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25th June 2012, 03:35 PM
Since I'm not ready to post the full fan fictions, I'd as well post nuggets of the scenes that may happen in a universe and trans-universe.

(Wow. I don't know what to write. This thread on another forum had some short conversation going on as the story. This is what I can think of as of time of posting.)

Practice Session 1

Pilot:What the...
Mechanic:What's wrong?
Pilot:The airbrakes! They just don't work!
Mechanic:Airbrake buttons don't work?!
Pilot:They don't!
Mechanic:Running Diagnostics!
Pilot:Better be quick! Hairpin's coming up!
Mechanic:Let off the accelerator and use the turning force to slow down!
Pilot:Bracing for impact!
(The ship's nose scrapes the wall)
Mechanic:Hang in there!
(The ship stops scraping the wall and recovers)
Pilot: (panting)Hu....hu...
Mechanic:Return to the pits. Someone glued the airbrakes shut.

26th June 2012, 01:57 AM
Could be an attempted sabotage of a Van-Über craft (that's what this scene sounds like to me)

26th June 2012, 02:04 AM
The team that these two are members of are not made known on purpose. :)

26th June 2012, 04:00 PM
Recently,cases of curruption have been popping up in Singapore. What I happened to think about when watching a recent news airing about these cases was The Fall of the F9000. Since I was thinking of this,why not write some of the news articles/first-liners that could have been seen in the media during the fallout?

The Anti-Gravity Racing Commission has been suspended pending investigations of alleged corruption over the course of the F9000 Anti-Gravity Racing League
-Channel NewsAsia, October 21 2170

Suicide tolls have reached the hundreds after revelations of corruption were revealed by the Anti-Gravity Purity Coalition.
-Hello USA,October 23 2170

Investigations have discovered millions of billions of trillions of dollars spent as bribes from various sponsors and teams to Overtel and vice-versa over the course of the League's 14 years(from 2156 to 2170).
-The New York Times,October 30 2170

The shock withdrawal of Auricom in 2168 was a pre-empt of the things to come.
-Race Days (US Journal), 2 November 2170

The United Nations forced governments to enforce martial law after corporate headquarters of companies involved were raided by enraged citizens
-The New York Times,4 November 2170

Economic forecasts are expected to plummet even further as investigations continue into the F9000 scandal
-The Day in Brief, World Economic Review, 6 November 2170

This is going to be the last episode of Top Gear. The BBC had to cancel all of its shows as austerity measure against the current slump.
-Ricky Richson,Host of Top Gear(UK),9 November 2170

The USSR puppet government is facing internal conflict following the shutdown of Tigron and the economic depression that has occurred as a result of the collapse of the F9000 Anti-Gravity Racing League.
-The Daily Telegraph,13 November 2170

When asked on his future prospects,Omarr Khumala has answered that he will be working as a permanent staff member of his local dog shelter.
-The Independent,19 November 2170

It amazes me as to what the Anti-Gravity Purity Coalition thought they were when they broadcast the evidence of corruption during that race last month.
-Sherman Dawson,Political Observer,Financial Times ,23 November 2170

Minority of Purity Coalition members regret the exposure of corruption. Majority do not have regrets.
-Deakin Tesla,The Independent, 26 November 2170

We should all be thankful to the bloody Purity Coalition for getting us into the bloody mess we are all in right now.
-Sherman Dawson,Political Observer,Financial Times ,30 November 2170

The Purity Coalition is now drawing flak from all avenues after their leak of corruption in the F9000.
-The Independent,30 November 2170

I am very thankful to the Purity Coalition for putting an end to the F9000. With this,everyone-fans,teams,sponsors,organizations,family members of people murdered by Overtel-can finally have a closure and move on.
-Natasha Belmondo,Personal Broadcast to the Remnants of the AG-World,2 December 2170

The USSR puppet government is slowly breaking apart. Hungary is now an independent country.
-The Independent,6 December 2170

To be continued.....I think

27th June 2012, 12:05 AM
Looks really good (especially the Top Gear reference! :D)

27th June 2012, 12:36 AM
How can there be topgear without stooge 1, 2 and 3? D: I wouldn't think they'd last until 2170...

25th July 2012, 03:19 PM
I was playing WipEout XL on an emulator. Played with the weapon that needed a key combination to activate. Also,I activated the team cheat to play with the unlockable team. Guess they weren't as 'weapon-less' as they said they were...
This fanwank delves into the the secrets of the 'weapon-less' Prototype.

