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12th September 2005, 11:33 PM
scooped it up for a cool $18 mint in package. very jazzed about that. now my problem is i dont have anything to play it on lol. anyone have any simple/easy/cheap suggestions for how i might go about this. i'd rather not import a euro playstation but if thats what it takes then oh well. any suggestions would be appreciated though.

13th September 2005, 08:15 AM
Sorry, I've never played 3. The only one i've played is Pure. But i'm beggining to think that was a mistake. Dont you have a playstation?

13th September 2005, 03:07 PM
there are 2 ways:

1. try to get an european Playstation, it's not that hard I think.If you don't find one on ebay.com (www.ebay.com), check ebay.co.uk (www.ebay.co.uk) or ebay.de (www.ebay.de) or another european ebay site. I'm sure you will find persons who are shipping to the USA as well.
2. try an emulator.

10th October 2005, 09:19 PM
The quickest way is through emulation, though for that you may need to get a copy of a psx BIOS, which can only be acquired through certain 'means' :), *cough*..filesharing...*cough*.

The second choice is to install a modchip on a NTSC psx, or you could buy a PAL psx off ebay or some other auction site.


I forgot to say that if you want to compete with the other pilots, you'll have no choice but to buy a PAL psx.

11th October 2005, 11:38 AM
You can get also a european Playstation 2, it's easier.

12th October 2005, 01:47 AM
I forgot to say that if you want to compete with the other pilots, you'll have no choice but to buy a PAL psx.

Are you suggesting that records do not count if a chipped / modded Playstation was used to play versions from other regions?
If so that would put Arnauds recent XL records into question, as I believe they were obtained on a chipped / modded PAL playstation.
Can someone please clarify that PAL records must be obtained on a PAL Playstation, and NTSC records on a NTSC Playstation.

12th October 2005, 02:12 AM
Hum... WHAT Arnaud XL records?

Check the tables. He hasn't registered a single XL records yet.

12th October 2005, 02:21 AM
I presumed from the times Arnaud mentioned in his "my XL trip" that he had.
My apologies for my bold presumptions, and any offence that may have been caused.

12th October 2005, 02:39 AM
Oh, I see!

Well, technically he couldn't enter those on the XL tables of wipeoutzone, because mods could enter unmeasured variations in performance that might skew results.

Which doesn't stop him from crushing us all in XL as if we were slow driving 70 years old retirees on a Florida highway with our right blinkers on ;)

12th October 2005, 01:11 PM
It seems we have already talked about that at least 1 year ago. Only for those who are running XL or SE with their computer couldn't update their records into the tables due to the difficulty to find exactly the regular settings.
We have had the same discussion about my shortcuts : strictly stick-to-the-track or Free Fly
But honestly it won't be a problem for me to erase all the XL records i ve done recently.
If the majority decided that it's not fair with a modded ps, i ll be ok with their decision.

Just tell me

12th October 2005, 01:33 PM
hey now, Drak. let's not pick on Florida retirees. :D
i could be one. and was. :)
tsk. stereotyping.

hm... i wonder if there is such a thing as DolbySurroundtyping

13th October 2005, 05:47 PM
What a "mod" does is add a chip to your PSX. This little thing simply sends a signal saying that the disk in the player is legal. That's it. This can have absolutely no effect on the game performance in any measurable way (it probably has an effect at a quantum level, but who cares about that?). So playing a game on a modded playstation is no problem whatsoever.

HOWEVER! If you're not playing with a strictly legal copy of the game then there's the definite possibility that the game itself has been modified in some fashion. And if there are modifications made to that game, then any times made with it are not viable candidates for the WipeoutZone Time Tables (tm).

I don't think anybody here would promote the playing of pirated games, and being unable to enter the times from them is just another reason you should stick to strictly legit stuff.

As far as I know, that's "the word".

If anyone knows better, speak up!

13th October 2005, 05:54 PM
A-men! I have HEARD the WORD!

And the WORD is Daem...

wait a minute...

that was Reboot, nevermind

14th October 2005, 04:01 AM
Thanks for clearing that up Task.
I have a modded PAL Playstation and an original copy of Wipeout XL.
So if I get some reasonable times when I play through the game,
I can compare them to those on the XL tables.
I can now call off my search for a NTSC Playstation.