View Full Version : 2048 Agility-class automatic airbraking with the left stick

24th June 2017, 06:28 PM
Hello world,

in 2048, agility-class craft (and, more justifiably, Pir-Hana Prototype) have their airbrakes dual-mapped between your normal airbrake buttons (L1R1 for me, so the below fix at least works) and the left stick, the latter of which is also influenced by the airbrake sensitivity setting, specifically in what the maximum value is; 10% sensitivity means auto-airbraking operates at full capacity, only really useful on the Pir-Hana Prototype as already mentioned. 20% means it runs at half capacity, 30% at 1/3rd, etc; it's an exponential curve until sensitivity is at 100% where auto-airbraking, though still present, is muted enough you can live with it.
An alternative is to simply use D-Pad, but if you're used to left stick, this isn't really an option; using D-Pad left me at zone 57 on Rockway Stadium, whereas using the stick with the above fix shot me far above, only cut off by my deliberate elimination.

I don't think 100% sensitivity is a good fix to this issue; it doesn't outright disable automatic airbraking, it reduces Pir-Hana Prototype's responsiveness, and it messes with players used to analogue airbraking. Setting sensitivity to max is only a flawed workaround for a limited population that must be reverted every time you wish to fly one particular ship, and so this issue needs an absolute fix.

If any devs are reading, I'd say don't make it an option. Straight-up disable left-stick automated airbraking on the agility-class ships, no matter what, as otherwise they're comically twitchy to control or require a workaround that only works for a limited portion of players.

Pir-Hana Prototype, however, is perfectly fine, as auto-airbraking makes it possible to control the thing. Keep its airbraking on, forced at 10% sensitivity (full range) for the left-stick ideally, and add auto-airbraking to D-Pad too, perhaps at, say, 50% sensitivity regardless of the player's control settings.

I'd like to hear everyone else's thoughts on this.