The Piranha P.666 v.Prototype

Piranha,formerly Pir-Hana before it's name change and move to China, learnt quite a bit from their Pir-Hana Prototype of the AGRC. One was that trading the acceleration module and steering rack for a weapon bay was not a really good idea. With this in mind,they redid the prototype. They entered the F5000 with what they called a 'weapon-less' craft,the Piranha P.666 v.Prototype. No weapon bay. Just perfect stats. Their rationale:Who needs weapons when you can beat them on pure speed and skill?

This is where the bullshit comes in. Flipping through the regulations and specifications book for the F5000 Anti-Gravity Racing League, one can see,under 'Craft Specifications',that an "Automatic Minigun" is a mandatory fixture on the racecraft.Close inspection will reveal that,on the underside of the craft,there is an orifice. The Piranha team once explained that it was for 'aerodynamic purposes',then explaining that it was for 'exhaust'. People did not fall for the second explaination. In reality,it is actually the barrel of...the mandatory Minigun.

Minigun story coming up...

26th July 2012, 03:11 AM
How did you get the cheats to work on the emulator? I've tried many times by pressing keys and whatnot to no avail.

30th July 2012, 09:59 AM
Try using a gamepad. That's what I did.

30th July 2012, 10:21 AM
The Minigun
The predecessor to the Cannon. Compared to its successor,this weapon is the Cannon Unleashed.
Flipping through the regulations and specifications book for the F5000 Anti-Gravity Racing League, one can see,under 'Craft Specifications',that an "Automatic Minigun" is a mandatory fixture on the racecraft. Before the Anti-Gravity Racing League was upgraded to F5000,the Race Commission had to come up with an arsenal of weapons that could destroy craft,but still safe to use. Some of the weapons in the F3600 arsenal received upgrades,like the Turbo and the Rocket,and new weapons were introduced,like the Quake Disruptor and the Plasma Bolt. But in the arsenal stands out one weapon:The Minigun.

This is how it got in. In a meeting regarding the F5000 Weapon Arsenal,a mole of the Overtel Datacast Corporation managed to get Belmondo and the Race Commission to introduce this weapon. One quirk was that this weapon could not be armed by running over weapon pads. Teams questioned how they would be able to use this weapon. From what Belmondo said at a briefing,"Details will be made known at a later date."

Half a year into the F5000 League, the Race Commission made known how the teams would be able to use this weapon,"Teams are to arm the weapon before the Minigun Race. Ship software will enable or disable the minigun through settings by engineers."

The Minigun Races started. While it provided for spectacular spectator viewing by enabling quick eliminations in such Races, pilot fatalities by said weapon made the Race Commission concerned. The Minigun was so powerful that it could penetrate the craft and hit the pilot. No surprise that some teams had their pilots "Not Responding" when radioed. They got injured,if not killed.

Making things worse was the fact that Piranha and Qirex were given some 'concession' on the Minigun. Piranha was 'weaponless',Qirex was a cog in the machine that was Overtel. Qirex and Piranha caused a lot of destruction to both racecraft and racetrack. As a result,the other three teams complained to Belmondo.

The pilot deaths and wanton destruction that the Minigun caused resulted in its ban by the Race Commission soon after,and teams had to remove the fixture. The mole was fired after he was found out to be from Overtel.

The F5000 Mini-Leagues(Read:WipEout 64) started. With this came the Super Weapon License.The team with the Minigun as their Superweapon:FEISAR.

After the F9000(which had the Proton Cannon) fell,the Minigun as not seen until the FX350/400,as the much more tame Cannon.

Next:F7200 Drag Prototype

Amaroq Dricaldari
30th July 2012, 12:28 PM
Now I am scared of the F5000...

30th July 2012, 01:41 PM
The F9000 Race Commission is way scarier.

Amaroq Dricaldari
30th July 2012, 01:52 PM
If Triakis were in the F5000, they wouldn't have any pilots killed by Minigun fire, because the bullets would go about half an inch into the ship's hull and then stop.

Pilot: (panting)Hu....hu...
Mechanic:Return to the pits. Someone glued the airbrakes shut.
Glued shut?

That must be some damn strong glue.

30th July 2012, 02:03 PM
Mind you,levels of technology of the F5000 and the FX-era are totally different. You cannot compare Triakis with F5000 era ships.

30th July 2012, 03:06 PM
Glued shut?

That must be some damn strong glue.
You never know.

2nd August 2012, 10:06 AM
The F7200 saw the entrance of Icaras,the team which had a craft built with only one thing in mind:Speed. The craft had the highest speed rating of all ships. Not even Qirex or Piranha can match that speed. The trade off was that other stats suffered,like it's poor shield,thrust and handling. It had the worst handling until slightly later where the team managed to improve the handling. Still,it handled like a...brick.

