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Dogg Thang
23rd June 2007, 08:23 PM
Am I right in thinking there isn't a chance in hell that Wipeout64 will ever make it to Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console?

2nd July 2007, 12:56 AM
I hope not, that would be a complete garbage controller for wipeout, although high def(kinda) and full draw distance might make it look real nice.

2nd July 2007, 03:47 AM
if it did make it then I might consider buying a Revolution (I know but Wii just sounds like a bodily function:p)

Dogg Thang
2nd July 2007, 07:31 AM
Jabberjaw, you use the classic controller or Gamecube controller for N64 games on Wi so that would work fine. I don't think the draw distance would be affected or improved but I have noticed some of the VC games are a little less blurry.

2nd July 2007, 12:09 PM
except i never use classic controllers for any wipeout :)

Dogg Thang
2nd July 2007, 03:14 PM
What do you use?

3rd July 2007, 02:25 AM
asciiwheel 64

Dogg Thang
3rd July 2007, 05:53 AM
Ah okay. Now I understand what your issue with the VC would be. That makes sense. Most people got on fine with the plain old N64 controller I'm sure.

27th July 2007, 12:45 AM
Al, do you mean the ASCII 360 controller, or an actual steering wheel type controller? Just wondering. As all I see is Madcatz wheels on Ebay generally - speaking of which has anyone tried them??

27th July 2007, 01:37 AM
No, he means the ASCII Wheel 64 (http://members.tripod.com/factor_x_williams/n64/wheel64.htm).
It's a fantastic design, I had a look at it while I was there. Reminded me a lot of the negcon in design philosophy.

27th July 2007, 03:28 AM
didn't he have 2? - I could swear I saw 2!

And neggies - yes! at least a half dozen neggies!:nod Anyway, back on topic - I use ...neggie:p and classic n64.

Woohoo - post #1,000

27th July 2007, 03:31 PM
Oh. Sigh. I don't think I have the time to search for yet another rare obsolete expensive video game controller. Loosey-goosey stick for me I guess.
Thanks for the info Task!

@dmc- you probably just saw his display collection, lol! How many in the basement?

27th July 2007, 03:34 PM
Goose egg - no basement:p

1st August 2007, 03:49 AM
Actually Al has conciderably less Negcons now after the tournament... they met their untimely demise by al's ultra super rage move.

1st August 2007, 05:49 AM
Isaac : just one Neggie has been ' crashed ' by Al ( negContender eliminated' ) and one black and white TV , Vic and I have survived ;)

1st August 2007, 06:05 AM
negContender eliminated lol

Hes broken others before though lol and mutilated some to make his "perfect" controller... its like frankincontrollers here...

1st August 2007, 06:26 AM

Hope he hasn t modified yet my new ASCII controller he offered me , damn Frank-Al-stein :p

1st August 2007, 03:36 PM


1st August 2007, 10:59 PM
I got one of these ASCII wheels a while ago, but only tested it and haven`t used it "for real". With the lever thing on the left for pitch control, the airbrakes on the wheel, it all seems pretty good for wipeout and certainly better than an N64 stick. Like a Neg, you can steer and do pitch at the same time, without crashing into the wall! Qoron IV was loads better with it. Must try to get into 64 sometime - it`s insane. Maybe a few more times on the tables could kick off some competition.....

2nd August 2007, 02:43 AM
I want to see this frankentroller:hyper

2nd August 2007, 02:55 AM
8 D You probably saw it. It was on the left, beside the fishtank. On the outside, it looks normal. On the inside though, he's rewired two of the buttons so that he could get his preferred setup. And that's just the ASCIIwheel modification!

His PSP modifications were much more obvious on the outside, there just isn't much room inside that thing to hide custom modifications. 8 )

Frankentroller indeed!

2nd August 2007, 11:59 PM
His psps have all the buttons removed.... so it can only be played on the psp2tv.

And yeah all his controllers look "normal" on the outside but have buttons rearranged so he can controll the game better. One of the controllers had the r1 and square button switched and when i used it was like wtf...


3rd August 2007, 09:57 AM
His psps have all the buttons removed.... so it can only be played on the psp2tv.. :o!!! you have a pic of that?????!

3rd August 2007, 10:27 PM

3rd August 2007, 10:32 PM
the gray thing under the screen is it where you plug in the playstation1/2 controller??! :?

3rd August 2007, 10:39 PM
thats where it plugs into the dock that has the controller port and av out

3rd August 2007, 10:43 PM

In other news:
Mr. Issac, you might want to post links to these photos before you get a talk from on of the moderators (namely Lance) - here is a 50kb limit to the size of posted photos.

3rd August 2007, 11:01 PM
Too late. Here is the talk: GRRRRRRRRRR
Isaac, read the guidelines.

3rd August 2007, 11:09 PM
Sorry my bad ; ;.

I just wanted to show arnaud and the mutilated psp >.> lol

4th August 2007, 12:47 PM
isaac, those button changes were changed in game(and the l1 and r1 button don't work)

4th August 2007, 08:28 PM
Was still confusin to use the controller >.>

10th August 2007, 02:29 AM
thx for the pic : this is definitely me :D
I nearly finished to check the unread posts and i promise to do my best taking any pics from the videos and also editing them too and put them onto youtube

10th August 2007, 12:01 PM
isaac, those button changes were changed in game(and the l1 and r1 button don't work)you mean on the ps1 controller :?
if l1 and l2 don't do the l2 and r2 work??!
I'm actually thinking of bidding on one of those things
so please let me know if there's a problem with using a psx controller on the psp! :o
thanx! http://www.geocities.com/zargz/leenden/huh.gif