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14th May 2018, 11:49 PM
By guessing/estimating, I'd say the Feisar Prototype has a top speed of 130/100 units from the ship selection menu. That is some pretty ridiculous speed. Before I made level 50, I was anxious to unlock the Piranha Prototype, thinking it'll be even faster. It isn't. It's probably 110/100 units.

On another topic, which is slightly related, why are the Protype ship stats inaccurate? Every stat is at 50 except for the ship's specialty. It's odd that all the standard ships have accurately labeled stats except the prototypes.

15th May 2018, 04:52 PM
Cracks knuckles :D

So the Feisar prototype is not completely superior to the Pir-hana prototype (from here I'll use the team names but I am referring to the prototypes), not saying that because I am a arrogant Piranha/Pir-hana fanboy (but I am a Piranha fanboy ;) ) but because after running a few experiments I have witnessed first hand how fast the Pir-hana can be.

If I could put it into stats:
The Feisar is 115-120 at maximum speed
The Pir-hana is 110 speed

The reason I think why people see the Pir-hana as disappointing when they finally unlock it is because of the difficulty in learning how to fly it, plus the reward for mastering it isn't that significant when comparing it to its rival; the Feisar.
Past WO games have had a final ship (2097/64, WO3, Fusion) where it was difficult to use but the reward for mastering it was enormous. Of course I am referring to the Piranha 666/swiftkiller ships and WO3's Icaras, it took a lot to master them but they were without a doubt the most rewarding ships to fly because they were so bloody fast :D

But 2048 has kinda flipped that on its head as the game has bad ship balance overall, look at the AG-SYS speed in A+ class and you'll know what I am talking about.

The Pir-hana has a lower top speed and bad handling because that higher maximum speed is consistent, whereas the Feisar has to reach that top speed first and maintain it carefully, but because of the fact it can be lowered the devs gave it a higher top speed to compensate. I think this is what they had in mind when designing the two so they can counteract each other under normal play with these types of playstyle. They're both high risk, high reward in their own unique ways.

But the problem is that a lot of the tracks and shortcuts don't cater to low handling ships and the weapons in 2048 are very weak which is exacerbated by the longer tracks. So by game design the Pir-hana is at a disadvantage unlike the Feisar which is where the core problem lies, and since people want easy handling and fast ships, its easy to see why the Pir-hana is seen as disappointing. I feel like Studio Liverpool didn't plan for the Pir-hana to be as unfavourable as it is right now though and possibly may have either buffed the Pir-hana or nerfed the Feisar if they wanted to, but I can't say for sure.


Under the right conditions and with an excellent pilot the Pir-hana can give the Feisar a run for its money:


As for the stats, well in 2048 on vita the prototypes didn't even have a stats bar so I guess Xdev? Clever beans? EPOS? (one of those three) had to make up something. But yeah we all know they're super inaccurate, AG-SYS prototype has 60 shield compared to the speeds 30? LIES!! lol :D

Anyway I hope I don't sound like I'm trying to be arrogant or the "I know everything and you're wrong guy" (they're the worst), but I am a little passionate about this topic as I love Piranha and the prototype. Just wanted to share my thoughts: Feisar prototype > Pir-hana prototype at the end of the day, but I will always argue that :lol

16th May 2018, 09:07 AM
The difference [at different stages of a lap] is obvious.....why that is , is also obvious.
With one craft you tend to use Side-Shifts far more often, and far earlier in the lap than the other.

I don't know if you are familiar with PhaetonPL testing years ago, that found that using side shift's ONLY, instead of ANY steering, resulted in a faster time.

So it's only logical that if you use side shifting more with one craft than another, and also kept steering to a minimum, the craft that had used less steering would end up leading.