Following the introduction of the F3600 and F5000 league tracks into the F7200 Race calendar due to fans complaining that "Eight tracks are not enough", two high speed Oval Prototype tracks were also introduced. The tracks were set in the outskirts and a park. The race distance meant that conventional ships were not fast enough. A separate constructor was contracted to design the F7200 Drag Prototype.

The constructor took design cues from Icaras. The constructor took the ship design and ran with it,turning the speed stat up to 10(for reference,normal F7200 racecraft have ratings that top out at five),which shames the ship it was inspired by.Also,it handled better than the SunGod XVi,could take more damage than the SunGod XVi,and was faster off the line than the SunGod XVi,further shaming it.

With such high speeds,only the best pilots from the competing teams could fly such ships.

Also,the F7200 Regulations Guidebook directs that the Drag Prototype cannot be used on normal tracks. They have to be used on the Ovals. Also,the teams are not allowed to make modifications other than those that were aesthetic in nature(the only modifications teams could do was to add their livery). Even then,the aesthetic modifications were severely limited. Specifications only allowed teams to give the Drag Prototype a colour and the teams logo. Nothing more than that.

Teams that tried to install the Drag Prototype's engines and generators met with failure. Even when Icaras tried, they could not do it.

Next:How Overtel Took Over the Anti-Gravity Race Commission

Light Buster
14th August 2012, 08:24 PM
Scary stuff going behind the scenes here. I didn't think the evilness behind Overtel were this bad.

BTW, nice Top Gear reference but where's Jeremy Clarkson? :(

15th August 2012, 12:39 AM
Dead, presumably (Don't forget, the excerpt's set in 2170).

15th August 2012, 04:07 PM
From the archives,the exact date has been disputed,but the year that is generally agreed upon is circa 2060. He was said to have been a driving force in AG-fying Top Gear by introducing commercial AG vehicles in the 2040s,after he retired from presenting,but remained as a mentor to the newer presenters till the day he departed the world.

30th April 2013, 04:32 PM
Assassinating Chuck Hoffman failed to get Overtel the Race Commission.Having an Overtel plant who suggested the Minigun for use in the F5000(thankfully,it was relegated to the role of FEISAR's super-weapon in the Mini-Leagues) was not disruptive enough. Time and again, Overtel tried to wrestle control of the Race Commission away from Belmondo and the Belmondo Foundation(and his ideals). Alas,they failed. However,the few hours after Belmondo witnessing the birth of his great-great-granddaughter would mark the start of the darkest period for the Race Commission.

Belmondo died peacefully a few hours after declaring Natasha a future title-winning pilot. As the Father of modern Anti-Gravity Racing,his death was well-publicised. Sports commentators were already seeing signs of fissure resulting from the standoffs between Overtel and the F7200 Race Commission. Many wondered if the death of Belmondo would mean the death of his ideals of Anti-Gravity Racing. Internal struggles would follow from his death to 2132,when Overtel took over the Race Commission.

Hours after the announcement of Belmondo's death, Overtel was already hard at work trying to wrestle control of the Race Commission from the Belmondo Foundation. Defections and apathy on the part of some of the Belmondo Foundation's Race Commission members certainly did not make things any better. Overtel sought to persuade,pressure,and even murder,their way to control. The shills planted by Overtel who escaped scrutiny while Belmondo was alive and still leading the Foundation immediately switched sides. The shills tried to convince and coax neutral Race Commission members to join their ranks. Those who were staunch supporters of Belmondo's vision were pressured through blackmail,violence,threats of demotion,threats of kidnap and death threats to either resign or join their ranks.

The Foundation's hold of the Race Commission was severely weakened by the defections. Throughout the 4 to 5 years leading up to 2132, Overtel subverted the Foundation multiple times. Policy changes that the Race Commission aimed to bring about for the F7200 were quickly vetoed and quashed by the growing influence of Overtel. Race Commission members of the Foundation started to go missing,especially the staunch supporters of Belmondo's vision. Since 2129,the Foundation alleged that Overtel murdered them,but Overtel would vehemently deny,giving various excuses and blaming the Foundation for not keeping a close watch on its members.

Things would come to a head in 2132. Staunch supporters were either picked off or pressured into either resigning or joining the ranks of Overtel. An Overtel administrator kidnapped the last of staunch supporters of Belmondo's vision in the Race Commission. After several gunshots,the takeover was complete. The grip by the Belmondo Foundation was no more. The F7200 Race Commission had fallen to Overtel.

Next: A (non-canon) Microcosm (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxBYS_ahDG0)-WipEout crossover featuring EG-R's pilots.

1st May 2013, 07:58 PM
O.o That's scary as hell. They all died D:

11th November 2014, 05:29 PM
Fanwank:The Fall of the Race Commission to Overtel
Is simply perfect! I needed something like this to how continue my Fanfic Story! :D