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31st May 2017, 02:22 PM
First) I recently made a controller (not negcon) for the ps vita/2048,pure,pulse using a third party PS3 Bluetooth controller. It works well as long as it is plugged in. I use digital buttons for all functions including steering. I connected the analog sticks directly into the box controller so I can navigate menus on the PSTV. This also worked through a cronusmax just fine, but it's not needed here.

Second) I tried my negcon converter through a cronusmax adapter. It works on the PSTV but it has enough lag to mess with barrel roll success. All my functions worked such as dead zone and sensitivity worked, but too much lag. The negcon traveling through two adapters caused this, so this is out for a PS4 attempt.

Third) my original box controller I made works well through a cronusmax plus as well. Using this third party Bluetooth PS3 controller insides, I shouldn't have a problem connecting a modified negcon (digital buttons) to it, then using a cronusmax to adjust dead zones and sensitivity. All extra buttons and analog sticks can be placed on the box enclosure of the PS3 controllers insides. This will allow for navigation control on menus. As long as the touch pad is not needed on the omega collection, this should work great. If the touch pad IS needed, then I will purchase the two third party controllers for the ps4, and see if that would work instead.

Fourth) I do have two PS3 Bluetooth negcons that could potentially works on omega through the cronusmax, but the analog sticks are not on these, nor on the enclosure, so if they are needed it is a no go.

14th July 2017, 04:29 PM
I now have a nicely working modified Negcon using a datel turbofire 2 controller. I had messed up this controller a few years ago (start,sel, PS) not working due to crappy soldering. However, I swapped button functions. The controller now works on HD and 2048 very nicely. As a bonus, it also works on the PSTV, meaning Pure and Pulse also work. It has different settings, but plays nicely without lag. I don't think it's as fast as the dpad for me, but it's more fun. Also, I haven't played for so long that not playing is probably the time differences. I'll post a video in the future on this

19th July 2017, 02:32 PM
Holy crap! You made a controller? That's awesome. Does the Negcon make pulling off some of the more difficult maneuvers easier to pull off?

31st July 2017, 03:22 PM
It makes nice smooth turns, and barrel rolls are nice too. It really doesn't give an advantage I don't think because the pitch physics are incredibly forgiving since pure, but it's fun to use for sure if you like the negcon. I haven't tried it on other PS4 racing games, but I bet it will be great for sim racing games

2nd August 2017, 02:35 PM
Ok. Thanks for the info. I might see if I can get a hold of one.

7th January 2018, 01:03 AM
going to be testing this on psvr as soon as it is released, looking forward to this for sure

10th January 2018, 02:24 AM
do you have any photos/guides for what you've put together here? your 3365+ posts are an intimidating history through which to trawl for information :P

10th January 2018, 02:41 AM
I have no real documentation, but I could write up an explanation.