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3rd June 2004, 11:52 PM

I'm confused about the 3rd and 4th prototype tracks:
the record tables on this website show :


But my uk version of wo3se, which is all english, english manual, and shows 'playstation-europe' at the back has these prototype tracks :

ls103/aw72 (got firs two by completing all medals on Venom)
ls105/gp02 (completing all medals on Rapier)
... the 4th I have not unlocked but I am guessing is ls106/gp03 ?

On my version LS101 seems to be all a long tunnel , ls 103 seems to be floating in space with a lot of arcades at the start and some 'tubes'.

LS105 is a NASCAR like oval with the 10 speed ships.

So what is ls102 and ls104 ? Which version of w3se do these appear on?

It couldnt be a name change, because the default lap time for LS105 on VECTOR class is something like 0:18: 60 and I got down to 0:17:00 myself as I am writing this, and all the record tables of all prototype tracks show a minimum of 0:30:00 lap times on this website :-? :-?

ps: those ships are weird.. seems like with 10 speed if you drop the accelerate button for even a tenth of a second you loose a LOT of speed !! And also apparently using the thrust on this track makes you loose speed, except maybe at the start of the race where you are so slow. I'm only guessing because using the thrust when you are at top speed you can actually hear the engine 'rev' (the sound pitch) going lower instead of going higher.


4th June 2004, 09:50 AM
It's probably a typo on my part, rather than an inconsistancy in the game.

Mr Sartwell could probably clarify this with all his multi versioned splendour.

4th June 2004, 11:22 AM
It's probably a typo on my part, rather than an inconsistancy in the game

But why is there no LAP times of under even 20 seconds for any of the 4 extra tracks on the record tables ? (LS105, Vector, any ship) I did a 16 second Lap time myself and I'm nowhere near Al Startwell 's times, I barely get in 9th or 10th position on some of the rankings. We're not talking about the same tracks, and there's even a post from July 2002 with someone mentioning LS105 and LS106, with no answer! Weird. ..

There's actually a mention of LS101/NP62, LS102/MQ71, LS103/AW72 and LS104/AW73 i na Wip3Out FAQ. All tracks untextured.

However on my PAL UK wip3out version the oval super-speed track LS105 is textured. Number of laps is locked at 5, even on Vector, crafts all have the same stats except for the colour which is the one from the chosen craft. This track is very addictive !

4th June 2004, 11:58 AM
Ok.. now I have checked by entering the cheat 'PROTO' , and there are 6 extra tracks ! Woot! And track GP03 is also an oval. textured, almost like a Gran Turismo track, awesome!

WIP3OUT SE Prototype tracks :

LS101/NP62 (Gold on all tracks all ships, Vector)
LS102/MQ71 ??
LS103/AW72 (Gold all/all Venom)
LS104/AW73 ??
LS105/GP02 (Gold all/all Rapier)
LS106/GP03 (only guessing ... Gold all/all Phantom)

So how is LS102 and LS104 unlocked ? Challenges ? Or maybe they moved those to the Classic mode ? (Rapier & Phantom all/all)

LS105 and LS106 are definitely missing from the record tables :wink:

5th June 2004, 04:47 PM
hi faB!

1st there was wo3 PAL then came the US version(i think)
the japs got 2 Xtra trax for the wait! 2 ovals - textured :D

these r trax 5 & 6.
on wo3se u got All of them!! 8)

5th June 2004, 10:19 PM
Thank you! Any idea of how you unlock LS102 and LS104 in Wo3SE ?

These ovals are crazy.. if you hit a ship or a wall or you just dare to release the accelerate button, you may as well restart the race! But it's very addictive :D

10th June 2004, 10:57 AM
as far as i remember when u get all medals on all classes(dont have 2b gold) u get 4of the Xtra trax
the other 2 u get by beating the challanges! all 6 of classic and wip3out!
no need for gold there either (i might b wrong thou :o ) dont think so :D

10th June 2004, 01:44 PM
ahhh. I first got all GOLD on VENOM and unlocked LS101 and LS103, so I guess that means I unlocked the VECTOR at the same time. Can't be bothered to do these with all the ships. Then I got GOLD on RAPIER and unlocked LS105. Then I got GOLD on Phantom and I didn't get anything :-? Guess I'll go through all the VECTOR medals , sigh.