View Full Version : What happend to Ubermall?

19th August 2017, 03:46 AM
i know it's a bit late but i wanted to create this thread anyway

Ubermall in omega collection looks worse than PS3 version, on omega the sky is very dark, and the sun is shining like what? on vita version, the sky is same as PS3 version

the colors on the track are different than PS3 version, it has this light green or blue color on the track, it's grey on PS3

PS3 version of ubermall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfVP3l5srA8

Omega version of Ubemall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn7V7m39Or4

Every track in Omega's hd fury is a good improvement over the PS3 version except ubermall

so yeah, what happend to ubermall? :(

19th August 2017, 04:45 AM
yeah, i noticed that too, but it's not just UBERMALL, on every track there's at least one part that looks more 'blocky' than on PS3! and it has a lot of 'stairs' effects, which wasn't so visible on PS3. but the most annoying part is the different gameplay, it's very noticable on ZONE mode. on PS3 i could easily reach 140 on SYNCOPIA with d-pad every time, but maybe 120 with stick. now on PS4 i can barely reach 130 with stick, but with d-pad it's a 120 at best. so now there's definitively an advantage for stick-players over d-pad users, which wasn't the case on PS3!

19th August 2017, 06:04 AM
stick has always been a advantage over dpad even on ps3 version, but its pretty much only on zone/phantom

to do smooth tight lines on phantom/A+ you need to use stick

dpad is terrible to me on modern WipEout's, performing BR's makes the ship twitchy while performing it

19th August 2017, 09:40 AM
Ubermall looks like the floor is toxicated lol. And the colour scheme of the sun doesnt make sense as well. It is way to high to have a colour of a dusk. The only explaination would be imo, that the air quality is as bad as the one of Beijing, where the particles of the smog breaks the beam of light more than "normal" air does.idk though, why the developer would want that, lol.

Gameplay wise i really hate how double speedpads behave now. On PS3, they were like one powerful single pad providing you one homogeneous, powerful thrust. However, here you get two normal thrusts which dusturb that roll on sebenco climb downhill.
there is something else different but idk what it is. All i know is that it affects barrel rolling. I am brave enough to claim that the quadruple roll on vineta k is NOT possible on PS3. I really would ask you, JF, to check that out.

19th August 2017, 09:50 AM
stick has always been a advantage over dpad even on ps3 version...

but that is not true, why could i reach all my zone highscores with d-pad, but really sucked with the stick? same goes for phantom, d-pad is playable, stick is a pain in the ass at least 4 me.
on PS4 both input methods suck compared to PS3, but stick is more easy now compared to d-pad, it's complicated...

21st August 2017, 02:26 PM
I think stick vs d-pad is just a matter of preference and what's more comfortable to the player. I use the D-dap because it's more comfortable and natural for me. I tried getting used to stick but couldn't. Just doesn't work for me.

There's the same debate with fighting games. Being a SF player I encounter the fightpad vs arcade stick debate a lot. I use a fightpad over a stick because I had limited access to an arcade when I was a kid so I never got good with a stick. The sticks you could buy for home consoles back then sucked as did most of the 3rd party fightpad/controllers. A lot of players just got used to 1st party controllers for SF and for many that's what they use now. There are pro players that won big tournaments using PS1 controllers. lol. Antiquated yes, but it works for them and they are no less competitive than pro players using arcade sticks.