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feisar rocket
28th April 2011, 01:42 AM
[QUOTE=Rotational_aspect;197458] learning French when I move to France

I know french, I can help.

P.S. Sorry mods.

P.S.S. Why not Canada, Aspect? Well I can't stop you...

P.S.S.S. Sorry for bad quote.

P.S.S.S.S. (last one, don't worry) I haven't hear from Bom in a while. Aspect I need to find my MSPD-MS adaptor before I can see the AI (I hope a red cube is not left lonely this time. LOL :D)

28th April 2011, 07:50 AM
feisar rocket: We did look at moving to Canada, but we had an offer from my wifes dad to help run a hotel in France.

feisar rocket
28th April 2011, 12:06 PM
I see, but in Canada it's hard to get a job so far. At the moment, degrees and masters are the only way to get a job now. Well, if I were you, I'd do the same thing -- go to France.

feisar rocket
28th April 2011, 08:47 PM
Ace, can you teach me C++?

28th April 2011, 09:50 PM
Feisar, i think that if you want to be learned C++ by someone, then it's better to talk through Skype or something (text + voice). Otherwise, i suggest you to ask Ace for advice about which program to use, and learn it by yourself using online tutorials.
(remember to know what you want to do. Begin from it, learn it, improve it)

29th April 2011, 02:22 PM
For what it's worth rocket, I'm a terrible, terrible teacher :D

But I've seen a lot of people try and fail to teach programming languages to each other - frankly I'd say you're almost better off spending some quality google time like I did! By learning yourself, you make sure you stick to your own speed, and don't bore yourself by going beyond your own interest...

The internet has almost as much tutorial as porn I believe, and the only thing's I'd suggest are to keep track of where you find good stuff and always be aware of security and speed... I've hastily ignored too many sidenotes about "best practice" and had my ass bitten :g

I say go get Code::Blocks (http://www.codeblocks.org/) and make peace with the fact that if you wanted rapid prototyping or forms applications you chose the wrong language and will have to shell out for Microsoft's pseudo-C++ or figure out wxWidgets :D

Oh and perhaps give yourself a "back-end" project that you're interested in to start out with: I messed around with an encryption library for a while before realising that it was mathematically too pointless to bother porting over from visual studio - but nice ideas can be anything from evolution simulations to physics engines or geometric bits and pieces... Something thats fun and will lend experience with memory management and structuring programs without getting you too distracted by OpenGL and forms output before you're really comfortable with the language itself...

Oryx Crake
29th April 2011, 07:34 PM
Om studying architecture and city planning so if you want i could do * bit of enviornmental design and possibly track design in my spare time.

29th April 2011, 07:50 PM
Any help will be useful :nod All projects are a step forward to complete this game:mr-t
I'm leaking of ideas about making various shapes of buildings and other constructions, so that would be awesome if you could draw something... or make in 3D if possible :D

P.S I see that 3 users (tell me if i'm wrong) are making their own tracks... i think (i think that i THINK too much :g) that it's good (God teached me what's good/bad :blarg), becouse tracks will be having different styles :)

Oryx Crake
29th April 2011, 08:28 PM
Im sadly not very good with Maya or real 3D engines bit i can do sketch up and im learning blender atm so basic volumes i can do just gimme the basics and the concept and something can be worked out :) i got some ideas of My own of course too :)

feisar rocket
2nd May 2011, 03:40 AM
[QUOTE=zero3growlithe;197581]...I'm leaking of ideas about making various shapes of buildings...

(bad quote, sorry) What about my buildings? Well, ya, the're not futuristic. Well, ya, it's kinda ugly... nvm.

I can't import .dae files with blender. Maybe a bug, huh?

I made a track with S.Up, now, I just need to import it (or export with different extension). Let me guess, Google.com?

P.S. Now that I mastered blender cam, I can make awesome buildings! Let's do this! Just the 6 of us, and future add-ons!

2nd May 2011, 12:35 PM
What about my buildings? Well, ya, the're not futuristic. Well, ya, it's kinda ugly... nvm.

I haven't forgotten about them :P
btw. Today i'll try to get some time to export some of my models to .3ds If you need i can try to find an ".3dm to .obj" converter.

2nd May 2011, 01:17 PM
For those having problems with importing from Sketchup:


2nd May 2011, 08:04 PM
i saw zerogrowlithes flythrough vid and got pretty excited about this!! i would be happy to help in anyway possible, keep up the good work! ^_^

feisar rocket
2nd May 2011, 10:57 PM
Thanks Aspect but, it's kinda 'messy' (It scared me after re-formatting it!) Well, it was a test track just for importing.

Zero, thanks!! (I hope it imports better than my S.Up test...)

Billy,Chan or 33m (I'll call you 1 of 3 names (up to you)), any help would be nice, drawings-programming. Any act of kindness is remembered, no matter how small (I got this off a banner at school)

P.S. Everyone, how about clay moddles... nah, IDK, I'm good with clay! ^_^

3rd May 2011, 04:57 PM
I was wondering what the final engine is that you will be using. You're currently using Blender, but that's not a video game engine. Is someone going to build something in C++/C#? Are you going to use Unreal, Unity, or XNA?

3rd May 2011, 06:15 PM
I myself will be sticking to Blender with the game that I am making. As for others, I cannot say. Since this is a fun fan project I cant really see the point of going over to commercial engines that cost money or to languages most here do not know.

And Blender does do games well! Check out YoFrankie, or a recent Mario Galaxy spin off fan game:


feisar rocket
4th May 2011, 02:15 AM
I say leave commercial engines to a company. Maybe, near the end of this, SONY might find out about this and want it in stores. Then, maybe SONY would get it for us. Untill then, I'm not buying engines...

Well I feel dumb, I can't make nodes... AND my half the track teleported... AGAIN.

P.S. One day Blender's camera is going to be like S.Up. I hope?

4th May 2011, 09:00 AM
Explain, whats the problem? Do you want me to do a more in depth post on how the AI works?

4th May 2011, 10:03 AM
Feisar, here's my pack of 5 new ships for our game in *.3ds They seem to be okay, but check them if textures loads correctly.

(it took me some time to export them although there weren't any problems with that :g)
Exporting Alphard Track....
Joining meshes...
Assigning textures...
Fatal exception Fx000435 occured: Can't export texture mapping... skipping...
Collecting files...
Uploading files... Completed succesfully!
Receiving download link: https://rapidshare.com/files/460557355/Alphard_Converted.rar

Pending exports: Corridon 6

feisar rocket
4th May 2011, 10:05 PM
Explain, whats the problem? Do you want me to do a more in depth post on how the AI works?

Yes please! :) Problem; making nodes. I bring up both node and object editor and now I can't make one.

Zero, are you a computer? Ha ha ha! Reminded me about Megaman and Metabots.

P.S. If I'm a problem just tell me ok.

5th May 2011, 01:43 PM
OK, here is a run down on how the AI works-

There are green cubes called nodes. They have no logic, they just act as targets for the blue cube.

The blue cube has all the logic>

A node count property that increases when it collides with nodes.

A list of nodes (1-10), so when property node =1, go to node 1, when collison with node 2, property 'node count' increases by 1 (1 + 1 =2) so go to node 2, and so on.

Logic to reset the count to 1 when 'node count' = 11 (i.e. the last node, 10 plus the collison value).

If you want to increase the amount of nodes, then you will have to manually add more logic bricks in this sequence:


and make the track to target the node number.

If you run through the steps in your head its quite simple, its just confusing on-screen!

By the way, I have managed (with a bit of help) to get loops working in a way almost the same as the mag-strips. How the AI wll work with it I do not know yet!

And where is Xpand?

5th May 2011, 03:48 PM
Sorry. I've been really busy now and for the next 3 weeks. I regularly check the thread but I don't post anything because I have nothing to add... :frown:

5th May 2011, 05:57 PM
I'm sorry for you man:brickwall I have 1 week free from school (maturas/matures... how do you spell that?) + 2 holy days = 9 days of free time :g (Last week i had 6 days :D). That's why there's no PSN now... becouse i'm home... (i'm unlucky like hell:brickwall) And that's why my work is going on forward:rock
I've rendered next movie about my alphard ("what?! AGAIN!!!"), but this time rendered (no, it's not raytrayced :g), with 5 ships flying together and some (crappy :g) effects :)

(202 posts... wow... rapier pilot?!?... not phantom?)

feisar rocket
6th May 2011, 02:05 AM
Ok, I see, thanks Aspect. With mag-locks IN GENERAL(mabey tracks) have the track move at mag-lock so AI just sits in place. Did you use any forces (wind, turbulence, etc.) to help with mag-locks.

P.S. Aspect, parlez-vous français? Non, je peux aider toi? (Anyone understand?)Any time you need help, you can ask me.

feisar rocket
11th May 2011, 02:53 AM
Aspect do you have a skin for the mag locks. I found out how to make glass so, I think a light blue glass with a light green line on the edges. You like that, huh? I also made a test track for you to try out mag locks with.

Zero, can you upload tracks in .zip on this site. PSP can't download from Megaupload.

P.S. Nodes are fun to play with, untill you make the uglyest thing, EVER!

P.S.S. Need to reselect something, hit the C key and click the edges.

P.S.S.S. When will python get invovled? I'm ready...

11th May 2011, 05:32 AM
Eh? :blarg
You have working PC, and yet you are using PSP as internet browser?

btw. Those files are on RapidShare in *.rar and weighs ~20mb... If you're using Linux (by some way) copy this to terminal: sudo apt-get install unrar

feisar rocket
12th May 2011, 01:02 AM
You have working PC, and yet you are using PSP as internet browser I can only go on the comp on weekends and I hate my basement, its WAY too cold...

12th May 2011, 08:00 AM
Ah, ok. So i'll reupload alphard as *.zip
btw. I was thinking about that Pashtun Wheel, and... i think that what i had on at the beginning was good enough to put in our game. Environment that i've made so far will be used in future tracks.

