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Bob Todd
2nd November 2002, 01:24 PM
I like the music on this game, but it's a bit of a palaver recording it onto a disc, and I don't have a CD writer.

So, if anyone's willing to do it for me (just the PC Music ones - I already have the others on CD), I'll pay for the blank video cassette and the blank CD, and the postage and packaging and any other incurred costs, and I'll throw in an extra fiver.

Any offers? Drop a line to acherontan_annarchy@yahoo.co.uk if interested.

Hybrid Divide
2nd November 2002, 09:05 PM
Amigo Jack had them hosted somewhere for a while. I think it still exists, along with my track "Curly Says GO!" if you find it, update the artist to Vagrant Logic (For Curly Says Go!)

I'm going to try and Re-Do them myself sometime though, I think I can up the quality slightly. (No disrespect to Amigo!!) :D

Search the old forums, they should be there somewhere!

Good Luck.
Vagrant Logic OUT

Bob Todd
4th November 2002, 05:49 PM
Huzzah! Found 'em! :D Thanks, Vagey. Thanks Amigo Jack for going through through the palaver of ripping and uploading them in the first place. *starts downloading*

Bob Todd
4th November 2002, 08:20 PM
Hmmm.... there seems to be a problem... :o

I downloaded the six WO64 files, plus the decrypter. I followed the instructions exactly, but I cannot get anything out of the .jsp files.

When I enter the filename in the input box, the automatically-generated output name results in nothing; the progress bar just flashes for a second and says it's done, but there is no music file.
I tried entering in 'output' the same name as in the 'input' box, but with .mp3 instead of .jsp, but it wouldn't accept that either; a file is created but my mp3 player won't read it. Please help, someone!

EDIT: I tred opening the decrypted files in RealPlayer, and apparently they're not mp3s at all. What file extension should I give them?