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5th June 2017, 03:58 PM
So, I was thinking of a way to get a little friendly competition up and running straight away (and in particular, a way to get absolultely anyone involved regardless of skill level), and what better way to start than by shamelessly stealing an idea I've seen in another game :beer

'Winner Stays On'

The idea is very simple; whoever can win the most amount of consecutive races is the winner. The catch is - it must be Clean Racing Mode, and the challenger gets to pick the track and speed class.


1vs1 races in Clean Racing mode.
Challenger must beat the current holder to take the helm.
Current champion initially announces on the forum he is available for challenges.
The Challenger gets to decide on the track and Speed Class. Everything is acceptable.
Winner records the result in this thread, and I'll then update the table when I can.
Champ must make themselves available where possible. If they're active but not taking challenges then they'll lose their title after a week of no challenges. To be honest I'm not sure exactly what would be deemed fair for this though?... obviously a real holiday is acceptable :) We'll just have to use a little initiative if this issue comes up.
If you lose to the Champ, you cannot challenge again for 2 races, or 2 days, whichever is sooner.
It is advisable to host a chat party with an obvious title such as "WSO - challenges accepted". People can join the chat then, knowing you are available.

Over time I'd like to build up a big old list of everyone who's got involved, which would look a little something like -

Current Winning Streak

OBH - 4

Longest Winning Streak

Ace3000 - 14
Hellfire - 11
JFthebestJan - 9
OBH - 8
RacingFan - 8
chalovak - 8
NotEnoughRed - 5
blackwiggle - 3

etc, etc.

Let me know if you like it, or have any other suggestions? (I was thinking maybe it could be a best of 3? With the challenger choosing all the races? Will still only take 10/15mins tops), or let me know if I should just delete this thread and get in the sea? :beer

Maybe I should have put this thread in the Arena? What a noob......