12th May 2011, 08:38 AM
The maglock style script has a few bugs to iron out- the material physics do not work when going round the loop. So far I've experimented in various ways of getting round this but its slow going. I will post it later, just in case someone else has a brainwave.

Do you understand the AI better now feisar rocket? Sounds like you are having fun with it.

Edit: Forgot to mention at the minute I am trying to make a speed and thrust indicator.

12th May 2011, 02:38 PM
Has anyone seen my track that is still in what,the very first stage of making?

12th May 2011, 04:48 PM
F.E.I.S.A.R, Nope, i don't recall anything like that :blarg

feisar_rocket, Here's that track:

feisar rocket
12th May 2011, 10:31 PM
...you understand the AI...
I am trying to make a speed and thrust indicator. I got everything but logic. I'm experimenting with nodes and multi-layer objects. I might just get logic on my own... MIGHT!

P.S. Got a nice starting area texture! Light blue-white ground.

P.S.S. Want SONY to know about this?

P.S.S.S. Aspect, are you using Python for the speed and thrust indicator?

P.S.S.S.S. Can I make a title screen? Just give me a name and I'll draw it.

feisar rocket
13th May 2011, 01:39 AM
btw. I was thinking about that Pashtun Wheel, and... i think that what i had on at the beginning was good enough to put in our game.I saw PW on youtube... mind adding me (TheShamarski)? The other track, I think it was Alph, it was S*XY! Loved that jungle! You use rhino still? I might go back to it... Also, thanks for uploading it!

P.S. Anyone can call me anything as long as it's in my name (feisar, rocket, feisar rocket or Shamar (real name))

13th May 2011, 11:58 AM
Yes, i'm still in rhinoceros, but i don't recommend you to use it, becouse it has less options than Blender/3DS Max (ex. no proffesional animation software). It's great only for modelling (in my opinion, of course ;))

13th May 2011, 08:59 PM
The indicators are in Python, they are basic but work (so far!)

13th May 2011, 10:56 PM
"Atlantica at night", foggy night test.

14th May 2011, 10:37 PM
Mini update:

Have two simple scripts that seem to do well at the minute-

Limit speed (you set a maximum speed and it stops unlimited acceleration)
Speed indicator (speed is set as a property that I can currently see as a debug value). This is linked to an animated speed bar that shrinks/ extends depending on the current speed.

I am thinking about a thrust indicator but is it worth it, other than for visual impact?

I have also got hold of a Python health script which will ironically make damage a lot simpler to do (in that I can define how much each weapon will damage the player).

Slap all this on a HUD and happy days.

A real time race position system is still unworkable, and the loop system may not be fixed (which would then require a work around, which is not a total disaster)

A lap timer is possible too, but I need to find how to copy and write to properties (which is not that hard thinking about it).

OK, back to work!

feisar rocket
15th May 2011, 01:12 AM
Thanks for update!

I got a pit lane texture ready (for other tracks)

15th May 2011, 05:39 PM
Sooooo... i have an childish HUD for our game: Link (https://picasaweb.google.com/zero3growlithe/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCNLTttHbpPzySw#5606978218803 059666)
Why there is Energy and Health metter?
Energy is for hyperthrust or shield (can be used alternating... you know what i mean?)
But how it was in Wip3out was good :/
That's why there is possibility to use your health for hypethrust, and only for hypethrust.
I think that's all :) Tell me what you think :hyper

15th May 2011, 06:49 PM
Wow, this is really impressive, been watching some of the videos you guys have posted. :clap I can't help you guys in the programming department whatsoever, but I'm interested in doing some original designs for the team logos, billboard advertisements, GUI, etc. Basically the kind of stuff TDR would be involved with.

Give me some background on the game - like when it takes place, what teams are racing, stuff like that - and I'll try to come up with a few things for it. 8)

15th May 2011, 07:13 PM
Thanks for your involvement in this project :nod:+
For now we already have advertises on billboards (https://picasaweb.google.com/zero3growlithe/NewWipeoutTeams#), HUD (if you all will like it), but no team logos (i mean those small that are on ships), and no menu for this game (name - Velocity: Evolution). What else? Hmmmm... Logo of our development team doesn't exist, so you could design one :cowboy
Those are all 2D graphic projects i think :)

15th May 2011, 09:47 PM
Cool, I can tell those were inspired by the Pulse artwork. Right now I'm working on logos based on your designs, attached are two I just sketched up in like 15 minutes. I might want to tweak a few of your billboards too, can you send me the project files for them? Also, I can easily make animated .gif versions of the billboards so they're moving like in Wipeout. That would be cool, if the game can support it of course.

The HUD looks pretty good, though I'm a bit confused about the whole seperate Hyperthrust bar thing. And I don't think there should be a bar in the center, they look better when they're on either side IMO. 3D graphics are out of my league, but 2D I can dominate. 8)

We'll also need icons for the weapons, perhaps some billboards for 'real' companies instead of the teams, and a logo for the league, every F has one. What are you guys (the development team) calling yourself?

P.S. I kinda skimmed through the thread before, you can't name it Wipeout so Sony won't sue you? :? I bet you could get away with calling it Wipeout Tribute, or something along those lines. Velocity: Evolution just sounds too... Hot Wheels. :P

feisar rocket
16th May 2011, 03:12 AM
Slacker, happy you came! Aspect, I'm trying some scrips, first HUD then explosion (from dieing).

Question Slacker, can you draw a track? I make it in Blender(or make texture), Aspect add AI(or make track) and Zero add environment. When Xpand comes he can add Ships (just thinking of a plan).

P.S. I hope the thread I made will get us some ideas and talent. F.E.I.S.A.R said he wants a few short cuts. Want to make a few?

P.S.S. I draw cover! And name! Yeah?

Slack, want me to draw a few icons with you?

16th May 2011, 06:10 AM
I can draw up a track or two no problem. Like manually with a pencil and paper though, I am serious crap with 3D modelling software. I'll scan my ideas and post them here for you to work on. And sure, any help with the icons would be welcome. I'm just working off the basic feel from those billboards for them.

I do have high school to deal with for the next three weeks, with finals and everything, :rolleyes: but I'll help when I can. Once I'm on summer vacation I can devote more time to the project. :+

16th May 2011, 08:52 AM
feisar rocket: Aspect, I'm trying some scrips, first HUD then explosion (from dieing).

I look forward to seeing this, at the minute I am trying to perfect the individual elements before I bring them together, something that shouldnt be too hard (it would be an overlay scene in Blender).

I may leave the loop problem for the time being, its not a show stopper.

16th May 2011, 01:28 PM
Here are those commercials: https://rapidshare.com/files/779297805/Commercials.rar
About name of "wipeout game makers" i have one suggestion: WeBrothers Designs (it's meant to be: web brothers {big "B" = Beta symbol})
Feisar, if you think that i'm good at it :P I can take up that work :nod (i mean making environment)

EDIT: Game name: Slipstream GX or GravitRacers (...this one is strange...) or Catalyst Thruster and this already existing
Velocity: Evolution

I like the last one and 3rd one... which ones you guys like?

Oryx Crake
16th May 2011, 09:49 PM
got a possible concept for a track here if you're interested... (sorry about the cuality of the picture... the camera is crap)

the idea is it's a disused limestone quarry where nature is taking over, complete with brutalist architecture possibilties for beautiful scenery and lots of interesting twists and turns.

16th May 2011, 10:02 PM
Ahh, i see that you'd like to fly through old "aztecs" catacombs and other environments :P I can say that it is good idea for track... oh, i can even see it in my mind :dizzy Ok, so my next project after Pashtun Wheel (jezze, how long do i intend to make it :rolleyes:) is this. Thanks :rock

feisar rocket
17th May 2011, 12:48 AM
Slacker: "...I do have high school to deal with..."

Yeah, I need to do go this term to get to a good high school. Always Gr. 7 last term that gets people.

P.S. Yes! Youngest person helping out!

P.S.S. I'll quote like this to keep typing space.

Zero, Slipstream GX (SGX sounds so F-zero :)! )

Aspect, remember TRYING. I might fail mid way or get a 8-bit explosion

17th May 2011, 07:33 AM
Finished my first track design, Caldrion II. I guess I'm not so crappy at 3D modelling after all :D

9 pictures of the track:

The environment's not quite there yet, but the framework is, mostly. Not exact, but a sketch.

17th May 2011, 05:44 PM
Hey, how about this for AI:
In blender: The ship has two invisible boxes in the nose, each with a "near" sensor. Imagine we have a right turn. The left box's near sensor would be activated, because the left wall get's nearer, and it would turn a propertie true. Then the ship's rotating actuator would read the change of that propertie and turn the ship right until the distance between the two walls in relation to the two boxes are the same.
Can you make somehting up from that? I can't right now...

17th May 2011, 09:03 PM
Xpand: I have tried something like that, and in theory it is a good idea. You can see what I came up with in one of my earlier posts where I had a blend file with this system in action.

To really make it work, you need to mix in states. This is because the AI works on touch; since the speeds are quite high the ships rotation must also be high and causes instability. Also, because of the closing speed, sometimes while turning the other opposite turning sensor gets activated and the AI fails.

States would get around this by disabling the opposite turning actuator when in a turn.

This sounds confusing, but when you make it in Blender it makes sense (promise!)

18th May 2011, 11:03 AM
Here is a simple blend that demonstrates:

Speed limiting

Speed indicator (visual, i.e. a bar that extends)

Speed readout (in numbers)

Press UP cursor to move the cube.

24th May 2011, 09:02 PM
Nyah... nobody checked your work (i think so) since you posted it, so i checked it and:
- i like increasing speed of cube when "up button" is pressed (and indicator)
- i like how it decreases speed when "up button" not pressed
- don't know if it was intentional, but i noticed that when cube is out of surface it slows down slower, that's nice

btw. check what happens in console while cube is slowing down while out of surface... don't know if it should be fixed but it seems to be wrong, i mean speed parameter is too long, if possible: to shorten speed parameter to 0:00 and stop it right at 0:00 somehow... it doesn't seem to stop :/

feisar rocket
24th May 2011, 11:24 PM
Sorry for not coming on in a while. I'm terrible at scrips, at a begginer at logic but, nodes (textures, etc) I'm pro (sorry for talking about my self) If you need a texture just ask.

