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17th December 2016, 09:12 AM
It's the Silly Season and R8 Games is working furiously to produce something special for our community before Christmas.

Firstly, an apology; despite our best intentions we've neglected to not only update the game regularly but also to keep you in the loop.

To recap; at the beginning of this year we managed to get a committed investor onboard and the extra funding allowed us to plan for the game we really wanted to make.

We turned our resources to creating what we believe is a reinvention of the anti-grav combat racing genre. All the good core stuff that we always wanted to feature together with the depth, quality and scope of a high end, big studio game; loads of options, multiple craft and weapon customisations plus social elements encompassing multiplayer, tournaments, leagues, video replays, and world class AI.

Essentially the funding allowed us to realize our ambitions and as a result Formula Fusion has moved far beyond its origins into something entirely more substantial than would have otherwise been possible.

Right now we are aiming to get a new EA build to you this side of Santa’s triple shift. You will see the progress that has been made since the last version. We’re not there yet and let’s not forget we’re in Early Access, pre-alpha. Formula Fusion is not a finished game but we believe you'll see we have not been sitting around.

In the background we’ve been working on a number of new tracks and craft but mainly features. Some of these we'll be bringing you a taste of while others have to remain in the studio as they're not yet ready for prime time let alone Early Access.

However, the new features we will be showing you, including the handling and physics, both vastly improved, are well worth the wait. It's been an often frustrating journey for everyone but there is light at the end of the tunnel now and we are looking forward to a 2017 release of Formula Fusion on PC, PS4 and Xbox One accompanied and followed by complete pledge fulfillment for our wonderful Kickstarter backers.

On another note, we're aware that Sony recently announced a 'remaster' of Wipeout. In relation to Formula Fusion we see this as a very positive thing. Firstly, judging by the reactions so far it strengthens our belief that there are large numbers of gamers itching to see the genre bought up to date, plus, we believe, there are a whole new generation of players waiting to be introduced to the excitement and challenge of AG combat racing. Last but not least it's no surprise that we're big WipeOut fans ourselves and can’t wait to see it on a 4K screen!

Thanks for your continued support and patience. Look out for the EA update very soon and we'll look forward to your valuable feedback which has always informed our development.

Team Formula Fusion