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14th June 2017, 10:31 PM
Hey forum. How's that Omega treating you?

Based on a post in another thread I just learned that once again, the US gets shafted with any kind of T-shirt or officially licensed stuff.

mannjon doesn't like that.

So I've taken it on myself to start making some designs that could be potentially used to screen print shirts. I've done this before professionally (design and the printing) and there is a artsy place locally that will print limited runs for screen printing.

I'm not exactly sure how the licensing works, and I really don't want to get in trouble with Sony, but I would also like to make some shirts available to those that live here in the US, or to those who just want more than what is offered for the Playstation Gear. If I get enough interest, I might even see what it would take to get do these in mass. I don't want to make money at this. I just want to play my role as US super-fan, which I am.

All that aside, post any ideas you have for any apparel and I'll see what I can do (and get away with). If I stray from officially licensed or trademarked stuff, I think I can skate the edge of bootleg pretty thin and maybe even do some limited production runs on some of these.

I've attached an example of what I'm talking about. This design is fairly generic, but still Wipeout themed for example.

I also did some ship designs a few years back which were basically ship skins. If anyone wants to see those, let me know and I can post those too. There is a company in the US that does print shirts, but they are all priced at like $30. I don't know how they get around the copyright stuff, so there may be some leeway as to what I can and can't do.

Once again, this is not for profit. If I make any of these, I will see what I can do to get them out to the community. It sure would be fun to have a monthly shirt club!

If you have any ideas, post them and I'll see what I can do. If nothing else, I can certainly get in the business of making free custom computer backgrounds.

#1 - "Zoned Out"


15th June 2017, 01:28 AM
I’m not sure if my terminology is right here, but you’d get nicer results with DTG (direct-to-garment) technology than with screen printing.

See what it looks like from close up:

http://reho.st/self/24f6436438f58e2ab5fb9e53efeae9ca0842237d.jpg http://reho.st/self/058ca99f8cb6db2f782fee86fcfd11731962b322.jpg

15th June 2017, 02:32 AM
Unfortunately, DTG is a bit pricey. I have a contact that might be able to do them though. I'll have to see. Also, the more colors you use with a screenprint, the more expensive it gets. So I'll have to check into DTG pricing. Heatpress is definitely not the way to go.

#2 - "AG OMEGA"


Hybrid Divide
15th June 2017, 10:40 PM
That "Zoned Out" shirt looks excellent. Though it might be good to add the WipEoutZone url in there too? Seems a good opportunity, as only fans will have any idea what that means.

In any case, I'd buy one! :D

16th June 2017, 01:16 AM
That "Zoned Out" shirt looks excellent. Though it might be good to add the WipEoutZone url in there too? Seems a good opportunity, as only fans will have any idea what that means.

In any case, I'd buy one! :D

If there is any interest, I would love to make some officially licensed wipeoutzone™ (lols, couldn't resist) shirts. But I'd definitely want to check with the forum devs first. I can pm infoxicated or Hellfire and get them involved, but first I wanted to see if there was some interest.

I still haven't figured out the line that can't be crossed as far as Wipeout assets go too. Teamnames might be off the table for example, but silhouettes that I create of ships might be well within legal bounds. The AG shirt for example, is borderline. It uses part of the AG-SYS logo, but I created the graphics from scratch (I have the vector based prepress artwork as proof), and the Omega symbol is 100% original, but styled to look like it fits. "AG-OMEGA" is not an explicitly trademarked or copyrighted logo, because I came up with that specific phrase myself. It just so happens that it was designed around the time that Wipeout Omega was released.

I have a ton of original designs I have done that skate this line. But it would be fantastic if I could get legal rights to use teamnames and affiliated slogans and logos. I am not trying to make money off this, but just cover the production costs. However copyright laws technically apply even if no profit is to be gained, so I can't just go out and make shirts using wipeout ip and give them away sadly, otherwise I already would have! But you get the idea... these shirt designs are "inspired" by the game, and are meant to be keepsakes for fans as opposed to marketing ploys.

Here is an older example that might be pushing the limits. The ship could be used, but probably not the name.