In an other layer, make walls, just for the AI, or have 3 lines (paths) center, left wing, right wing. I think 3 paths take more work but, has smoother response (ex: a rocket hits the left side dissabling the center and right path. After impact, activating an attraction to the wall on the left side. I'll explain later, ok?

25th May 2011, 08:04 AM
As far as the Python script goes, in that example the script only checks forward (x) movement, so when the cube falls (z) the x motion will eventually drop back. I do have a more up to date version- I may post it sometime.

25th May 2011, 11:58 AM
Rotational or feisar_rocket, is it possible for you to make some sort of model loader so that we don't have to squeeze all the ships and tracks into the game's exe?

Just give me 2 more weeks and I'll be up and running at 110%.

I'll give a hand on blender programming if needed, but I'll focus more on the modeling and texturing and audio part. I also make music. If you want I can create the soundtrack for the game.
Here's some examples of what I do:


25th May 2011, 04:05 PM
As far as a model loader, blender doesn't work like that. The way I was going to do my game was to have a separate layer that models are called from when needed.

And any help is good! See you in 14 days!

Btw nice music! I imagine the wo music would be a lot darker in tone though, think Smartbomb or any wo3 tune would stylistically fit the bill...but that's my opinion!

25th May 2011, 06:45 PM
Yeah I can make dark mechanic-like futuristic music no problem.

feisar rocket
26th May 2011, 10:15 PM
I was thinking about classic tracks and how to have a big return for it. Maybe, I can make combonations of tracks! I'll draw and show you guys different tracks, huh?

feisar rocket
28th May 2011, 09:42 PM
Hey, are we having a zone mode? I made a ship for it today.

29th May 2011, 02:39 PM
This is annoying...
What's progress on my track?

29th May 2011, 03:11 PM
Just a quick update:

Here is a more complete HUD that shows speed in numbers and a speed bar, from a chase view of a placeholder ship.

29th May 2011, 03:56 PM
@FEISAR Ekhem... you know... don't know how the others, but there are people who have other things to do (more important), so please be patient :rolleyes:

29th May 2011, 07:13 PM
Yep, Rome wasn't made in a day. Besides, we must face this as a hobby not a work thing. Right now I've only experimented visual effects on blender, but next week I'll start adding ships to the game's library and send them here.

BTW: I think I found a way to change ships: make a small cube in which are all the properties of the ship (actions, reactions, etc) and add a "replace object" actuator that gets the ship model from another layer, or scene, if possible. On the selection menu we have all the ships and each has one propertie assigned to it. You click on the ship and the correspondent propertie changes thus replacing the cube on the race scene.

29th May 2011, 08:57 PM
I'm working on my DarkGDK thing... i'll do something with it, and if it'll be good (or better that using blender) then after you agree, we can try making game in it (there wont be any situations like: models in executable file... but they "should" be in .dbo format (reason: it loads faster))

feisar rocket
30th May 2011, 02:15 AM
I just need to install it. Any zone mode coming? I made a ship in S.Up.

P.S. I'll make a few concept ships with S.Up k?

P.S.S. I'm playing with some logic (just for fun) and the cube when up! Now if I get that side-ways and Autopilot, I think.

P.S.S.S. In art class I made some weapon logos.

30th May 2011, 09:17 AM
Xpand, that system using the add object actuator is something I was looking into. You will find that the added object has to be on a different layer, but that's not a problem. I was going to have a layer for weapons, ships and special items.

One way that I might look into is a python command, global dict. It builds a list of objects that can be called at will. Another is with loadlib(), which I think load objects. In my last example I use globalDict() to store and retrieve a property for the hud.

FEISAR> if you want something to happen quicker, learn to do it yourself! Then you can do it as much as you like.

30th May 2011, 01:45 PM
Hey guys (i'm pointing this especially to feisar_rocket and Xpand), i've been recently making some 3D effects for not professional movies and i had to find something to add 3D scene to After Effects... so i found that Maya is capable of doing something like that, and guess what :pizza If you're a high school student or higher (but you must be a student!!!) you can get a fully functional Autodesk/AutoCAD (http://students.autodesk.com/?nd=download_center) software... for free:hyper BUT it can't be used commercialy, just for learning. From what i wrote you can guess what i mean :g
btw. I already own Maya :cowboy

30th May 2011, 02:48 PM
That's nice, but I already have 3ds max and my dad's autocad 2009... xD

30th May 2011, 03:21 PM
Whoa!!! :o So your dad is an engineer? That's nice:clap I wish my dad to be a graphic modeller...:redface:
Ok, enough of this easy talking :P I have a question... did somebody checked if my alphard works correctly XD
And, how are we going to make 50 ships :brickwall:g:brickwall
And, why i have so many problems with Pashtun Wheels XD (I already have 3rd project of this track :g)
And, erm... what was his nick...... Slacker:g How is your work going? :)
Nothing more is on my mind now... disconnecting :robot

feisar rocket
30th May 2011, 10:37 PM
Do you guys know a good modeling program? Blender is ok but, I hate that camera! I use Blender for textures but, I wanna help 60% of the time (used 25% but school is almost over so...) FEI, give me a photo, I'll work on the track.

P.S. 50 ships= 5 almost similar ships (with noticable changes)

P.S.S. Aspect, you got mag locks yet? Zero, I make a PW in Blender if you want.

31st May 2011, 01:08 AM
Here are some pictures.

Track A
Plan view (http://img560.imageshack.us/i/dscf1835.jpg/)
A track made by metal wires,side view (http://img683.imageshack.us/i/dscf18380.jpg/)
Same track as above,Side view (http://img502.imageshack.us/i/dscf1837.jpg/)
Same track,"elevation change" view (http://img220.imageshack.us/i/dscf1836y.jpg/)
Track B
Plan view (http://img5.imageshack.us/i/dscf1832f.jpg/)
Elevation change view (http://img139.imageshack.us/i/dscf1834u.jpg/)
Side view (http://img823.imageshack.us/i/dscf18330.jpg/)

It was supposed to be A,but I let you choose between the two

31st May 2011, 12:12 PM
feisar rocket: I do have a semi working mag lock system, as long as you do not use the material physics (i.e. floating)- this can be worked around so its not a big problem. The only other drawback is certain angles on twists cause the ship to slip so test for this.

F.E.I.S.A.R: I like your wire tracks! very original (and easy to edit!)

EDIT: Just started playing with the distance constraint logic block, and it seems to work with the script I have for mag-locks, which is a step forward. Hopefully it plays nice with the material physics.

feisar rocket
1st June 2011, 03:01 AM
Ahh, I see... With the distance logic, are you using a big cube and put the track inside (pefect for a sky texture) or many small cubes to make a ring?

At the moment, I'm making concept ships (unlockable ships) I have one and working on the others. Should I continue or stop and make textures? (Don't worry FEI I'm starting your track)

1st June 2011, 05:47 AM
Should I continue or stop and make textures?

This decission belongs to you8)
btw. I think that u should make ships first and then make textures for them... simple:nod

1st June 2011, 08:08 AM
The distance constraint just keeps an object a certain distance from the track, whilst the mag lock script creates local gravity and aligns the object to the track.

You can have a skydome,just set the cameras clipping plane to a further distance.

1st June 2011, 03:20 PM
Just 5 more days! :g

5th June 2011, 11:22 AM
Been working on visual effects for the exhaust and sparks and stuff...
I'm migrating to blender 2.57...

5th June 2011, 01:25 PM
Cool Xpand! Got any screenshots? The one thing that I havent tackled yet is making the trails/ sfx. You may want to look at the Xparticle add on from SolarLune at Blenderartists.

5th June 2011, 01:30 PM
Can't make much more than a create object actuator when the ship collides with the walls which creates a spark texture... I still have to see if particles work in-game...

Anyways: Here's the 95% completed GX F362:

6th June 2011, 04:56 AM
just a compliment :)
sorry I didn't help you guys much back then, I'm back now sooo...

6th June 2011, 10:05 PM
And, erm... what was his nick...... Slacker:g How is your work going? :)

Been super busy with finals, but school is finally out, so I'm back I guess.

Here's a .dae of my track - the proportions of it aren't there yet, the track textures are mostly random and it's a bit messy. I don't have the skill, time, or patience to really flesh out and finalize it, could someone else here do that? The track's there, you'll just need to make it so it works in game, e.g. smooth it out, make the physics work and the flow happen.

Caldrion II: http://www.mediafire.com/?q74nqshsz3nzd9n

I'm working on another track too. I think you guys will like it.;)

8th June 2011, 09:41 AM
Quick update- I have a prototype logic brick based 'best lap time' setup. At the minute it is collision based so you could cheat by going backwards but I will think about ways around this. Eventually I would like to move this to Python.

8th June 2011, 03:38 PM
That's cool :P:+ With that cheating i think that setting 3 invisible checkpoints on track and make "function that counts laps" true only when those 3 CP will be reached in defined order will fix that problem.
As for me, i'm making big progress with Maya and guess what i found when i was searching for tutorials :P Free software (proffesional i guess: look here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnbgP5cOfB0) (i found better movie but i forgot where :dizzy)) called Unity3D for making games:o Check it out! I'm gonna learn it after Maya :)

8th June 2011, 08:55 PM
I did look into Unity 3d, recently a visual programming 'click together' system has been tested for it but I didnt use it because:

1: The full program (Pro) costs $1500 dollars

2: The free version is restrictive (it lacks features of the Pro version).

Admittedly it has better game features (better lighting, particles etc) but it requires C to really get the most out of it.

So for me at least, Blender is the way (and its free).

8th June 2011, 09:22 PM
Erm... why take Pro version first off, if we can make game with free version? :rolleyes:
btw. Learning C is not a problem.

9th June 2011, 01:17 PM
Look here to compare: http://unity3d.com/unity/licenses

Lots of features missing that Blender has that would be fiddly to emulate. But its personal choice, I'm only offering my opinion.

