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4th June 2017, 01:19 PM
If you don't know already there are communities for WipEout Omega on the PS4. If you haven't joined one yet and are looking for players to discus and play WipEout with, then they are really worth looking into. I've created this thead for people to share their communities. (I hope thats ok with everyone)

As it isn't currently possible to post links to PS4 communities, it is still possible to find them. Which I'll quickly explain the ways of doing so if you don't know how.
Currently there are two good ones available (In my opinion) and the are know as:
WipEoutZone (the Offical WipEout Zone Community)
WipEout Omega Community

There are others out there, most with similar names. It's up to you which one to join. When sharing your community here, try to set like this:

(Your PSN ID - so people can search you and find it that way, leave it out if you don't want anyone to find you on PSN or if your profile settings are "Friends only" or "private")
(exact Name of community)
(breif description if you want to)
(Open (public) or closed (invite only))

WipEout Omega Community
A community for players of all WipEout Games to discuss WipEout and arrange online games & events

Now for the boring part... How to join a community.

Joining is simple... sort of, and it is best done via your PS4. There are offical Guides on how to do this so I'll keep it breif.

Methood 1
Access the Communities section found on the home screen by pressing up on the home screen and selecting the 3 smilly faces with a circle/oval around the middle Square smilly face. You will find a screen showing you "Your communities" your "Friend's Communities" and "Trending" and a Search bar.

Pick the Search bar and enter a Keyword. For Example "WipEout" and you will be presented with a list of communities. Select the one you wish to Join and Select "Join Community"

Methood 2
Go to the Communities section found when selecting a game via your "Library" you will be show a list of trending communities for your game. Select the one you wish to Join and Select "Join Community"

Methood 3
Look at your friends profiles and see what communities they've joined. Select the one you wish to Join and Select "Join Community" For example I (deaddoctor2010) was your PSN Friend, you'll see all the communities I'm part of (they are good ones btw). If i wasn't you can search my ID via the friends section on a PS4.

Methood 4
Get invited by a friend and accept the invite if you want to.

4th June 2017, 02:17 PM
Or just click on the communities icon and they all show up, you just scroll down till you see one that interests you.
Not that many really, there are a few other Wipeout ones other than the two main ones, but they are language specific.

If others apart from the two main ones are needed ?

Maybe a AVALON one so those who loath Eliminator / Zone Battle can start having GG again.