View Full Version : Race tactics

21st November 2006, 12:39 AM
One of my favourite intricacies in Wip3out, only really comes into play in Rapier class (i havent reached Phantom, so i dont know there). Sometimes i'm banging it round the track, on lap 3 or 4 and im second or third, with first an easy jump away. But if you take first place to early you wont be able to hang in there for the last few laps. So you have to hang back, maybe even lose a few places, wait for the right moment and take first place on the last half-lap or so. Anyone else get this sometimes?

21st November 2006, 01:48 AM
Sadly that's more a by-product of primitive AI than anything else. The AI slow down after the first couple of laps to let you catch and pass them which, for me, kind of takes any sense of achievement out of victories against the AI.

I'm hopeful that in the future we'll have AI opponants that are up to the challenge, though - I'd rather be racing from the get-go rather than conserving myself to take advantage of them when they ease up. :)

21st November 2006, 02:19 AM
I meant more that when youre in the lead you need to be going fastest, and also that everyone behind is shooting at you, so unlike some games, being in first as early as possible is not nessecarily a good idea.