On other news, I have a working (Python based) race positon system! The same thing I thought I could never figure out


It works by having each car calculate how far its travelled (using the formula distance = speed x time), this number is then sorted in a list and outputted to a numeric field (Ist, 2nd etc).

Its a basic system (and relies on the player going forwards!) but it works.

9th June 2011, 10:14 PM
Unity does not require C. You can program in any of C#, JavaScript, or Boo, which is a Python derivative. I really recommend Unity, it's a very nice engine. You should come to IRC channel (#unity3d on freenode), there are a few people there who are actually making Wipeout-like games.

9th June 2011, 11:34 PM
Its tempting augur, but there are several features (like render to texture, post processing) that I do need. But thanks for educating me a bit more on Unity: knowledge is power! I do sometimes look at some of the other features of Unity and feel a bit jealous though (Blenders game engine does lack features).

I think when I become a bit better at programming / scripting I may start looking around, I did see a Unity Wipeout hovership demo that was nice. At the minute I do get confused very easily code wise and the Blender logic system is a robust back up that I use a lot. I realise that Unity has this too, but its not as advanced (yet!).

On a side note, this tread is quite interesting as now we will have Blender, Unity and Dark Basic being used....

10th June 2011, 08:46 AM
Why are these features so vital?

10th June 2011, 12:37 PM
GX F362 complete.
Here's the blend and obj file + texture.

10th June 2011, 09:06 PM
augur> I need render to texture for things like radar, advanced billboards (although an animated texture could do it), and a few other effects that I would like (mirrors etc). Post processing is for things like motion blur, and/ or other visual effects.

The other reason why I cannot use Unity3D is quite simple: I have Linux and not Windows!

10th June 2011, 09:49 PM
Motion blur and Linux are the best reasons you could have. Everything else is unnecessary, premature over reaching. :P

10th June 2011, 10:22 PM
Yeah... i should have guessed. (a bit of topic: i'm a big enemy of linux... don't ask why (i can say that not becouse of it's do-everything-from-terminal thing))
It's not working with wine?... hmmm, nevermind. Forget about Unity3D :P I'll take care of it :) Let's see what i can do with it...

11th June 2011, 12:02 AM
augur> Remember (or read back about 30 pages) that the game I am making is not a direct copy of Wipeout, and has significant differences.

One of the design goals of (my) project was to push the style to the max since I got fed up of the lazy design in recent games and I thought I could do better (or at the very least do something radically different).

13th June 2011, 09:54 PM
Mini (mini) update: a kind soul has created a method of calculating track distance that takes into account going backwards, so that problem is solved. The only trade-off is that a lower resolution mesh is required underneath the track (due to how it calculates distance).

Nice ship Xpand, btw!

feisar rocket
16th June 2011, 03:00 AM
Yeah, sorry for not telling you guys... I went to NYC (for a school trip)! I wasn't aloud to carry my netbook so (I got a i3 proccesor and I didn't put it in, yet)... Well, fill me in, what should I do right now that helps? Texture? Track? IDK, yet?

16th June 2011, 02:27 PM
Draw ships (Perspective and/or blueprints plus dimensons (lenght, width and height))! And a lot of them! We will then pick some up to make them in 3D.

feisar rocket
16th June 2011, 08:54 PM
Draw ships (Perspective and/or blueprints plus dimensons) In S.Up or by hand?

16th June 2011, 09:05 PM
by hand or S. Up, you choose. As long as they're done and we can see them. Try to keep the basic recognizable shape of the WO ships...

feisar rocket
17th June 2011, 08:49 PM
Made one (it's ok), just need to add dimensions.

Working on ship 2 (32% completed)

20th June 2011, 05:40 PM
Here's the concept drawings of the Cassandra:
And basic 3D model

2 hours of work later:
Ta-da no2 (Terrain at 99% (texturing and building corrections))

feisar rocket
22nd June 2011, 01:13 AM
What program did you use for basic 3D ( blender 2.3 does that but no 2.57!)?

22nd June 2011, 11:55 AM
Gmax... A very old freeware version of 3ds max, and then I exported it to Max 8...

22nd June 2011, 10:45 PM
Sorry for the double-post...
How's this for a soundtrack:

23rd June 2011, 06:52 AM
I've listened to all of your tracks (couldn't resist, i like it :)) and if you agree i can re-edit them to make them more dynamic like the game itself is (mostly i'll edit begginings... they're too long for game, but rest is really cool :+)

23rd June 2011, 07:24 AM
Sorry for the double-post...
How's this for a soundtrack:

Do we have some forest-based track? If so...(total eye-and-ear-gasm)

23rd June 2011, 07:48 AM
We have even jungle based track :g (Xpand's music is jungle type :D)

23rd June 2011, 11:42 AM
Yep, it's jungle alright! :g

BTW, not all of those are made with the game in mind. It isn't a playlist, but my whole music collection.
@zero: If you want to edit you can do it with Online (Here (http://soundcloud.com/rbng-1/online)), Catching Air (Here (http://soundcloud.com/rbng-1/catching-air-rbng)) and Electric (here (http://soundcloud.com/rbng-1/electric-rbng)).
Are you ok with the mp3 files?
I'll make the rest of the soundtrack starting monday.

23rd June 2011, 12:07 PM
I know that they were not made with game in mind, but ok. So, yeah, i'm ok with mp3 and i had more tracks in mind than those you have chosen :g I'll begin now with editing8)

23rd June 2011, 12:11 PM
Well, if you're kind enough to tell what you were thinking? :g
I can send them too!
Oh I forgot! Meson (http://soundcloud.com/rbng-1/meson)

23rd June 2011, 03:14 PM
I can tell what i'm thinking now:
Shoreline is epic after little editing :nod:+
Electric sounds good too :)
Catching Air... hmmm... too much funk :D
Meson... toooooooooo looooooooong beggining (it's just my opinion), rest is epic:)
Online, mmmm... somehow i don't like it... don't be mad :|
Mental...i don't know what should i think about it :blarg Not my type :)
Open Space... you really like this percussion that i hear in couple of your tracks :nod
Emerald Light... good name, good track... i like it :)
Ok that's all what i think (i know i left some tracks). You can scold me later :g
btw. I already edited Electric and Meson (not Emerald Light :rolleyes:)

EDIT: Mmmm, i have problem with customizing Emerald Light for game as it is impossible to change anything without loosing awesomnes of this track :( I'll just leave it alone :)

23rd June 2011, 05:13 PM
Nice! Go ahead!:g

Yeah sometimes I stretch the beggining a bit. It usually happens when I have several ideas at the same time and want to put everything on one music! :g
I'm going to make more tracks especially for the game.
And Mental, well, I don't know what to say either... :blarg

Uhh, Tell me what changes you wanted to do on the music, I'll change it in FL studio...

BTW, it's not Emerland, it's Emerald! :P

Oh and yeah!
I have Electric, Emerald Light and Asymmetrical in HD, and they sound really nice while racing... I also have Get On Up by James Brown, and that makes up some funky racing! :g

23rd June 2011, 07:29 PM
Ah, sorry for my mistake :g
As for changes i don't have anything that need to be changed and it can't be changed by me and Audacity (with emerald light there is no need to change anything).
Tracks that are good for game: Shoreline EDITED, Meson EDITED, Electric EDITED, Mental

Package includes Shoreline, Meson, Electric, Gliese 581:
Meson somehow didn't come out well... shoot me X_X

feisar rocket
23rd June 2011, 10:14 PM
Yea, I didn't put any dimensions because IDK the range. But yea, at least I got it. You need S.Up to see!!

Two open spaces by the nose of the ship, think air cooled engines! (Take off X-Ray to see ship better.)

P.S. I'm thinking tri-hulled ships. Yes or no?

23rd June 2011, 10:29 PM
Well, let's see zero! :twisted :g

Feisar, can't you export in other formats?

feisar rocket
23rd June 2011, 10:40 PM
Only COLLADA, is that ok?

23rd June 2011, 10:47 PM
Ok, I'll see if Max can import it...

zero, you're right, Meson's a bit weird, but the rest is fine! Good job!:+

feisar rocket
24th June 2011, 02:53 AM
One thing I can try, import to blender export to .obj

24th June 2011, 11:17 AM
do that! :rock

BTW, can anyone tell me where's the Dynamic material tab on Blend 2.57?

Edit: Drew two new ships:

24th June 2011, 08:12 PM
Xpand.... you're a god in making a music for wipeout!!!! I love it in-game!!! :D

EDIT: Whoa!!! :o I really like those ships!!! (strange, i'm 3d modeller and i can't draw well... hmmm)

24th June 2011, 11:26 PM
Dynamic materials:

First off, make sure you are in game mode.

Look in PROPERTIES> MATERIAL > PHYSICS (about halfway down under shading).

Nice drawings too!

25th June 2011, 12:30 AM
Thanks a lot!! I was starting to loose it with 2.57!! :blarg

Xpand.... you're a god in making a music for wipeout!!!! I love it in-game!!! :D

EDIT: Whoa!!! :o I really like those ships!!! (strange, i'm 3d modeller and i can't draw well... hmmm)

I actually started drawing (7 years old) before I learned how to model in 3D (12 years old, found gmax by accident)... And the music thing, well, I have about 2 months of experience learning by myself! :P Still a long way from perfection

Rotational, there isn't anything there with that name! In my material settings appears the sphere display, diffuse, specular, shading, transparency, shadow, strand, subsurface scat, mirror and custom properties... Nothing else...

Also: how about this one:

In my opinion it sounds a bit like New Age...

25th June 2011, 04:10 PM
It sounds as if you are in Blender render mode- in the toggle on the top bar next to scene is an option to switch from blender render to blender game engine. Once you change to game the options will change in the materials tab.

This foxes everyone who changes to 2.57, even me!

25th June 2011, 06:52 PM
Oh yeah! You're right! Thanks! :+

Cassandra is slowly taking shape!

Need to learn the best way to make a glow fx for light poles inside the GE...

