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23rd August 2017, 11:53 AM
I've just come home from work and see FF has a new game update, which I have yet to download and install myself yet.
Here's a list taken from the Steam site telling what the changes are.

UPDATE 1.1.176 (22/08/17)
23 August - GotSomePills
New stuff:

Lobby overhaul:
Can now access skin builder in lobby.
Host can now change game settings from the lobby.
UI has been reworked slightly to accomodate new options.
Fixed a couple of performance issues when looking at other players.
New Help section, containing various short tutorial videos to help new players understand the core mechanics of the game and its UI.
Mirrored track variants for both Forward, Reverse, Night & Day.
Added support for DLC skins (looking at you Kickstart & Test Pilots!)
Added black backdrop for settings menu to help readability.
Added slipstreaming!
Spectator Mode now displays a HUD for the player you're viewing or basic info in cinematic mode.
New tether animation effect.
New toggle interface in track selection screen for variants.
New TDR skins.
Community music pack.
New weapon behaviour cards for each weapon.
Tech Credits are now displayed in the main menu.


Increased the max allowed distance from the track.
Updated incompatibilities on weapon cards.
Craft Death Sequence has recieved a slight make-over.
Updated a couple of card descriptions in the Garage.
New sky boxes in some tracks to be more efficient.
Added L3 and R3 icons for the remap menu.
The Beast's difficulty has been slightly lowered.
Added static images to the track select menu, no more black boxes!
Improved AI behaviour to be much more dynamic.
Removed a couple of boostpads on Atlas Torres.
Mine base damage reduced from 30 to 15.
Cluster Bomb base damage increased from 8 to 12.
Increased Sabre's top speed by 6km/h.
Increased Dragon's base acceleration.
Increased Dragon's top speed by 12km/h.
Increased Vixen's base acceleration.
Increased Vixen's top speed by 6km/h.
Increased Vixen's BOOST effect.
craft respawn time lowered from 5s to 2.5s
Mouse cursor is now hidden when controller is being used.
Music selection has been moved to the settings menu.

Bug fixes:

Fixed an issue causing the arrows on track textures to be displayed the wrong way round.
Fixed an issue causing Mannahatta's track texture to be miscoloured.
Fixed a bug that prevented ghost crafts being rendered in Time Trial.
Fixed some performance issues in El Muro's environment.
Fixed some performance issues in Atlas Torres.
Fixed an issue which caused incompatible cards for weapons to be shown in slot 2.
Fixed a performance issue when networked clients crafts were destroyed.
Fixed a performance issue which affected most of the weapon particle systems.
Fixed an issue which caused some particle systems to be CPU reliant instead of GPU.
Fixed a performance issue in Freeway.
Fixed a performance issue with the clouds in Atlas Torres.
Fixed an issue which was preventing Mannahatta's rain to be displayed correctly.
Fixed an issue which would cause performance problems for a Host when a player left a race early.
Dragon & Voxel Garuda skin and trail now display the correct icons.
Fixed an issue which caused the in-game settings menu to not render correctly.
Fixed an issue which caused the destruction camera to not follow the craft correctly when playing as a client in multiplayer.
Fixed an issue which caused the card selection window to glitch out when using a controller and the mouse cursor was hovering over the element.
Fixed an issue which caused the game to crash after completing the tournament with The Beast.
Fixed an issue which caused the game to crash after completing any campaign event after scoring Gold in every event.
Fixed a performance issue in the sparks particle effect.
Fixed a performance issue with the Gauss Cannon particle effect.
Fixed a bug which prevented loading screens from showing when joining lobbies with a password.
Removed some misplaced kill zones in Midtown Trafik.
Fixed an issue with the Python wallriding on Fiyah! Fury.
Fixed an issue that caused tournaments to say 0/6 events completed regardless of progress.
"Homebound" by Kraedt now plays the correct track instead of playing "Sound Of Speed" by Some Primate.
Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash under cetain criteria for spectators.
Fixed a bug which caused the camera to snap to the wrong orientation on a section of Midtown.
Fixed a bug which prevented loading screens from displaying correctly for clients when returning to the Lobby.
Fixed a bug which sometimes caused the results screen to hang around in the lobby for clients.
Fixed an issue which sometimes caused energy bolts to attach to the player which fired them when using a sticky upgrade.
Fixed a bug which would sometimes crash the host when a player left a multiplayer game during a race.

Known Bugs:

Spectator mode UI goes a bit strange sometimes when a race finishes.

EDIT: I have just downloaded this update, have yet to test anything.
OH! The Promised skins for those on the TPP or Kickstarter programs.
Don't hold your breath in being stunned with the pathetic skins you receive.....TPP get some lame dull Orange striping.

Also the designers Republic skins seem very washed out, as in something wrong in the reproduction [possibly same for TPP skins]