View Full Version : recorded fly over hi-fumi with icaras

5th July 2006, 09:06 PM
Hi. Like in the title (on phantom class). It's not my best fly but i beat my own race record ;) (2:18.40) .

Can be downloaded from here: http://www.mi-ku.net/w3o_se_hi_fumi_dreamerx.avi (11.2 MB)

For record I used my PC with TV Card, but I have minimal delay in video + small resolution window and I can't concentrate very well.

After recording I saw big desynchronization between video and sound - that sucks ;(

I hope You guys download this. Every opinion and criticism are welcome ;)

5th July 2006, 10:18 PM
Just watched it, that's a great video dreamerx! :)

6th July 2006, 12:03 AM
First of all congrats for your new race record, with that new time you entered top 4 :)

Ive dled your video , for a first attempt this is a good one, you definitely have a good skill on hifumi :+

In term of video i can give you few tips or comments which can help you.

1) using your system ( tv card + playing on small screen size on pc is not the best way ) congrats again for doing 2.18 in those condition of playing

last year i ve choosen that way : recording my races ( 2097) on a vhs tape ( so that you can play directly on your regular tv) and then link my vhs recorder to my pc via a capture card ( 30 euros ) but you lost in term of quality.

After changing my processor by a faster one recently i can record directly what appear on my tv screen and compress it into DVD Pal ( 720x576; 4000 kbs ; mp3 at 224 kbs ) then by the free programm called ' virtual Dub Mod i can croppe the video, cut the part i don't want, compress it by div X codec + lame mp3 for having 128 K

virtual Dub mod is cool to re sync audio & video in your case ( if you don't want to use a new solution to play more comfortably )
Get my msn adress if you want more details about how to do :)

2) héhé tips about hi fumi i have :)
those 16 sec on your race you loose on mine can be reached if you are going to the pit : at the last jump , overboost just a bit to get an high impulsion when you take off then go into your left and you can fly far over the pit and reabsorb energy , you can enter properly and at high speed the first right turn before the tunnel.
then you can cut into the tunnel too but this is harder : watch out !! the wuss wagon is ready to pick you up if you go far more outside ;)

go on fellow wiper , your first attempt was good

6th July 2006, 06:41 PM
@Zerow: Thank You :)

@Old asayyeah:
1) After changing options in VirtualDub I get pretty video without desynchronization.... but delay in video when recording exist.

I think that I must use something like "video splitter" to split video signal to the normal TV and TV card. It will be faster than recording to VHS and after copy from VHS to computer.

2) Hmm... so You are Arnaud Senand? Are You exist? ;) ZOOLANDER is Al Sartwell right?
I don't know about this "trick". I try this.

Thank You very much for all...

6th July 2006, 07:30 PM
Yes i am Arnaud :)
Al & me are truly human despite of few WZ members may think we are not !!

I agree with you my first solution i ve done last year ( with vhs tape) wasn't the best , but the result are quite good for those i have done ( have a look into the W2097 forum and watch the 'ingame videos' as well

Now i am using a capture card : very simple to plug into your pc ( pci slot ) and very cheap 20 euros. You should get this and play confortably on your TV screen, plug the cable ( s video or normal ) into your capture card , and then compress it immediately into whatever standart you may choose.
be sure to have a fast processor into your pc ( amd 3000+ or P4 3 ghz at least )

LAst solution i forgot but this is a good one cheap too : find an quite old ( 2 or 3 years ago )ATI video card all-in-wonder series : the compressing process is done by the CPU of the video card and not by your pc processor

Good luck for the trick there's so many into SE