27th June 2011, 09:22 AM
Your best bet would be to learn the material node system in Blender. As a start:


27th June 2011, 01:45 PM
Yeah I used nodes before on animation renders, but I don't know if that will work on the GE...

27th June 2011, 01:47 PM
They should do, on the Blender main site it mentions most node materials are supported, so its just a matter of trying. When I looked for a Tron glow tutorial lots popped up, I'm sure one will work!

28th June 2011, 07:02 PM
Ok, so yesterday I was up until 1 AM to make this one:
What do you think?

28th June 2011, 08:53 PM
(listens to that music and imagines how it would be to race with that)
...hmmm....mmmmm.... :D Great tune:clap That's completely new style from your side ;)
btw. This is my progress in maya... maybe we can use it for our team logo :g (just kidding)
Logo (https://picasaweb.google.com/zero3growlithe/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCNLTttHbpPzySw#5623360560326 490898)

30th June 2011, 04:00 PM
That logo's nice! What about making it in 2D.. I reckon it will look even better.
Anyways I had a go at making Jungle with a Jazz-feeling to it:

30th June 2011, 04:23 PM
:? I think that there's too much of sax, and, hmmm... there is something wrong with that piano :| That sound is too constant... doh, how to put it... maybe try with changing "piano track" by 1 octave (up....down....up....down :dizzy) Rest sounds good :):+

30th June 2011, 04:27 PM
Sorry, I like it the way it is... We'll scratch this one off the soundtrack! 8)

30th June 2011, 07:19 PM
It's just my opinion:) I don't force you to change anything, it's just a suggestion from a kid who likes to comment everything :g (it annoys my brother very much as i comment everything what happens during co-op games :lol)
btw. Those tracks i edited (and i did it awfuly :dizzy) are too only a suggestion (i think that you didn't intend to use all of them anyway :g)
btw2. I tried to make a music in an downloaded Music Editor and... i only did beggining of track and my mind got empty :g

30th June 2011, 07:43 PM
Sure, don't worry, I can't satisfy everyone with what I do, sometimes I do stuff that some people like and sometimes I do stuff that not everybody likes...

About being empty minded, yeah, believe me that doesn't happen very often to me, but when it does I can be completelly uninspired for a whole month! :brickwall

2nd July 2011, 01:43 PM
I somehow managed to extend this beggining of my track to 3 min... at the beggining i didn't know what i want to achieve, so this track has 3 subjects XD

2nd July 2011, 04:53 PM
Well, here's what I think: It's awesome to start with, I just don't like those fast building bongos, you should use a kickdrum for that, it would add a bit of depth! That bass is really nice and the synth too. Believe me, if you could come up with that beat, you have a lot of chances in this! :+

2nd July 2011, 06:30 PM
I'll do something with those fast building bongos :nod and edit this post with changelog:g
EDIT: ... if i'll get to computer today XD...
EDIT2: I think i'll leave that bongos... :D

2nd July 2011, 06:52 PM
Now that I notice: The beggining kinda reminds me of Afro Ride, lol!! :g

I'm gonna go back to this kind of Jungle:

It's my home... I kinda got attached to the 90s, maybe because I listened to this without even knowing... (until I was 10 years old I didn't have any actual type of favorite music)

feisar rocket
7th July 2011, 10:23 PM
Sorry guys but I took a break from comps for a while. My psp's "×" button isn't working good so I press hard and my fingers hurt now.

Next week I'll work full force!

P.S. Xpand, Blender had a fatal error when importing the .dae file.

P.S.S. Is there a way to fix my × button?

7th July 2011, 10:57 PM
It was quiet silent here... so, yeah, i'm working whenever i have free PC, i'm doing great with maya and hopefully i'll be able to complete my tracks (exporting problems :|), ships and begin programming my version of game.
btw. Rotational_Aspect, how are ya doing? :) I'm curious how far you got :cowboy
(maybe it's already finished and he don't want to show us :paperbag:P I mean game :g)
btw2. Feisar... lol, throw with your psp or open it up and see what's up :P (i already opened my psp 22 times [and laptop 5 :g] so i can help you by PW :lol)

8th July 2011, 06:05 AM
Hey zero3growlithe, So hows the project going? Things getting anywhere?

8th July 2011, 08:44 AM
Only skills are up, projects are queued until i finish tutorial about using NURBS in maya.

8th July 2011, 09:08 PM
zero3growlithe> I'm still alive, and I am still working on the game. At the minute I am sorting out a timed lock on (as in the WOHD homing missile).

I'm getting to the stage now where I should be putting all the bits I have made together. I also have been experimenting with totally flying ships (as a reference look at an old PC game Slipstream 5000 or Hi Octane on Youtube), rather than having a ship constrained to hovering- I still have the magnetic ship scripts however.

I have also been looking into Unity 3d- I have access to the Pro version and I was testing Playmaker (a tool that is like Blenders logic blocks). The program is good, but ironically its harder to make zero gravity ships in Unity than it is in Blender, and to be frank the user forums are not as good (BlenderArtists is really helpful).

But if you have $40,000 you could apply for a PS3 game publishing license in Unity! Was it you that was going to use it, or were you going to use DarkBasic?

9th July 2011, 12:12 AM
Both... still don't know what to choose as i don't know their capabilities, but wait when i get to them then i can talk about it :P
btw. Nice you're still alive :g
btw2. LoL... there is a game named slipstream already...
EDIT: On youtube i found guy "helpfullprogrammer" who has tutorials on how to make games in DarkGDK

9th July 2011, 06:20 PM
Small update: got a simple lock on working (I also have a primitive lock on cursor too).

9th July 2011, 07:37 PM
Nice! I'm also retrying the C++ coding with OpenGL. I'm only able to display simple models like cubes in it yet... Gotta make a mesh importer for OBJ files...

feisar rocket
12th July 2011, 03:29 AM
Hey! Send me test run of the game! I wanna check it out! ( I <3 !'s)

Anyone with S.Up Pro?Import my .dae files and export to .obj please.

My ship making plan:
1st; 2D drawing
2nd; show photo
3rd; 3D-ish drawing
4th; S.Up
5th; post .skb and .dae
6th; repeat

I just want to work faster sooo... Yeah thought no one would care anyways :(

P.S. Xpand, get one that imports/export .dae/skb files. You don't have to but, I need one...

12th July 2011, 09:12 AM
feisar rocket> you do know that Blender imports .dae collada files directly, so you could use the latest release [2.58] and get it done quicker. The .dae importer works well, I easily imported a teapot from Max 2012, the only thing is the object may be orientated differently on import.

I have pretty much finished the lock on missle. As a bonus, I have found another way that opens up more gameplay possiblities.

This approach has the player having to keep a target 'painted' with an IR radar beam to keep the missle locked- so you have a choice- maintain a racing line or keep tracking a target so your missle hits (this warhead is also more powerful to offset the lock on penalty).

12th July 2011, 10:16 AM
@Aspect, i have an idea:
For lock-on i see good thing with using mouse/analog stick (if you own PC controller) where you must aim at your opponent to lock on and keep it until you shoot, after that missile will follow after him itself as normally. Same for cannon & rockets, but without lock-on ;)
As for controls during flying i think that assigning LMB & RMB for AirBreaks and MMB for Absorbing, and Space for shooting will be comfortable enough :D

12th July 2011, 01:19 PM
Found this weird mesh loader for Obj files, but I still can't get it to compile... Man, I forgot coding in C++ was this much work!!

12th July 2011, 03:32 PM
Nice idea zero3growlithe, although I do not want the game to become too fiddly. I will keep it in mind though, playtesting is when these concepts are proven.

So far, these are the weapons I will be using for my iteration of the game:

Autocannon (auto targets ships to the sides and below, short range, can shoot down missles)#
Laser cannon (long range weapon, high damage, eats power)
Dumbfire rockets (highly damaging unguided)#
Lock on (light damage)#
'Active' lock on (high power rocket, requires constant lock from firing ship)#
Shrapnel mine (releases flechettes on detonation)
Shield (tracks the nearest enemy ship only)
Plasma Lance (massive damage, short range plasma 'sword')#
Static shield (generates a static electricity field around your ship, the longer an ememy is in the field the higher the damage caused).
Inert payload (blocks of steel/ tungsten that can be dropped in the path of other ships)#
Blast mine (sub kiloton nuclear munition)#
Recharge port (allows ships to refuel during a race)#

# = weapons that I have finished the logic for.

I do have more, but they are not really suitable (plus I dont want huge amounts of weapons...yet).

The other thing that I am considering is limiting one weapon per ship per race (selected at the start, with certain ships having the option for two), so weapons become more 'valuable'. And when the weapon runs out of power/ ammo you 'drop' it and the ship gets more speed. Some players may want to not bother with weapons at all (for a speed boost from the start), and some ships will not be able to hold weapons anyway (these would be more specialised, sort of like an Icarus).

I have lots of ideas floating around, just have to make them all now!

And keep at it Xpand!

feisar rocket
13th July 2011, 04:49 AM
How about emp, aspect? (I'll work on logos too!)

13th July 2011, 08:35 AM
I did think about EMP weapons, but then thinking realistically, an antigravity ship would be dealing with very high levels of energy anyway, and would be well insulated against an EMP blast.

feisar rocket
13th July 2011, 12:25 PM
I see, but, make it for energy type weapons (Shield, Plasma, etc.)

14th July 2011, 11:27 AM
How do you mean EMP? Do you mean have a weapon that knocks out weapons on the other ship / scrambles the targeting?

14th July 2011, 01:12 PM
Yeah... you use EMP to turn off your opponents shield... and? Watch as he runs without any danger becouse you don't have any weapons to finish him? :g Useless, until we won't add something like multiplayer team deathmach to this game :| For plasmas and other stuff there is shield.

14th July 2011, 01:22 PM
The EMP could work as a disruptor cutting out the non-airbrake turning ability (which is more likelly to be controled by electric input than the airbrakes), or making the ship bounce as it confuses the levitator's stability controler.

