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21st June 2011, 01:30 PM
Hi all,

I'm an avid fan of Wipeout Pure on the PSP, it's easily the game I've spent the most time playing in my PSP collection, and I like to think I've become quite skilled at it :P

I recently picked up a PS1, and decided that I should try one of the old school wipeout games, so I bought the Wipeout 3 SE / Destruction Derby 2 twin pack.

It's a beautiful game that has outstanding graphics for the PS1 and a really nice art style, however, the craft handling is completely different to pure. I can't seem to get round any corners without slamming into the outside wall, even on the venom speed setting. The air brakes don't seem to help, as they make the back end of your ship slide out. This is frustrating, considering I'm used to cruising round in phantom mode with ease in Wipeout Pure! :blarg

Could anyone give me any tips on cornering, air brake technique and racing lines?

21st June 2011, 03:51 PM
Hi there and welcome to the zone!

It's true that 3SE has a totally differnet handling/feeling compared to the later wipeouts (Pure, Pulse, HD). For a newcomer to the game it might feel a bit frustrating to have to learn and get accustomed to the different handling, but I assure it will be worth your time! It's just a pure awesome feeling to nail a perfect lap on phantom class on a technical course such as say Stanza Inter or Arridos.

You can check out some racing lines in various youtube videos. I can highly recommed the videos from our forum member asayyeah to you! Or have a look at our wipeoutzone video channel on youtube, mayve there's some 3SE videos there too.

It might also help you to avoid crashing into walls if you pull up your ships nose a bit (press up on the dpad) when going through a corner. You might loose some speed by doing that (don't know if this is true) but you'll get some more control over your ship instead.

Another advice: buy a NeGcon controller! There's simply no better controller for any of the older wipeouts than a NeGcon imo!

Oh, and you may want to read Hellfires WipEout 3SE FAQ which should be a sticky thread here in our 3SE forums for a lot of additional advice and explanation of racing lines!

And last but not least: Practice leads to perfection!

21st June 2011, 05:07 PM
Thanks for the help, I guess I'll just have to put some practice in! I found whilst playing the game this afternoon that accelerator control helps a lot, you can't just hold the X button down through the corners like you can in Pure and Pulse :P

I've heard about the NeGcon before, but they're probably quite hard to find nowadays. Also, the FAQ you mentioned is hosted on Yahoo Geocities and isn't available anymore.

Just one more question - Is the handling in Wipeout 2097 exactly the same as in 3 SE?

21st June 2011, 07:28 PM
no, but similar, same sliding, some like one over the other. You need to brake early, but don't hold brake too long, or you will just slide into the wall. The pitch back is key on many turns

22nd June 2011, 07:39 AM
I've heard about the NeGcon before, but they're probably quite hard to find nowadays.

I think you should be able to find some white NeGcons on ebay every once in a while. You can also post in our wipeoutzone marketplace (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3120) and maybe one of our members will sell one of their controllers to you.

Also, the FAQ you mentioned is hosted on Yahoo Geocities and isn't available anymore.

I think you should be able to find the FAQ on gamefaqs.com too.

22nd June 2011, 04:41 PM
Yeah, NeGcons come up on ebay sometimes, and they're not always expensive. I got one for Ģ7 (free delivery) a couple of years ago, and another a couple of months ago for Ģ3.50 (Ģ2 delivery). ;)

22nd June 2011, 05:42 PM
WipEout 3 is sooooooo rewarding to get right. I hope you stick with it. I have one suggestion: use the slow ships on each track until you really know the tracks. This way you can generally keep the thrust on for the whole track and that in turn helps you get a feel for the way the ships float, bounce, and turn.

As soon as you know how they react, you'll find it a lot easier! Don't let up the thrust too much though...:twisted

25th June 2011, 11:14 AM
WO3:SE is tricky, but not as stupidly tricky like the previous two titles. Once you'll "get it" you'll start unlocking everything like a maniac.

And yeah, in this Wipeout pitching and turning makes all the difference. When I started to pitch up/down I could suddenly take the turns flawlessly, some even without airbrakes.

This is my favourite "oldie" in the series. I regret missing this game back in the day.

6th September 2011, 07:42 PM
The idea with the airbrakes is to turn way earlier so by the time you get to the turn you're already facing the right way and then just let go of the airbrake and continue forward unscathed. Practice with Auricom, it's the most neutral ship that should make cracking the other ships' style a lot easier.

Flint Fandango
8th September 2011, 09:27 AM
Most of all, you have to practice a lot, thatīs inevitable.
If you use a NeGcon, itīs all about the "right" feeling - you have to feel the ship in your bones. Because youīre the pilot!
The power of endurance will lead you to your reward, one day: Mastering the tracks in a ship of your choice!
Iīm pretty average at the time, because I donīt have the time to practice that much...itīs a far cry and itīs sure frustrating sometimes, but if you hang in there, you wonīt regret it! :cowboy