View Full Version : Van-Uber available with a european disc!?!

14th February 2021, 08:28 PM
Hi all!
So, a guy located in Great Britain just sent me a video where he showed me that he started the disc version of Omega Collection (I could see the disc symbol) and in the game menu he could select the Van-Uber team in the ship selection menu! He also showed me a photo of the game cover and it indeed was a european version of the game.

So, does anyone have an explanation on how this is possible? In Europe Van-Uber was a digital exclusive download so it should not be possible to select it with the disc version. I'm quite puzzled. :blarg


I'm pretty sure we managed to solve this. Apparently he had previously purchased the digital version on another PS4 but using his personal account. This means that he had the digital version of the game in his download list in PS Store. So his account had purchased the digital version and that is why Van-Uber was available to him in the game.

Blocking Van-uber for the disc version of the game was such a weird move from Sony.

15th February 2021, 08:57 PM
Hi multibodydynamics!

I played the promo code disc version of the game and yes i have too Van-Uber ship but on early days of the game i had buy it on digital version.
After a while, i played promo disc on newer account and same again i have Van-Uber :)

16th February 2021, 04:14 PM
Interesting. Perhaps the promo disc is different. Have you compared files with the final disc version? It would be nice if there is a difference.

16th February 2021, 04:43 PM
No difference.
This game is as first ever patch without update, without VR like digital on early days. :)
Final build i think so :)
i have also Chinese Omega Retail disc and Van Uber not exist.

18th February 2021, 09:25 AM
I bought the Steel Tin disc version that was released in Australia and Van Uber isn't on it [usually Australian PS games are identical to those in the UK as the AUS PStore is a mirror of the UK one, so uses he exact same DLC]
Van Uber was only available here if you bought the download version from the PStore.

I ended up downloading Omega when it was a free PS+ game and got Van Uber that way.