View Full Version : Anyone know what the NOWALLS, COLLIDE, and NOPAIN cheats do?

22nd June 2005, 06:27 AM
There are 3 cheat codes I can't quite figure out, but based on hints elsewhere in the executable, I can make some guesses.

It looks like you can see cheat descriptions when setting up Link Mode... but the descriptions do not show if you enter the code as a default player name.

So, the three codes that "flashed white" showing they worked, but that I could not quite figure out are:
NOWALLS - enables "Camera Mode"? --- how do you use it?
COLLIDE - enables wipEout (1) collisions?
NOPAIN - no clue, since NOFEAR is invulnerability?

The other cheat codes which I have also seen listed elsewhere on the net are:
DROIDS - fly in the rescue ships rather than normal racers
HITOMI - play the Curly end league movies
AXCEL - turn all speed pads white - serious speed boosts
CRAFTS - unlock all ships
MIRROR - enable the "Flip track on/off" menu option... lets you play your tracks in mirror image... very cool
UNLIMIT - unlimited weapons
NOFEAR - invulnerability/unlimited hyperthrust
ALLCNG - all challenges
ALLTNT - all tournaments
ALLTRACK - all circuits
PROTO - all prototype tracks
PHANTOM - unlock Phantom class

Please post any corrections or completions.
I am also curious if there are any developer access codes that could open other access into the games... like the ability to drive anywhere and look at any scenery, etc.

22nd June 2005, 09:02 AM
I have no idea untill i try them out, (and configure ePSXe...........AGAIN!!), until further notice........