View Full Version : my omega collection review (partial)

9th August 2017, 07:32 PM
I like 2048 but I just can't stand the combat and zone modes so I won't be finishing the campaign.

HD - I completed the elite campaign and enjoyed the tournaments.
I think the following tracks are just terrible: Chengou, Sebenco, Vineta K.
I dislike them so much it probably will prevent me from going online.

I particularly do not like the way tracks have so much going on and even the track itself is like a disco ball.
Would like it if future wipeout had tracks that looked somewhat plain like they were in Pulse.

I like using the analog stick and re-mapped the left right buttons to L2 and R2 for barrel rolls.
If any future wipeout removed barrel rolls I think it would be a good thing but please I don't want to argue this point in this thread.

HD Fury - I quit after playing two rounds of detonator.

Well don't get me wrong I really do love this game for the most part and having lots of fun doing timetrails.

10th August 2017, 01:27 AM
I used to hate chenghou project so much back during the trophy days hehe, but now it is my track :D

although i really dislike moa therma reverse, sol 2 reverse, amphesium reverse and tech de ra reverse but i still play the online ;)

2048 campaign doesn't have tournaments because the original version never had tournaments.

Fury campaign is boring, i agree, there are way too many detonators/combats/zone battles and not enough of the other modes compared to the fury modes. i wish they made it bigger during original release by adding time trials/ more races/speed laps/zones

Barrel rolls i wouldn't mind going away if theres another game coming. i just dont like that barrel rolls is a huge changer when going for times, its also a mess with front view players.

10th August 2017, 04:16 AM
Aww come on! Moa Reverse is a straight up "who can sideshift the bestest" track. Sol 2 Rev is one of those "learn the turbo cut(s) an dominate" tracks, and Amphiseum Reverse is the same.

Fury was tedious, not just boring. Agree here.

Barrel rolls for life.

10th August 2017, 07:13 AM
If any future wipeout removed barrel rolls I think it would be a good thing but please I don't want to argue this point in this thread.
The good thing would be to add modes without barrel rolls (it already exists online) and their own leaderboards. Then everybody will be happy, not only half of the community ;)

11th August 2017, 12:11 PM
Hi Packetmon: I remember you from the glorious days of Pulse online. Awesome battles and superb races :)

When HD/Fury came out on the PS3, I was really hyped and played the campaign with much enthusiasm except all the detonator, zone battles and combats. Eventually I did not finish the whole game. Loved online and TT. I didn't like SL anymore, because of boost-select boost and all the other exploits.

When Omega Collection came out I was happy to see the game started with 2048 campaign mode. I am still working my way through it. Whenever I go online, I am using the game filter and only search for 2048 games. After 10 years of HD/Fury I am so happy that we are finally able to fly on the tracks of 2048 and select our type of races in stead of combat.

I am not even going to start with HD/Fury PS4 campaign. I'd rather play Pure or Pulse via adhoc party online :)

Greetz Mad-Ice