View Full Version : Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP

Amaroq Dricaldari
1st November 2016, 04:32 PM
Hi, I'm making this post because of an amazing find of mine;

The title of the thread says it all! Now you can actually play WipE'out'' 64 on the go!

...that is, if you can get the stupid thing to work. It keeps crashing, be it my entire PSP, or just the ROM, or just the emulator... but regardless, I can never actually get into the game. Because I'm no good with compiling or rewriting code (machines always hate me), I have to sit and hope that somebody else fixes it.

It is illegal for me to actually share my WipE'out'' 64 ROM, so I unfortunately the most I can tell you is that I got it from either emuparadise, or theisozone (I forgot which one)

It does give me an idea for a new team, though... Daedalus, once an unlucky software company, getting absorbed by Icaras and then breaking off the soon-to-be-bankrupt company before the F9000 began. They only made it through the amature races before they disappeared from the racing scene.