View Full Version : gav morris, J, vasudeva & other nemesiz of mine !

8th March 2003, 03:02 AM
gav: venom singl race Mega Mall !
I think it was a year ago or even more that u took it from us! ..
now it's back with us again .. preciouss! .. :D

now a new threat arizes - J ! :o

vasudeva: I'll take care of u later .. aehumm .. much later .. :roll:

y'all: how'bout that vec tt @PK?! 8)

8th March 2003, 03:48 AM
hey lets not 4get our kewee friend

Graeme Hobbs: just took back arridos sr ven ! :D

:roll: its 4.30 am here .. i gotta b out of my mind ! :o

well good night ppl .. good morning .. eeh .. bye? :lol:

9th March 2003, 10:59 AM
Hehe good luck Zargz ;).

When I have more time, I will continue my Mega Campaign (trying to improve all my times at least twice on each track in each class in both WO3 and WO3SE). In WO3, I should now be doing Sampa Run and Stanza Inter, while in SE I should be doing Sampa Run and Sagarmatha.

I'm still waiting for more competition on the classic tracks. In some time tables I am the only pilot! Does that mean everyone's afraid of me? Or does my breath stink? Who knows! In any case, where are (deep voice) those real tough guys (and girls ;)) among us eh? Come and face me!

Yes, you should all feel challenged now! ;)


9th March 2003, 04:50 PM
and good luck 2u on SR & SI on se! 8)
coz as i c now my times on wo3pal have been taken some devostatin damage on tt anyway ..
on rapier u wont c me yet 4 a long time but as of now .. :roll: .. may b not right now :wink:
I'll begin my quest 2b a better man .. rapier pilot! :D