

Rouge: Hey, Anderetti! Don't leave us hanging.

Arch: I'm sorry, where are my manners. Welcome to the year 2116, the year of the first F7200 AG Racing League Season. You know me from the temporal-gram, I sent you. I'm Archibald McShane, lead pilot for Federal European Industrial Science and Research, better known as FEISAR. You two have been selected to help my team and I get back home. The F7200 has a gold medal prize for the seven out of eight races, a Chaos Emerald for the winner of the first seven races of the Nostalgia Cup.

But to get to the Cup, I have to first save FEISAR from foreclosure, by racing in the Phantom Class Championship. However, I must win gold in all six simulations, the committee is throwing at me, to race in the Phantom Class.

And, no Rouge, we need the Emeralds to use Chaos Control to get back home. Knux, as long as you two work together for the common goal, I have set, I don't want any friction between the both of you. Or so help me, I will challenge you to an Elimination Race to the death, of your AG craft.

Pierre Belmondo: Sacre Bleu, why must you be so violent?

Arch: Because these two, have always had a strained relationship. Rouge wants the Master Emerald for herself, but Knux is so hot-headed, unlike his dad Locke! He is the guardian of the Master Emerald.

Pierre: I see, is the Master Emerald here?

Arch: No, so there's no reason for you two to argue.

Rouge: Couldn't Knuckles help me steal to help everyone after all I am skilled in stealing things?

Arch: Here's the problem, Rouge, I've already made a commitment to earn them the right way, by racing to the top. Tell you what, promise to stay and cheer me on without resorting to gran theft mineral, I will give you 1,000,000 rings and, *takes out a 5 kilo egg-shaped diamond* this Diamond Egg I fabricated from volcanic ash on Vostok Island. Knux, how about an upgrade for your shovel claws? You might as well, before the judges show up in about *looks at watch* 30 seconds.

Knuckles: Sure, BTW if this is the past how do have a upgrade for me?

Rouge: Also, if you don't win then can I steal it?

Arch: Sure, Rouge, but I highly doubt I will lose. And Knux, it's my friends and I that came from the past, I seem to have misinterpreted your frame of reference. The shovel claws can be remodeled, with the strongest metal in the world, Tungsten.

Pierre: Excuse moi, we are ready, Archibald.

Arch: And so, it begins, again!


After the race, Arch was lucky for his craft to survive. With a small amount of shield energy left, he pulled through and won the gold, by the skin of his teeth.

Kentaro: Gold huh? Not bad. But be careful with those turns.

Arch: I'm still learning pitch control, and I can't tell what direction works with what scenario.

Kentaro: Well, you should be careful not to take too much damage. We'd hate for you to crash during an actual race.

Rouge: He won now then when will he give me the 1,000,000 rings and 5 kilo egg-shaped diamond?

Knuckles: And what does he want me to do with the upgrade?

Rouge: Who knows I just want that 5 kilo egg-shaped diamond. *her eyes turn to hearts just thinking about the place she is going to put it*

Arch: Patience, once I win the Phantom Class Series, and the Nostalgia Cup, which should take about 6 months tops, your fortunes will be fulfilled. I know it's long, and I want to get home too, but Mr. Belmondo knows you're conspiring, Rouge. And, Knux, the upgrade will be able to tear through Iridium-encrusted meteors, and you'll dig farther into the planet, like never before.

Knuckles: Well then are we in mine and Rouge's time line or yours?

Rouge: And How does Mr. Belmondo know I'm conspiring?

Pierre: Because, he told me about you, Rouge, during the race.

Arch: And, the answer is neither, Knux, this is the future to all of us. Of course, anything is possible in the multiverse.

Rouge: Hmm, if I go to the bank would I be able to take money out?

Arch: Only if it's a withdrawal, besides it's a digital form of currency they have around the world, virtually come back, my next race starts at 1:00 PM.impossible to steal unless you are a hacker.

Rouge: Are you? Because, I hack. Anyway, I want to get a drink.

Knuckles: A pricey drink?

Rouge: Yeah, Maze. Well, when I get back, I'll leave some money in there, so the money will increase.

Arch: Go right ahead, be sure to come back, my next race starts at 1:00 PM.

Once Sabrina and Zig Zag are introduced, Mr. Belmondo will tell FEISAR of his plan involving Arch, and he will tell them of the Emeralds.

Amaroq Dricaldari
3rd October 2012, 02:43 AM
I think 'Credits' would be a better currency than 'Rings'.
Oh, did you close your Twitter Account or something?

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Noah’s Ark: Total Wip3out

Chapter 6: LS104

Arch-Cam Entry 001:

At 1:00PM, it was time to race LS104. I had goose bumps, anticipating my call to action Good thing, Rouge and Knuckles returned, I was kind of worried about them. Then Kentaro-sensei began to speak.

Kentaro: The Rapier Class Evaluations are about to begin, are you ready for this?

Arch: Brave or grave, Kentaro-sensei. As for what’s ahead if I secure a gold position, I’m worried about the dragster prototype.

Kentaro: Machines are replaceable. Living beings aren’t. We ask that you come back alive.

Danny-boy seems scared about LS104.

Danny: Uhhh… Arch?

Arch: Yes? Is something bothering you?

Danny: Are you sure about this? This course seems a bit… tricky.

Arch: It wasn’t as bad as LS103, but I’m concerned about Qirex, they’ve dominated the circuits many times in the past.

As I replenish my confidence, I thought about Mr. Belmondo, he is pondering on something. I had to ask him something that only I would know about.

Arch: You sound worried, Mr. Belmondo, worried Overtel will make a power grab?

Pierre: Oui, I ‘ave noticed Qirex Research and Development is receiving massive funding into their accounts. I’ll deal you in on ‘zis later, vous ‘ave a race to win, first.

Arch: Let’s do it!


After the race, I noticed my problem, I never took consideration of my racing lines.

Kentaro: Good job, Arch, you won! But, I wouldn’t say the same for your racing lines.

Arch: I know, I wasn’t meant for efficiency!

Knuckles: If Sonic taught me anything about racing lines, you’re looking for a route that’s spot-on at the apex.

Rouge: The Apex is in most cases the geometric center of a turn. You may not get a perfect lap attempting for the ideal line, but if you’re good, you can expect a faster lap time!

Arch: I think I’ll try that. Off to the drag racers!

Noah: May Nava watch over you!

Aurora: Umm, try not to ram into the wall, Archie.

She blows me a kiss, like the vixen she is.

Danny: Veer right, position yourself, then turn left for the Apex!

Arch: Do the opposite for a right hand turn, got it!

Kentaro: Remember to make sure you focus on the corner, turn when you locate the entry at the outer corner, since the dragsters are very fast, this can be difficult at full speed.

Mithane: You may want to rely on the airbrake at times to avoid a halting collision, the thrust is not instantaneous, and you’ll spend half you time in the race as a mid-pack runner.

I was gonna’ be all over the seven other competitors like shingles! I hope my friends’ advice was enough. Actions speak louder than words after all!

Next time, Finale of Prototype Panic: Don’t Be “Dragon” Me Down! 1 of 2

With their high speed and titanic shielding, Arch must now prove himself as Phantom Class Material in the dragster challenge. He is given unlimited shield energy, but in exchange must practice willpower by resisting temptation to hyperthrust. Will Arch master the art of the racing line, or forever lose his way back home?