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16th December 2017, 07:14 PM
I noticed that game critics have criticized the Wipeout Omega Collection for its lack of new content being added, so one can only hope that the devs of XDev and Cool Beans are checking it out. If any, I do have track suggestions for them to upgrade them to full HD/4K like the tracks done their makeovers from the Fury DLC release, not just the original HD. And don't wanna add too much for them, either:


-De Konstruct
-Gemini Dam
-Vostok Reef
-Blue Ridge
-Citta Nuova
-Khara Descent

And a new zone track, Karbonis V, as an homage from its reappearance from Wipeout Pure as a Zone track.

Features and Modes:

-Two Zone-ified skins Tigron and Van-Uber for Zone Battle, Zone and Detonator
-Countdown (timed or lapped, players in last place are eliminated and the last player standing wins; being eliminated from inflicting damage by weapons still count)
-Regenerative shield for Pure Racing so it could be fair game
-Cockpit view, each having their own HUDs from different ships
-Allow players to listen their own songs without Spotify (as Spotify is apparently restricted only in the US)

Hope the guys at XDev and Cool Beans take into consideration in giving the Omega COllection its very first official DLC! :+

17th December 2017, 12:37 AM
But why turn this content into a freaking DLC when it would provide a great fundation for an entirely new game, which we’ve all been yearning for, both players and actors of the industry?

It would be a huge wasted opportunity. Your ideas of content are great, but they need to be a new game, NOT a DLC.

17th December 2017, 09:09 AM
As much i want a DLC i think it's best that sony works on a new game for now. As for what critics said, it has always been advertised as a remaster. Nowadays, most remasters just increases the resolution and frame rate and that's all. Omega offered QoL features, 2 new ships, improved textures, 1080/60 fps 2048 & some annoying bug fixes.

I do wish they did make the 4 zone tracks playable in SR, TT & SL, as they work perfectly in HD but just needs textures, 2048 reversible tracks & the white skin ship from 2048 zone to work on all game modes in 2048

17th December 2017, 09:33 AM
I'd personally prefer that if they made a new game, it'd consist of entirely new tracks. The HD Fury ones are great, but they're 10-12 years old already.

17th December 2017, 11:40 AM
I want a change of pace. We are stuck in these FX350 and 400 days for years now...

17th December 2017, 04:56 PM
Yeah we really need a new title. I don't want Pure and Pulse's content to become the next The Elder Rehash Skyrim. They're exhausted.

18th December 2017, 08:33 AM
Hopefully the success of Omega Collection has granted XDEV and Clever Beans the go-ahead to make a new title!

I also think that's why the online somewhat died after like a month or two, cause the novelty of the two new teams just kinda wore off, what with the rest of the old content still being there.

18th December 2017, 01:06 PM
I also think that's why the online somewhat died after like a month or two, cause the novelty of the two new teams just kinda wore off, what with the rest of the old content still being there.

PS plus is a reason it died faster & a confusing online set up when having a non EU version of the game.

The online back on PS3 & vita was 100% free. You have not much new paying 50 euro yearly The only difference in omega online VS PS3 is better netcode, vita vs ps4 is racebox, but it's not like netcode really matters in this game too much. Also, 2048 never had a real online on the vita, everyone complained about it back in the vita version. CB added a racebox option in online, not many played it still. According to the leaderboards, only 41k players played the game online. Now if you compare it to first leaderboard that has 232k players, that means only 17.70% played the game online at least once. That is really really low. Even back at release month when it was really active, it was still around 20%~ range

Also, most people who bought plus most likely bought it to play their favorite games online (CoD, GTA, rocket league, destiny etc) Wouldn't be surprised if people didn't want to spend their plus days on WO.

Thank god steam is free to play online lol

18th December 2017, 10:25 PM
Ill take some new tracks, all the leftover tracks from pure and pulse would be great, an ultimate edition. Then move on to a new game

26th December 2017, 06:24 PM
Hey, you know what they should bring back as DLC? That scrapped Zombie Mode made for 2048.



26th December 2017, 07:47 PM
I guess that's why unity square is in night time then. Would been cool if they finished that mode, a much better choice than combat, which doesn't really fit in 2048 imo

Hybrid Divide
26th December 2017, 09:36 PM
As nice as DLC for Omega would be, the dev's time is better spent on a new game at this point.

That said, the upcoming VR mode is a generous gift indeed, and could be the foundation of a new WipEout game already!

30th December 2017, 04:52 AM
You have to be honest about this VR update.
The Omega Pack was 'Remastered' in the hope people would upgrade their PS4's to the Pro model.....maybe some did, I suspect a lot didn't...who knows or cares TBH.

The VR update would have to be put in the same category, to sell VR headsets......In this particular instance, I suppose it was enough of a temptation for me to bite the bullet and get one... BUT would I had there been no announcement of Omega Pack VR ?
Probably NOT.

