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20th December 2018, 03:58 PM
Hello, I played a lot of Wipeout HD on PS3 and I still play it sometimes. I've just purchased a PS4 and I'm really interested in buying Wipeout Omega (I've never played 2048 and I'd like to compete online). But I need some informations first! Can you help me?

1- Is this game still alive online? Will I find online matches easily? (i'm really interested in multiplayer)

2- Should i buy a physical copy (20 in my country) or digital one (14 on PS store)? Is there any advantage/disadvantage? (it can seem a dumb question but i am extremely new to PS4 world!)

3- I play on a 1080p monitor: will it run smoothly on a PS4 slim? Are there disadvantages against PS4 Pro players? (more frame rates, etc...)

Thank you for the attention!

20th December 2018, 08:52 PM
Hey I guess I'll hjack your thread as I have a similar question.

I'm totally new to the PS4. I Played 2097 and Wip3Out Special Edition to hell and back and thought I'd buy myself a present =)

Same questions #2 and #3.

Additionally, is there a "nose cam" view in Omega Collection?

I haven't watched this thoroughly yet, I'm not sure it answers question 3:

WipEout Omega Collection: PS4/Pro/PS3/Vita - Graphics Comparison + Frame-Rate Test (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy8HjqHOe1Y)

- - - Updated - - -

Somewhat addressing #1


Trying to answer #3 based on this video above:

- "the main difference is resolution, visuals are mainly the same"
- PS4 = native 1080p with some kind of 4xAA
- PRO adds true 4K resolution + HDR
- "even on demanding circuits with lots of weapons, NEITHER console buckles from 60 FPS" "rock solid on BOTH ps4 machines, with vsync always engaged"

Annoyingly the video compares PS4 Pro with Vita, so it doesn't clarify whether things like "global illumination" or full shadows are also on the PS4

It isn't clear if the textures are also the highest res on the PS4 version.

If I understand correctly, Pro on a 1080p means you have "downsampling" 4K is downsampled to 1080p, which should be an improvement also on a 1080p screen.. however I doubt it's noticeable in this type of game (not like you're gonna pause and take screenshots as you would in Skyrim).

My hunch is I'll get the PS4 Slim.

20th December 2018, 10:50 PM
2- Should i buy a physical copy (20 in my country) or digital one (14 on PS store)? Is there any advantage/disadvantage? (it can seem a dumb question but i am extremely new to PS4 world!)

2- Depends if you like physical copies, most of us here do, as we are hardcore WipEout fans. The different case designs are pretty cool at that! No real disadvantage getting the physical copy, youll just have to download the update before you can play, but youd have to download the full game from the PSN anyway if you bought the digital version. And given the small price difference, Id definitely go for the physical copy.

21st December 2018, 03:51 AM
It plays absolutely fluid in every scenario on a PS4slim, and i would recommend the digital version, cause you'll get an extra ship (Van Uber)! The online is pretty much dead nowadays, which is a shame...if you plan to get a PSVR some day, you'll have an absolute 'killer application' with Omega collection!!!!!

21st December 2018, 09:17 AM
To answer the OP directly:

1) - unfortunately, not really. There are still people playing, but it's either kids fooling around in combat mode or the hardest of the hardcore racers on HD Phantom. It will be difficult to find a good entry-level race, especially in wipEout 2048 (I still don't understand why everyone plays the - in my opinion less suited to multiplayer - wipEout HD/fury)

2) - if you like things sitting on your shelf, or if you enjoy having to put things into things to switch games, then yes. Otherwise please get the digital copy, it's cheaper AND you get an extra ship.

3) - YES it will run buttery smooth on 1080p. NO, no disadvantage at all against PS4PRO - UNLESS you have a 4K TV or want to try the absolutely, mindblowingly amazing PSVR mode, in which case YES, a PS4SLIM will give out a lower res image. No difference in framerate though.

Hope that helps and see you online maybe! :hyper

22nd December 2018, 06:58 PM
Talking about resolution differences between Pro and Slim/Fat, has anybody played with PSVR on both to have a comparison? Is the difference like really visible, or a minor one?

23rd December 2018, 12:06 AM
@Revo: Your brain does the upscaling for you ;) This is no joke!
Everyone was telling me 'you'll see the pixel grid...blah, blah', but VR is so intense, that you won't notice any pixel structure.
I'll wait for PS5 to arrive before i upgrade, cause it'll be much more powerful than a PRO is. It'll be 100% backwards compatible to PS4/PRO/PSVR for sure.

28th December 2018, 10:04 PM
Talking about resolution differences between Pro and Slim/Fat, has anybody played with PSVR on both to have a comparison? Is the difference like really visible, or a minor one?

Only certain tracks, and only on a very few points on those tracks, do you have any perceivable difference when using a PSVR via a PS4 or PS4Pro, it's the resolution of the PSVR that is the limiting factor, the Omega Pack is probably the best looking and Playing PSVR game available ATM, and I have most of them to compare it against.

When playing on a 4K TV the differences are easier to see, but it depends on your point of view if the 4K PSPRO version is better or not [not cockpit view by the way], sure it looks more detailed, but the main difference is that if the P4Pro detects a 4K TV it will tell the TV to switch to the REC2020 colour space, which is a extended range colour space, on a standard PS4 it would be the REC709 colour space, also when that colour space is engaged it will tell the TV to use the max brightness available to it's HDR pre-programmed limit, this brightness limit varies depending on the TV Type [LCD/LED,QLED or OLED] and the TV manufacturers use of a process called 'Tone Mapping' [It's a marketing Spec war with brightness level, don't believe the hype]

Anyway, what this leads to is the brightest parts of the game can appear blindingly bright, things like explosions of Bombs, Mines, rockets etc can really disorientate you with this bright flash.....fine, they are haphazard events during gameplay.
Where this brightness becomes an annoyance, and this only seems to happen is racing games because you are constantly going past the same places multiple times, is where track design has placed a bright scene or object that blinds you every time you pass it, the Sunset on the first turn of HD's Vineta K forward being a prime example, it's like driving home from work every afternoon and not having a sun visor you can flip down.

