View Full Version : New Unoffical release date Thursday 29th OCT

19th October 2020, 11:34 PM
R8 haven't officially announced a release date yet, but it has appeared as 29th OCT release on Steam a few hours ago.
I told you you wouldn't have much longer to wait....9 days to go, finally!


The guys at the PACER discussion forum on Steam were all wondering why release on a Thursday.....PStore update day of course :D

Pico de Goroh
19th October 2020, 11:46 PM
Normally I'd wait for reviews before grabbing a new game from an unkown studio, but since it's a cross-platform AG racer, I think I'll have quite a bit of fun with it online even if I don't fall in love the tracks and mechanics.

20th October 2020, 08:48 AM
Online play will not be cross-platform. At least not at launch. And given R8Games' track record, I wouldn't count on it being patched in ever.

20th October 2020, 10:09 AM
I don't think cross platform was the intent except maybe with PC / XBOX giving Sony reluctance to be a apart of it.

I just had a look and see there is only a grand total of 10 games that are full cross platform with PC/XBOX and PS4, so it not really surprising that a small developer like R8 might not have it.

The records will be amalgamated to shown all platforms though.

Pico de Goroh
20th October 2020, 05:21 PM
Oh.... I thought I had read that somewhere. Well that sucks. Going to be very hard to develop three small separate online communities.

20th October 2020, 08:56 PM
R8 have already set up 3 separate DISCORD channels for PACER, one for each platform.

I set up a PS4 PACER community several months ago when the name changed from Formula Fusion, which currently has 60 members at last count, which isn't bad for a game that hasn't been released yet, so interest is there.

This goes for anybody reading this, Just do a search in the community section on the PS4 for the PACER AG RACING GROUP community and join up if you feel like it.

I've also being trying to cross pollinate so to speak, interest from other Wipeout pilots from some of the other PS4 communities like Wipeout Veterans, Wipeoutzone obviously, Wipeout Omega Pack, AG RACING LEAGUE etc.

There is interest is out there, but all the false starts haven't helped keeping that interest TBH, hopefully things will perk up once people realize PACER is actually available to play.

Now R8 don't have longer than a week leadout time to have PACER on preorder till PACER is available at the PStore, or anywhere else for that matter, including their own PACER website, isn't going to help, they wanted to use that Preorder availability to advertise the game.

If PACER is made available for Preorder at the PStore is not known yet, I guess we'll have to check when the PStore gets updated again tomorrow, I hope so for R8's sake.