14th July 2011, 01:28 PM
Hmmm, maybe, but (if i'm not wrong) it's weapon with big field of destruction as quake. I recall someone saying that he want to bypass this type of weapons, and i'm by his side :nod:+ Maybe distruption ball from wipeout pure? Same effect as you say :D

14th July 2011, 01:49 PM
LEt's see...
There is the stability systems,the anti-gravity generator,the thrusters,airbrakes,weapon bays,artificial intelligience,and maybe even the ship-pilot integration interface.
For the stability systems,maybe an off-centre mass due to a projectile hit would make things slightly difficult.
For the anti-gravity generator,rubbing against the floor because of a generator shutdown is very annoying,yet interesting.
Anyone see the intro for WipEout where a ship blows the exhaust? Maybe a weapon could cause a clog up,which would require the accel to be held down for it to be blown off(potential shrapnel effect?)
Having airbrakes jammed(unusable or always on) would be VERY annoying...
A ship with a disabled weapon bay in a weapons on race=sitting duck
Artificial intelligience could be made stupid like the Pilot Assist in HD because of a scramble in programming.
A totally black screen(ie pilot knockout) may cause rage quits...

14th July 2011, 11:06 PM
For weapon design, I wanted to build in balance, but not make it like Mario Kart with weapons that disable controls which I think is annoying (like the squid ink).

So this means each weapon has a weakness or a counter weapon- for example the autocannon / vulcan would be weak in attack, but good in defence against missiles, the plasma lance is the ultimate in attack, but it is a very close range weapon that has fuel cells that explode if shot. The laser is like a sniper rifle (long range and powerful) but is heavy (due to batteries).

Each weapon would have a destructive power rating, a mass (weight) rating, and would have a safety rating- as with the plasma lance example, when shot it will explode unless jettisoned.

Also, certain ships would be able to carry certain weapons: smaller, more agile ships would be too small too carry big weapons and so on.

feisar rocket
15th July 2011, 04:17 AM
The laser should have a 5 sec charge time. Have the laser's ammo be shield energy ( (n% +5) x 1 = damage (50% shields do 55%damage) Depends on how long you hold the fire button. Make a weapon that does splash damage (name; volly missile) does 30% damage divided by how many ships are in the area ( 30 ÷ n = damage. 30 ÷ 3 = 10 damage to each ship) Just thinking?

P.S. Are there pits?

feisar rocket
15th July 2011, 04:35 AM
How do you mean EMP? Do you mean have a weapon that knocks out weapons on the other ship / scrambles the targeting?

Yes it messes with targeting and dampens damage from energy weapons ( plasma, laser ,etc. - 20 damage), deployment failure, × 1.5 damage, inverted steering, thruster overload ((Instant super sonic speed (4 sec). After, lose thrust power (3 sec).) or shield error (shield takes random damage). 7 sec for EMP effects... just thinking about it.

15th July 2011, 09:20 PM
There can be pits, the code does exist. I did plan that some ships would be fast, but would be unable to recharge, or that the energy starts to drain down as they start to race.

In my design document I did also think about having a variable power shot (sort of like R-Type) that uses varying amounts of power the longer you hold the fire button.

Instead of an EMP, how about a jamming radar? It would act like the vulcan autocannon in that the beam of energy would lock onto an enemy ship and jam its weapons- it could be possible to copy the leech cannon too this way. This would also be good as a balance to stop fast ships from having too much of an advantage (since they would need to stay out of the way of larger ships).

15th July 2011, 09:53 PM
Ok, my ideas now :D
EMP - distrupts other players views, making it harder for them to see anything (without exaggeration of course :twisted)
Pits and Ships - yeah, about that my thinking is > all ships will be the same as in WOHD... what i mean is parameters, slight difference in speed,thrust,shield & handling, those are enough. NO such big differences like "unable to recharge ship in exchange for speed" as it is BIG disadvantage for a player that is using it :mr-t

Game allows player to win.

15th July 2011, 10:19 PM
You misunderstand me, ships that cannot recharge are for:

1: experts who want a challenge- it would be like running a TT within a combat race.

2: have the advantage of speed and agility, so the opponent would have to work hard to keep up (by using weapons etc).

And remember my game that I am making is NOT WipeOut. I want to change things so that ships have more variety- think about MotorStorm, you can be a bike, or you can be a truck: bikes are nimble but weak, trucks are slower but powerful.

And anyway, I will be releasing all the Blend. files that contain the bits for the game eventually so you could then make your perfect WipeOut.

15th July 2011, 10:49 PM
I know that well, and you know that it's just my thought and proposition, as i think that this set is better :D
btw. I think that i think to far, i mean... i took online game in consideration :dizzy

15th July 2011, 10:59 PM
Bikes... BIKES!? AG bikes!?


(I drew these almost a year ago! :D )

16th July 2011, 11:00 AM
Those sketches are awesome! One problem though, are we to assume they're going at venom speeds or less? The wind resistance would be insane!

16th July 2011, 12:31 PM
I'd love to help out on this project. I've included some fictional sponsor logos I've created. I also have the high quality vectors whenever they're needed.

Sponsors so far:

Motion Forward®:
State-of-the-art aerodynamic test facilities available to all teams at an affordable price.

On-board computer system.

Weapon Lock-On systems.

Fuel provider for engines.

I plan to make more sponsors whenever I've got a little free time! Let me know what you all think.

16th July 2011, 03:46 PM
Nice logos (•.•)™!

AG bikes would be fun, but I was thinking along the lines of smaller ships v larger ones- think an hatchback car v an articulated lorry in size terms. An original design goal for me was to break with the cliche of futuristic ships and go for a more industrial look (thus my mission statement 'WipeOut v Motorstorm v British Rail'), with ships getting influences from trains, aircraft, and cool looking machinery.

When I have more time I will scan a few concept drawings.

I am also considering real time damage (like Colin McCrae Rally games), with each ship having destructible parts- now that I can find out the velocity of an object I can assign damage when a ship is going too fast.

16th July 2011, 04:52 PM
Another two sponsors added:

Entertainment broadcasting.

Shielding Technologies.

16th July 2011, 06:04 PM
Some of your logos are amazing!!, thank you for showing to us.


16th July 2011, 06:56 PM
Pretty nice! I like the styling on the AntiShock one! :nod

16th July 2011, 07:00 PM
Thanks, Stin, Xpand. Appreciate it. I'm thinking of posting all of my ideas and we'll see which ones most of you like the most for use!

Safety add-ons and checks.


16th July 2011, 07:06 PM
Wow O_O Finally something is moving on this thread more than usually :g
Great logos, mr... erm.. i don''t know how to write that :blarg but nice :D

16th July 2011, 07:52 PM
thanks! Call me solaristics as that's my PSN name haha.

I've decided to make a collage of the sponsors, just so it's easier to get an idea of what I have so far. I'll be updating it as I add more.


16th July 2011, 08:34 PM
Manufacturer of a quake/disruptor style weapon.


feisar rocket
17th July 2011, 05:32 AM
It's smileling! Quake raises hell in W'O. I guess people at Worm take weapons too softly.

17th July 2011, 06:34 AM
Oh, can I help if there's room? I want to create one of the racing teams.

17th July 2011, 07:54 AM
zero3growlithe: "Someting is finally moving on this thread": what's that supposed to mean?

BTW here are a couple of old concept drawings that I talked about.

17th July 2011, 03:27 PM
Those sketches are absolutely awesome! The colours are perfect!

17th July 2011, 03:46 PM
Solaristics: Thanks, its a shame I can't directly post larger images, these are a bit too low res. Here are four more below.

Like I said, I want to get away from the shadow of WipeOut style ships and break some new ground.

Some crits on your logos:

I like Antishock, Multicom, ZR and Core.

Human I find I dislike because the 'legs' of the logo are too tall. Perhaps shrink them so the logo is not quite as tall.

Motion Forward I dont 'get', as the company has a square logo when they do aerodynamics, which seems a bit off. But that could just be me. I do like the colour orange though in this logo.

Worm: I dont know what vector graphic package you are using, but if you can, round off the ends of the swirly logo so you dont have sharp right angles mixed with rounded text (to maintain consistency in logo/type).

Overall, it may be good to make each logo fit in the same square dimensions, as this makes them easier to use and place on textures- for example, can you reduce the antishock logos height to match ZR? I think it may make it look better.

But smart stuff!:rock

17th July 2011, 04:10 PM
Hey, thanks for the criticisms. Definitely need as much of that as I can get.

I completely agree with you on the Human logo.

Motion Forward I'm going to drop/change because I'm sick of the sight of it already haha.

I also had this dilemma when creating Worm. I did try the rounded ends but the logo didn't look as sharp and pronounced for some reason. I'll give it another try though and post the results.

Your sketches are amazing. The third one, Ship5ared is my favourite. LOoks like something from Akira the animated film. The ships look a lot more fragile and susceptible to damage. I don't see that as a bad thing, either. I think it could give the game a really cool feeling.

Have another sponsor:

Teddy Bear Refreshments:
Provide food between races.


17th July 2011, 09:42 PM
Great logo, nothing other than to say GREAT WORK!

And thanks for the kind comments about my designs.

feisar rocket
18th July 2011, 02:41 AM
I made a awesome team logo! Zero, does atlantis have a logo yet?

18th July 2011, 06:50 AM
This is Xpand's track. Ask him.

18th July 2011, 12:10 PM
No, it isn't... I can't seem to texture the track correctly in any way... :|
I'll just go ahead and continue the cassandra track model...

18th July 2011, 03:53 PM
Hey it's been one year since you started this thread =)
I have to say that looks amazing dude you should keep it on.
You could even sell it as a game xD Joke

18th July 2011, 03:57 PM
Teddy Bear Refreshments:
Providing food during races.

Corrected :P

18th July 2011, 08:41 PM
can I ask what year in the future this game is set?

18th July 2011, 08:45 PM
Corrected :P

Thanks :) that makes more sense!

18th July 2011, 08:53 PM
My game would be set around the 2030s. I am not sure what year the 'proper' fan game WipeOut is set.

