View Full Version : W3:SE on Connetix VGS

3rd January 2004, 07:11 AM
Does anyone know if its possible to play this game on Connetix Virtual Game Station? I know it is capable of playing PAL games, but beyond that I'm not sure.


3rd January 2004, 10:40 AM
I suppose it would be a BIOS image problem. I think, that if it's capable of playing PAL games, it has a BIOS that's European. The solution to me would be to dl some Japanese, or American BIOS images (weights about 500 kb each), and configure the emulator once again.
But that's only my opinion, I don't guarantee that it will work, but it's worth to try, I guess.

PS. I lately have a problem with lauching games with ePSXe (there's this problem with ASPI driver, don't understand what exactly is this thing [apart the fact, that is has something to do with CD-Burning apps]. I copied the ASPI.dll from Nero Program Files, to the directory in ePSXe files but still - It doesn't work.) And one more thing - I run with Win XP Pro. I Would appreciate any help.