View Full Version : [Help] To anyone with a Photocopier/Scanner and the Classic Sleeve

Xander Ze iTec
2nd September 2017, 01:03 PM
After buying the classic sleeve for my collection, I wondered what it would look like if it was an actual PS1 game case. But i lack a Photocopier or anything similar to get a high res image,

I've bought a PS1 Longbox Case and have a ton of regular Square cases, The idea is to Photoshop the photo to fit a Longbox case.

So, if anybody has a Scanner or a Photocopier
It would be amazing if they get a hires image of the front and back of the classic sleeve

(Hopefully it doesn't require cutting)

And if anyone remembers SolarFire (That one tourney i made that nobody joined XD)
I will be reviving that for omega collection, HD only though.