18th July 2011, 09:06 PM
Solaristics, use edit button next to quote button to conserve space and give moderators less work to do;)
Aspect, next to "something is finally moving (...)" there are words "more than usually" from which you can conclude meaning "thread pulse with life again"
btw. Unity is not so bad when i'm digging deeper and deeper into programming. I've even an idea on how to make good ship physics which i got fromv playing Little Big Planet... lol :lol

feisar rocket
19th July 2011, 02:20 AM
Man, I'm still a noob with logic! Textures, I made water (but no movement (I can with RHINO, maybe))!

19th July 2011, 01:25 PM
Got the charging shot script working. Player presses a key and the shot strength increases- release to fire. Shot strength is taken directly from the batteries.

To do- have a regular shot value (so if you press fire you get a weak beam instantly rather than having to wait).

And feisar rocket, everyone starts out somewhere- whats the problem?

feisar rocket
19th July 2011, 01:46 PM
...Shot strength is taken directly from the batteries.
...whats the problem?
1. Not shields? What will batteries be for, weapons? Now it's like XG3. Shield pits and recharge strips = more thinking. I like that.

2. Everything...

19th July 2011, 05:08 PM
About rhinoceros i can say one after going to maya... this program is completely not for making games!!! When i think about how long it took me to make a track in rhino and how i made it, and i see how it can be done in maya... my hands are dropping on ground with my jaw XD
Maybe it's easier to learn, but it's AutoCAD for making architectural models, so i think that you better stay with blender :) More possibilities :rock
(and you won't make a moving water in rhino as i saw that it's two same textures with bump mapping enebled moving in opposite directions :D... in rhino you can't make texture move :paperbag)

19th July 2011, 07:07 PM
I heard Rhino works with nurbs. That sometimes causes simple things like a box (which in all other 3D CAD software has only 6 polygons) to have too many polygons for a game engine to run properly.

19th July 2011, 08:14 PM
But you can later convert it to mesh and using plug-in called "Reduce mesh" do what it is supposed to do, that is reduce poligons if you need when you don't reduce it during converting, but it is rather silly plug-in as it's reducing abilities is... bad. That's why my tracks are simple to make my hand work reduced to minimum and to make them less resource hungry :D I've uploaded Alphard someday so why don't you check my poligon work ;)

19th July 2011, 08:34 PM
feisar rocket> For me at least, each weapon has an independent power supply or magazine. Once its depleted the weapon or device is useless, but you can 'drop' the weapon and it will act like an obstacle as it falls.

Also, unless the player has a shield device in their weapon slot, each ship uses its armour and structure rating for combat. I am looking into having destructible ships, with armour being destroyed first and the ship exploding if the 'engine/core' is hit. Weapons can be hit too- some weapons have fuel tanks that explode when struck. This may be a good way for smaller ships to deal with bigger ones.

What I want is to make weapons and devices to play a more central role and make them special, and make the player make more tactical choices.

And fire away with logic problems- I can probably help you with most things.

zero3growlithe> Rhino is rubbish for low polygon work. Stick with Maya, 3DSMax or Blender. And I'm glad you are getting on with Unity, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Small update: polished the charging code some more, so now the player can tap the fire key for a regular shot, or hold it down to charge the laser. I've also rigged some output text for "charging', "firing charge shot" etc.

feisar rocket
21st July 2011, 01:04 PM
Everything! I understand a few (ray, radar) but... thats not enough...

I like the fact you can dump but armor? How do you repair? With batteries, have recharge strips. The ship uses batteries as fuel. Run out of juice, you just stop and use a e-pack(If you have it), get 25% more batt.

Shields low, batt low. What do you choose. Battery? Don't crash. Shields? You better hyperboost.

Three things, shield, fuel, ammo... things got interesting!

21st July 2011, 02:14 PM
feisar rocket:

For a bit of logic education go here: http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/GameDoc/index_LogicBricks.html - some things are out of date (for 2.49b) but most is OK to use. Once you are familiar with what tools you have it becomes easier to break down problems.

BTW this website also has tutorials too- go explore!

For a good help forum go here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?12-Game-Engine-Support-and-Discussion

And play! Do what I am doing: I break down each task or ability I need and work on them individually- keep on refining them and you will get there!

Blender is not perfect but the current system allows you to prototype stuff very quickly- try to think of your problem as logic blocks, break it down and try it! You lose nothing for trying, and since its visual you can see what is working.

I started out with nothing too, best advice- keep at it!

Re game mechanics:

Armour is armour. Once its destroyed its gone- this forces the player to be more evasive (thus you must choose- risk the racing line or play safe?).

Weapons have an independent power supply: the trade off is once they have no more energy/ ammo no more weapons. Use them carefully! The more powerful a weapon the less ammo it has.

Ships draw power from a reactor. I am thinking of having another gameplay mechanic for this: imagine a box with a ball inside. If the box is shaken too much the ball touches the outside and boom! Depending on the ship, players must avoid crashing into the track, too harsh a move or being shot or the 'ball' starts to rattle around. This would reward smooth flying. Obviously beginner ships would be forgiving but the more 'pro' ships (which are faster/ weaker etc) would get increasingly more dangerous to fly as a trade off.

Shields only exist as a device like weapons do: i.e. they have to be chosen at the start of a race (so do you choose defensive or offensive kit?) Think of it as another layer of (optional) armour.

I'm still debating with myself about doing the above or having a more traditional charge strategy. What I would like to avoid is the WOHD race leaders absorbing weapons and leaving nothing for the rest, or crazy stunts (like barrel rolls)- an unstable reactor would mean such things would only be possible from a beginner ship.

Also: I want to have visual cues: for example, I am going to have a deployable camera drone for each ship- so you can see if anyone else uses 3rd person or 1st person. Badly damaged ships trail smoke (hopefully)- this can be used as a smokescreen for pursuing ships.

Lastly: weight. Weapons have a weight (mass) value. Larger weapons are therefore heavier and slow you down. Pro players may opt to have no weapon at the start (trading defence/offence for speed), meaning newbies can shoot them down or damage (slow) them. I could complicate things further with having variable ammo loads at the start- i.e. have a good weapon but only have half the ammo (thus having half the weight to carry). This could go for armour, (different types = different weights /damage resistance to certain weapons, e.g. composite armour is best for rockets, ablative for laser etc).

21st July 2011, 03:11 PM
Why am I thinking of WipEout Fusion and Fatal Inertia after there was the Very Stable grade ships for beginners and Very Unstable grade ships for experts?

feisar rocket
22nd July 2011, 04:17 AM
Aspect, I mean fuel for the ship. Have a refuel lane and a pit lane. Also, thanks!

So a good laser shot in the thruster is a insta-kill?

Wait weapon pads activate a onboard weapon and you press "stop firing" and puts away the weapon... untill a laser shot burns it :D

23rd July 2011, 02:52 PM
Hi all. I think this is a great idea. How far have you gotten? I can 3D model and i'm a beginner programmer in C++ so if you need any help.:)

23rd July 2011, 05:37 PM
apemax> hi there, thanks for taking interest! This project (for the most part) is going well- I think everyone is kind of doing it on their own but sharing what we do. I know Xpand is trying to do some C++ programming (and OpenGL), so if you get anywhere, you can PM him or post what you make here. I think you may be interested also in those who are using Unity 3D (which I think uses C++ too).

And we all like pretty pictures:P- show us some designs!

I myself am sticking to Python/ Blender for now, and doing a project which is WipeOut ish. At the minute I am scripting the code that will run my game.

23rd July 2011, 06:06 PM
Yeah show us what you got!
My programming isn't going well. I'm on the 3D models section too, mostly on ships, but I have a track on the making! :nod

23rd July 2011, 10:58 PM
@Aspect, No, there is no C++ there... sorry apemax:paperbag C# and Java Script is used there :)

24th July 2011, 01:34 PM
Hey, look what I found for blender!
You'll see how weird this is..

If I can find out how those materials work! Man! That would be a huge step foward in the graphics department!

It opens with 2.49a..

24th July 2011, 10:52 PM
Looks nice, but on my computer (GeForce GTX 460 with a Core 2 Extreme processor) its very choppy.

24th July 2011, 11:04 PM
Jup, it's really hungry for resources (4fps on my netbook XD) Even game with great graphic and shadows i'm learning programming on has 10fps :hyper (it's not like i'm programming all time on my netbook :g Just testing...)
btw. Aspect, nice equipment you have... my Geforce 7600GS sucks in comparision with yours :cold

25th July 2011, 08:18 AM
zero3growlithe> Thanks! I decided a while ago to get a decent PC for a change. I did have 2 GeForce 8800 ultras until one broke, and the other got stolen when I took my PC in for an upgrade, so I was given the 460 free (:g).

And I often use my wifes netbook for Blender- and that is VERY underpowered- it has an Atom processor with intergrated Intel graphics, which took 15 minutes to OPEN the file, and then crash:blarg

I just have to go easy on any eye candy when my game comes together!

25th July 2011, 10:55 AM
@Rotational_aspect, Xpand: Hi. I have a idea in mind for a ship i currently have built up in Lego that i plan on making in gmax so i'll post my progress of that. I'm currently learning SDL and openGL too along with C++.

@zero3growlithe: oh well i can always 3D model if anything else.:) You never know i might even start up a C++ version if someone else doesn't...

25th July 2011, 12:27 PM
Look forward to it. Got any photos of the Lego model? I've seen some amazing Lego work about (just an example) http://www.brothers-brick.com/2011/07/20/an-angle-a-day/

feisar rocket
25th July 2011, 12:57 PM
...I often use my wifes netbook for Blender- and that is VERY underpowered- it has an Atom processor with intergrated Intel graphics... Thats my netbook for ya! Untill I find a prossesor for my chip set, I run things slow without problems.

25th July 2011, 02:25 PM
@Rotational_Aspect: No worries mate :) I gonna get this (http://www.apple.com/macpro/) soon :D (the one with 12 cores that is overpowered but i'm getting ready for future projects :g And i'm sick of waiting for rendering to finish :D)

25th July 2011, 02:46 PM
I don't have any pictures of it at the moment (still putting the final touches on it.) but i'll post a picture when i take one. You can also find some of my more recent lego models on my blog here: http://apemaxslegomocs.blogspot.com/

25th July 2011, 06:50 PM
That costs like £7000, better start saving zero!

