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4th June 2008, 06:03 PM
here is how I am playing on the tables, I hope people follow this, but these are certainly not official rules nor anything you have to follow, but it would be nice if everyone played the same way

1) I enter a Single Race full race time under single race
2) I enter a Single RAce Lap time under single race lap (explain later)
3) I enter a Time Trial lap time under single race lap (explain later)
4) There is no time trial full race

A) The rules I am following for getting a SINGLE RACE full race time are these

1) do not turn around at start (this leads to lots of turbo, and skewed results since the
time does not start until you cross the start line), I do not do this in any wipeout
2) I do not wait at the start line, this results in the same "lots of turbo thing"
3) I try for the turbo start, but If I don't get it, sometimes I still race. Even if I pick up
a turbo at the start of the race, I crossed the start line at a slower speed evening
things out. I only have one record this way, a very lucky race
4) All weapons on

B) The rules I am following for getting a SINGLE RACE lap time are these

1) anything goes due to if I am racing poorly, my next lap will be lots of turbos, but If
I race well, I pick up no turbos to get a good lap.
2) I like to turn around at the beginning of the race, go backwards then race the first
lap. This would not be the ideal way to get a lap time, but the way the weapons
are distributed, this is the only fair way to have a lap time competition where
everyone is on the same page. Any way you want though, but this is the fastest
way. It is not the fastest way in any other wipeout game
3) If you have a time already saved on your memory card, you should probably enter it
in the single race lap time, BECAUSE it is possible to go faster in this mode. The
best way would be to just replay the lap times to make it easier

C) The rules I am following for getting a Time Trial Lap time are these

1) Whatever you can do in the 5 lap race, so the best way would be to race lap one
then turbo at the start of the next lap, and then find the next best turbo area to
decrease your time.