View Full Version : All Wipeout Soundtracks In One Spotify Playlist

14th June 2017, 05:28 PM
Pretty much what it says in the title:
Wipeout Soundtrack Collection Playlist (https://open.spotify.com/user/haydn.weatherill/playlist/1AGs1ghPxDXpBbu0zwJS4S)

As much as I like the new music, I wanted to listen to some Wipeout music of old as well so I made a Spotify playlist of as much of it as I can find. ('Bassheads' from Fusion is just brilliant :D)

Cold Storage stuff isn't on Spotify, so Pure and WO1 have a pretty poor showing.

The playlist is open to be amended by anyone, so feel free to add any that aren't on there. Some of the 2097 ones didn't sound right to me so I didn't add them, but if you disagree, however, then feel free to add them.

Please don't go adding anything that wasn't in one of the games, you can make other playlists for that :+

On another note, if you record a gameplay clip while playing Spotify the clip will record with sound effects but without music. It's a very simple process though to just add the music yourself from Sharefactory before uploading your clip.

Hope someone enjoys this as much as I am!