25th July 2011, 07:26 PM
You can get one for a mere £4000 :|


25th July 2011, 08:25 PM
I stand corrected: I just configured my dream PC and a Mac Pro would cost me nearly £10,000:blarg- it did have 12 cores and 64gig of RAM tho, with huge SSDs and crazy features.

Mac Pros actually start at £4000:blarg:blarg

25th July 2011, 08:48 PM
Lol, my PC costed about 700€ (around £680 nowadays). 5 years old. It barelly holds up right now... Any 3D file that goes over 10MB in gmax weights a lot of the graphics card!
Time for a change. I'm leaving home to go live near the university and I'm going to buy a laptop.

25th July 2011, 09:07 PM
I have a third, backup PC (a Sony U71P- the original Ipad!) and thats 5 yrs old too. Although its good for browsing or fiddling with Python, big stuff kills it dead. So I feel your pain Xpand! I tried Max 2009 once and I had to wait for a menu to load:g

But its a good time to buy- lots of deals to be had!

26th July 2011, 02:46 PM
Here's a shot of the Lego version of my ship: http://www.flickr.com/photos/apemax/5977990382/

And here's my current progress with it in gmax:


Thats about half an hours work. Hope you like it.:)

26th July 2011, 03:58 PM
Nice! You also work with gmax? I've been in that life for 6 years! :g

26th July 2011, 06:08 PM
You two must be the last users of GMax on the planet- and you both wind up here! :D

Nice ship apemax- look forward to when its done!

26th July 2011, 06:22 PM
@Xpand: Yep. i used it a bit for making models for C&C generals. Been using it for nearly three years now. On and off though. Thanks.:)

@aspect: Yeah well it's the only 3d modelling software apart from blender that a: i can afford (aka because it's free;)), b: will run on my computer and c: it's the only one i can use fairly well. Thanks.:)

27th July 2011, 06:17 PM
I got a bit more of my ship done so here's the latest version: http://www.flickr.com/photos/apemax/5981986536/

Thats about 2 hours work now. Does anyone know how to make the glass for the cockpit so that it's transparent in GMax?

I'm also try to think of a name for it but i'm not coming up with anything. Anyone have any idea's?

feisar rocket
28th July 2011, 04:03 AM

Hey, I had gmax... It just doesnt want to install...

28th July 2011, 07:17 AM
Excellent feisar rocket, how did you get your mag lock feature to work?

28th July 2011, 11:39 AM
I got a bit more of my ship done so here's the latest version: http://www.flickr.com/photos/apemax/5981986536/

Thats about 2 hours work now. Does anyone know how to make the glass for the cockpit so that it's transparent in GMax?

I'm also try to think of a name for it but i'm not coming up with anything. Anyone have any idea's?

The "opacity", right next to the diffuse, spec and ambient colors in the material properties. Of course, first you have to add a material to the part.

feisar rocket
28th July 2011, 07:27 PM
Well I didnt make it but I got an idea.

While playing XGRA a bug happend in a loop. I saw a mirror image of the track, that got me thinking. Since blender has multiple layers, have a mirror image of the section 1-3m high in an other layer. Make the object able to be affected by wind and magnet.

Thats it, without details.

28th July 2011, 09:01 PM
Or I could post the code that I have plus using a distance constraint. It works pretty well, with the following drawbacks:

certain angles of track make the ships 'slip' sideways

normal fh material physics do not work with this: the distance constraint does (from memory, anyway).

Want me to post the code?

28th July 2011, 09:17 PM
I'm sitting for a while in Unity 3D (lol, i think that in total i spent maybe 2-3h learning it... i'm lazy like hell)and got an idea of making ship that has invisible suspension system like in a car (you can make it bounce as in WOHD, you can set how hard it bounces and set how high it will be whole time) :g
EDIT: I can already make a simple avoidance script in Unity, so CPU is driving itself on track and avoids bombs, mines and other stuff... i can tweak it a little to make it do it with a little delay as human does :D

28th July 2011, 10:14 PM
zero3growlithe: sounds like good progress! I assume your avoidance script uses rays to detect? I'd like to hear how it works.

28th July 2011, 10:25 PM
Jup, rays for detecting collisions. I just have to make ship model move as i'm now using sphere for tests. I think there won't be any problems as sphere is always heading forward, that means it rotates while turning... hmmm, i must get used to scripts as it's totally different from C++ (i think it's called descriptive language?). What i mean is you must completely change your way of thinking... it's hard :brickwall

28th July 2011, 10:39 PM
Throw some node based waypoints in there and you have the basis for a race AI!

28th July 2011, 10:45 PM
It's already made that way :cowboy It avoids collisions to get to its destination point (you call it node, i prefer to call it just traget :g) i've set earlier :D I can move wall in real time and my sphere avoids it... in real time XD (i'm getting too excited, lol)

feisar rocket
29th July 2011, 03:11 AM
Want me to post the code?Yeah! I can make some test surfaces!

I got a mag lock texture too! (made it today! :)) It looks like the see through section on tech de ra on WOHD!

29th July 2011, 07:25 AM
Sounds really good zero!! Got a demo?
Feisar rocket, when I get some time I will post the blend file.

29th July 2011, 07:39 AM
I want to finish it and i'll post it :g I mean add this ship in exchange for sphere :P
EDIT: Adding ship is not so easy as it is more complicated shape and script goes crazy when it goes to avoiding... i must spend more time to have it done... for now i'll post sphere as i promised that i'll post it :P
https://rapidshare.com/files/1214979734/Demo.rar (i know it's touching them sometimes, but i'm still in beta version myself with programming :dizzy Target is between those black blocks)

Here's ship that i made in 15min to use in demo: (looks more like a jet than a ship... lol)
https://picasaweb.google.com/zero3growlithe/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCNLTttHbpPzySw#5634788220329 739394

29th July 2011, 02:45 PM
The "opacity", right next to the diffuse, spec and ambient colors in the material properties. Of course, first you have to add a material to the part.

That worked. thanks.:)

29th July 2011, 05:54 PM
I want to finish it and i'll post it :g I mean add this ship in exchange for sphere :P
EDIT: Adding ship is not so easy as it is more complicated shape and script goes crazy when it goes to avoiding... i must spend more time to have it done... for now i'll post sphere as i promised that i'll post it :P
https://rapidshare.com/files/1214979734/Demo.rar (i know it's touching them sometimes, but i'm still in beta version myself with programming :dizzy Target is between those black blocks)

Here's ship that i made in 15min to use in demo: (looks more like a jet than a ship... lol)
https://picasaweb.google.com/zero3growlithe/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCNLTttHbpPzySw#5634788220329 739394

Pretty nice! I see it uses the same start options as the kerbal space program game! Can you place the models on a separate folder so mods can be added? Like loading the 3d files through a *cfg file where you add a new track to the track list and a new ship to the ship list?

29th July 2011, 06:07 PM
I want to finish it and i'll post it :g I mean add this ship in exchange for sphere :P
EDIT: Adding ship is not so easy as it is more complicated shape and script goes crazy when it goes to avoiding... i must spend more time to have it done... for now i'll post sphere as i promised that i'll post it :P
https://rapidshare.com/files/1214979734/Demo.rar (i know it's touching them sometimes, but i'm still in beta version myself with programming :dizzy Target is between those black blocks)

Here's ship that i made in 15min to use in demo: (looks more like a jet than a ship... lol)
https://picasaweb.google.com/zero3growlithe/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCNLTttHbpPzySw#5634788220329 739394

Great demo zero3growlithe. can't wait for this to get better.

29th July 2011, 07:21 PM
@Xpand, I'll see in further lessons if there is anything like reading 3D models from selected folder, but i think there is... must be

btw. Guys, don't quote so much as writting someones name preceded by "@" is enough :D

29th July 2011, 07:55 PM
There is. Like I said the Kerbal Space Program uses the same layout as yours and it has all the model files in a folder.

29th July 2011, 08:41 PM
Interesting demo, some questions:

How many rays do you use? And if its more than one, how are they arranged?

Is it a case of if the ray is positive the ball rotates away by a set amount?

As far as your problem with the ship, if Unity allows it use proxy objects. That is, to cut down the work the collision system has to do make your player ship a ghost object with no collision, and instead parent it to the sphere (which does have collision checking active) so you really control the ball, but it looks like the ship.

As far as custom ships, once you have loaded it then what? Its all very well having a model but to use it in the game is a whole new world of pain to program. The possibilities are:

1: use a custom ship in place of another (e.g. a custom ship that sits in place of another that uses its handling)- easy / medium difficulty (depending on how your game engine handles import at runtime)

2: same as 1, but also have custom sliders to adjust handling properties to make a new ship totally- medium / hard difficulty

3: mix and match ship parts- very hard- lots of work!

I imagine if you can make a model viewer then this is half way to making custom ships.

By the way, I've attached the mag-lock script. Since I'm not using my main PC you may have to play with the viewports a little.

EDIT: I've had a brainwave: it may be possible to set up ships in .blend files (along with the logos, text etc) and use that via LibLoad. But that involves huge amounts of work- but still interesting.......

29th July 2011, 09:37 PM
Don't know how to show you the code, but i can answer without it:
I use 3 rays, and direction is given by walls... i mean, it's like ultrasonic sensor in Lego Mindstorms (http://mindstorms.lego.com/en-us/Products/default.aspx) (very fun, and you can program it using C++ :D I own one) but here it rotates in direction where target is closer on left-right axis :brickwall
btw. From propositions you wrote this JavaScript doesn't seem to be so hard as i know it can be done easier :g
Ah, this ship! It's same script as for sphere... that's it, and I already found a way to have it working better:P

29th July 2011, 11:32 PM
Thanks for explaining that, I've tried something similar with Blenders logic. Now that I'm becoming a bit more confident with Python I may try to make a Python driven version instead at some point.