View Full Version : The difference between Wo3 SE and Wip3out

28th June 2002, 03:39 AM
im from the NA and i was curious what SE has that 3 doesnt, it has all the tracks and teams from 3 correct? but which tracks and or teams does it have from XL and or wipeout? and what is on the soundtrack?

1st July 2002, 06:14 PM
i could swear that i answered this question last week when it was asked in another topic, however since i couldn't find the topic right away, and it might take far more time for me to search than to answer again:
SE [available only in PAL] has all of the WO3 tracks and teams plus 3 tracks from the original wipeout and 5 tracks from 2097/xl, plus [i think] 2 additional prototype tracks. it also modifies the handling characteristics of the ships. it does not have any of the earlier ship designs nor any of the earlier music. the ships have an additional ''floatiness'' that allows one to cheat by cutting across some of the corners in the tracks. the menus have been changed, now having somewhat larger text for easier readability.

i do not have this version of the game, so i may be wrong about some point in the above description. if anyone spots any errors, please point them out. thanks

1st August 2002, 10:24 PM
You missed one: There are four new prototype tracks now. Although I only have 5 so far, one would assume there's 8. And one of them I KNOW is different from WipEout... I think the four new ones are winnable from the two Rapier and Phantom classes.