On TRUE 4K action / RPG's the PS4Pro really shines on a 4K TV, and if you have it set up correctly [amazing how many people just plug in and hope for the best without going into the TV or PS4Pro's settings], games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Destiny 2, Far Cry 5 etc the extended colour space and brightness really makes things seem more realistic if the game builders have used it well.

There are a few games being released that are saying they are 4k but actually aren't, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fallout 76 being two, this is NOT doing the gaming industry any favors, and I hope they get their arses sue'd for false advertising.
False HDR on Fallout 76
Red Dead Redemption 2 analysis

How it should be done...Destiny 2 4K analysis.

30th December 2018, 04:48 PM
My Samsung QLED says it uses BT.1886 for non HDR and ST.2084 for HDR content...this is on standard PS4 btw. Im not sure if it's the same for XBOX1X, but i'll let you know the next time i'll power on the 1X...

edit: I love it to play with HDR on, it seems to make the virtual worlds more believable. Bathurst on Forza 7 (4K/HDR) has an 'invisible' corner nearly at the end of a lap (fastest part of the lap, the right hand side corner before the last chicane). When played with HDR off, the corner is very visible from miles away. GT-Sport is very awesome as well with HDR active, but not as good as Forza 7...

5th January 2019, 11:54 PM
Bt1886 is a Gamma setting, it's a combination Gamma that is designed specifically for Flatscreen TV's and Monitors, it starts at a low 2.2 gamma [so you get detail is the darkest Blacks] and then does a gently curve upward to around 2.4/2.5 gamma [which gives the image more punch and color saturation]......Ironically I calibrated my TV to BT1886 at Xmas, it was previously calibrated to a flat power Gamma of 2.2 across all IRE's [IRE's are different points of a 21 point Grey scale] which gave great detail across the board, but the picture lacked punch.

Your Samsung would still use the REC709 colour space for standard HD.

Using ST.2084 colour space for HDR is a bit different, most use REC.2020, although there isn't much difference between the two as NO TV on the market can reproduce the whole spectrum that either of those specs cover, either way, I expect your TV still uses BT1886 Gamma for HDR.
Although if you playback a 4K HDR movie via a 4K disc player, I suspect if you checked your TV's settings, it would read NATIVE in the colour space rather than ST.2020.

NATIVE means it's allowing the manufactures brightness limits of the screen via the way it's implemented 'Tone Mapping', which is basically similar to a electronic version of how digital projectors use a iris in front of the lens to open up or close down, depending on how bright the scene is, in the attempt to increase contrast.

Each manufacturer use of 'Tone Mapping' differs, it depends on the TV type [LCD/LED, OLED, QLED ] Samsung tend to 'Let it Rip' so to speak, and allow for a VERY bright image, especially in the highlights.
Since they don't make OLED screens they can get away with it, as QLED screen can be inherently brighter, although I'm not sure just how long that much light output will stay that way, or if it will cause premature failure of the TV's panels?

There really needs to be a "standard" for screen brightness, there isn't currently, as most of the newest TV screens realistically come in around the 600nit mark when measured [Plenty bright enough unless your in a open plan room with heaps of sunlight flooding the room], 1000 nits is the most realistic "standard" to set ............10,000nits is sort to equivalent of being outside in bright sunlight.
It would give you eye ache I think if you watched a 1000nit screen in a darkened room for any length of time.

Hopefully Dolby Vision and/ or HDR-10+ encoding of 4K HDR material will stop the madness which results with some scenes seeming too dark and others too bright
With current Bluray/4K discs, which only tell the TV/Disc player at the beginning of the program what the MAX brightest level will be for the entire movie will be, and Gamma will remain what your TV is set at, those encoded with Dolby Vision/HDR-10+ on 4k HDR material, tells the TV/Disc player what the MAX brightness/change of gamma, should be for each scene in the movie the director decides, quite a few people who own gear from manufacturers that are going to support the free to use HDR-10+ codec have been getting HDR-10+ software updates on their 4K disc players and TV's .
Dolby Vision is a paid license, so I doubt people will be getting that for free.

I have some 4K UHD calibration Test Patterns, as you can't use standard ones to calibrated 4K UHD, one of them is a 10,000 nit one, I asked my 4K disc player to play it just out of interest sake to see what would happen.....it span for a while 'thinking about it', then sort of said 'No way' and shut itself down, telling the TV to do the same, it was a WTF! moment where I though I had blown both the disc player and TV.

1st June 2019, 07:21 PM
I'll wait for PS5 to arrive before i upgrade, cause it'll be much more powerful than a PRO is. It'll be 100% backwards compatible to PS4/PRO/PSVR for sure.

Wait. What? When?

2nd June 2019, 11:27 AM
no official date for now, but i'll guess around the end of 2020 we'll get the 5...

9th June 2019, 01:57 AM
hmmm... I missed out on the PS4 because I decided to give wipeout a break, and get my life back on track. Gave up many things to be real honest.

But I think I will indulge in a little PS5 if they release w'o" on it.

15th July 2019, 02:08 AM
As for OP, there is Wipeout 2048 content and two ships Tigron and Van-Uber, though don't count on an expansion happening. Think the devs just walked away after they made a remaster release. Bit of a disappointment because had they released an expansion, then the game would've lived a little longer, at least.