But by the same token, I recently upgraded my TV to a 4K HDR one......well anybody that know me and my spending habits would know I would want to make the best use of it, so a PS4 Pro HAD to be got as a priority, as I already had PS4 Pro enhanced games, and wanted to see if it really was worth it....Generally, YES [ If you have Horizon Zero Dawn ...Jaw droppingly Good]

Unfortunately for my bank balance, once one upgrade happens, there tends to be a trickle on effect, and yet more gear is updated /acquired, thankfully this affliction only seems to occur every 5 to 6 years.

The whole problem with upgrading this stuff is the disc storage it takes up for these PRO enhanced games, they average at 90GB with install each.....work it out, it doesn't take long to fill a 1tb HD, and you are going to want them to get the best out of the gear you have just bought, otherwise, what was the point of buying it?..... it's a vicious cycle, which has cost me nearly 75% the cost of a PS4 Pro again, to get a 8tb HD to store the games on.....there's a reason I got the BIG one, and that's because the PS4 WON'T allow you to have multiple USB 3 external HD's.....Only ONE !

It will reject any attempt to format a second external HD.....so, you might as well get the biggest one you can if you are going to use a external HD, which I think everybody is going to have to do at one stage, at least until the PS5 or some other system update fixes the problem.

I hope there is a some DLC that comes along with this.....I suspect some sort of update to the menu to allow VR viewing of craft, Like GT Sport, will happen....well I should hope so....it will be a bit of a lack luster release if there isn't.

22nd January 2018, 06:03 PM
Zombie mode would be awesome!
Instead of extra content,I would like waiting years until they make a new WO game

31st January 2018, 05:24 PM
I dunno guys. Considering the name of this game includes the word "Omega" I'm not expecting much in terms of a new WO game. That said a new WO game would be great but I'm honestly not expecting anything. Same things goes for DLC. I'd love to see DLC for the game. Tracks from older games, long lost teams, etc. I'm down for anything that keeps WO going. Here's hoping the Omega collection isn't the "end" of WO.

1st February 2018, 01:31 AM
Considering the name of this game includes the word "Omega" I'm not expecting much in terms of a new WO game.

That’s an absurd and far-fetched thing to assume.

1st February 2018, 04:13 PM
Geez… Are you always so disrespectfully dismissive of other people’s comments? There’s nothing “absurd” or “far-fetched” to posit one shouldn’t be too hopeful in expecting a new WO game after a remaster basically called WO “End” Collection is released.

Fact is we enjoy playing a niche game with limited appeal. Sony knows this which is likely why we haven’t gotten a new WO game since 2012 and is probably part of the reason why SL was closed (I know I’m speculating here). As awesome as WO is it doesn’t pull in the best sales numbers as other racing games like Gran Turismo. Also this past E3 and PSX saw nothing new on the WO front expect for VR for Omega.

I remember reading years ago that SL had been spent 12-18 months working on a WO game for PS4 when they were closed by Sony. So there’s always hope, but I’m personally not expecting any new WO game on PS4. We’re already 4-5 years into PS4 and nothing new for WO has come out. Anything new would be a super welcome surprise though.

2nd February 2018, 05:17 AM
I wasn’t being disrespectful.
It’s just that to think an editor will base their business choices on anything else than profitability of a particular asset is ludicrous.
If WipEout racks in money or helps to promote another product that racks in money, then you can be sure they’ll announce a "WipEout Alpha: Next Generation/Revolution/Forever".

F-Zero fans have been waiting for much, much longer, and the future isn’t looking bright for them. At least we have a franchise that’s very much alive at the moment (as opposed to "on life support").

4th February 2018, 10:54 PM
Comparing WipEout and Gran Turismo is kinda eh (avoiding all words that could offend you).
Both are racing games, but of completetly different subgenres, hence the amount of people giving it a try is much different.
Furthermore they aren't really rival franchises...

6th February 2018, 05:41 AM
Well Grand Turismo sport had been boasting about VR capabilities prior to going on sale, but sadly VR implementation is a bit of a disappointment for a lot of people who bought it for this feature, even after two big updates, the VR portion of the game is still exactly the same, as in limited to two lap races against a single AI in arcade mode.
I suppose Polyphony are getting numbers from Sony on how many people who own GT Sport are actually using a VR headset, and they are basing future VR updates on when it reaches a predefined mass before those updates are given the go ahead.

Which makes me wonder, if after Polyphony has had so much time to build the VR portion for GT Sport and has only come out with what it has to date, if VR on the Omega pack will work when playing online?
If it does, will a standard PS4 be up for it, or will those with a PS4 pro be getting a much better experience.

I'm guessing the VR update will be released around the week or fortnight before the HD/FURY /2048 PS3/VITA servers close down, it would seem the best for Sony, impact wise, as a lot of people will be thinking of Wipeout one way or another over that time period

7th February 2018, 09:02 PM
Ill take some new tracks, all the leftover tracks from pure and pulse would be great, an ultimate edition. Then move on to a new game

I agree 100%. In fact just the other day I posted this as a suggestion over at the official Playstation Forum. And if it means the studios involved get to move on and make a new game, I'd even pay for WOC expansion content. Fingers crossed.