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30th September 2016, 10:07 PM
Just got a email and have started updating, no idea yet on what changes have been made, as there is no news of it at the R8 FF Facebook page, or on Steam.

EDIT: Just had a quick look at the changes, which aren't huge.....same 4 tracks, but the Night time option has been removed for this build
1]Engine noise has been changed, it's currently in between a hum and a deep growl.
2]The tracks have had a bit on some to a LOT more detail added to them, and the yellow 'side of track' proximity alert has disappeared again, replaced with a permanent Blue coloured one, but only on the major turns.
3]More than one weapon works at a time now, rather than only having the one previously selected in menu as being active prior to racing, you now have two, plus the cannon seems to work a LOT better now than previously
4]I think KERS has been removed in this current build, although I never managed to get it to work in the previous build, so I could be wrong.
5]Craft view seems to stick now, it doesn't revert back to default view.
6]Start now has a count down YAY!, but only visually, no Audio countdown.
7]Start of race animation has changed. so has pre race track flyover [a LOT more detail with the latter]
8]Craft DESIGN has changed, craft now have coloured semi transparent shield/wing like appendages on top rear of craft.
9] Best times [Global and Friends] are now recorded and view able in custom event when you go to a particular track.
10] New pilot view added, the 'in cockpit with control console view' is back with a redesign, not taking up half the screen this time around

2nd October 2016, 06:09 PM
You have also access to 7 beta tracks but you can only select them with the mouse on the tracks menu (all the way down the list, it may not appear depending on your screen resolution or something). You can also play the reverse of the 4 tracks as 'red route'.
The KERS by default is on the X button with xbox controller and square for Dualshock.

It's only a TTP programm update. You can find a list of changes and give feedback on the R8 forums (not sure if we can discuss it here)

2nd October 2016, 11:40 PM
Well most of the people here are on the TPP, and the only reason not to post here would be that R8 don't have enough time to respond to both it's Facebook page, it's own FF forum and the Wipeoutzone.
I used to post at the FF forum, but there never seemed to be any response, so I stopped.....after just visiting it for the first time in ages I might start doing so again.
Due to timezone differences, I usually get these updates installed a good 5 or 6 hours before most, my initial post was after spending only about 5 minutes giving it a quick look before I had to go out.

Here is a copy & Pasted official release notes for this build which were eventually posted at the FF forum

TPP Upate Notes

Chase Camera has been added
Prototype Cockpit Camera has been added
Camera selection now persists through death and track selection
Tweaks have been made to FOV and Camera distance from craft
Pilot HUD has been redesigned to closer represent the original design
Craft has now had Health added as well as Shield stat
Default controls have been changed
KERS no longer has a charge up time and now activates instantly
Mine Weapon now drops a number of mines based on its upgrade state
(0 = 1 mine dropped, 50 = 2 mines dropped, 100 = 3 mines dropped)
Audio Track name appears at start of race or when new audio track changes
There is now a Track Location ID on the HUD to aid in testing and feedback purposes
Time Trial Ghost and timer will start only when the player first crosses the line
Time Trial now has you starting further back to allow you to start your first lap at full speed
Reverb added in tunnels across all levels
LPF attenuation changed
Craft engine sounds have been changed
Track Select menu has been reordered
New Red Route Tracks

Manahatta Reverse Red Route

Niagara Reverse Red Route

Atlas Torres Reverse Red Route

Trans Atol Reverse Red Route

3 Potential Friar Fury Red Routes

2 Potential Mid Town Red Routes

1 Potential Terminus Red Route

1 Potential Neo-Camden Red Route

Known Issues

Craft spawn points are not correct in red routes
Track options for Trans Atol (Red Route, Reverse, Night) not aligned correctly
Can only select Red Routes with Mouse
AI unable to get around track 2 and 6
Only the vixen can get round track 3
Gravity physics are bumpy on some Red Routes, this is being worked on
Some Red Routes not showing pick ups correctly
As the 7 Red Routes do not have a cinematic video, when selected an in game advert can occasionally be seen instead.

After much stuffing about [had to drop resolution to 1280 X 720] I finally managed to get to try the 7 new proposed tracks, some have great potential, one had me thinking I was playing a F-Zero track .... I can see this being a favorite for those who loved the Pulse Zone tracks.
Others.... well I'll give them at least 50 laps each and rate them to see how well they score against each other, there is quite a difference in track layout with these new ones, some extremely tight twisting and turning type tracks [makes SOL 2 feel like driving across the Nullabour Plain in comparison it's that twisty ], and Neo Camden is very similar to running a Olympic Luge event.

4th October 2016, 04:01 PM
Yes it can't hurt to notify updates here and i wouldn't have known for this one otherwise so thank you.
R8 forum is more active now and developpers give tasks and ask for feedback every week or so.

5th October 2016, 10:10 AM
I went to the R8 forum and read the Test questions.... spent a long time thinking about constructive reply, then about 1 hour composing it...... the SOB timed out on me when I eventually went to post...ARRAGH !!!

Anyway, R8 are saying use the numbers 1 to 7 as track numbers as they screwed it up.
The Numbers are as so = Track
RR 1 = Midtown 1
RR 2 = Fury 1
RR 3 = Fury V
RR 4 = Neo Camden 1 ....This track is AWESOME!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE !!!!
RR 5 = Midtown II
RR 6 = Midtown III
RR 7 = Fury IV

I did manage to get the track TERMINUS open as well, but for the life of me, I can't remember how I did it [ A Saturn Returns moment when he found how to open Zone online :p ] ...... I'll PM you when I do

Hybrid Divide
5th October 2016, 11:04 PM
I haven't tried this newest version yet, but in previous ones, I noticed that when I'd go over a speed pad in cockpit view, there'd be a slight stutter before the effect would show. Under normal circumstances, I'd guess that it's my PC, but it's beefy enough to handle that without a hitch.

Have you noticed the same?

6th October 2016, 05:46 AM
R8 have put another update up last night, as the frame rate on 3 of the tracks had dropped on my i7 / GTX970 / 32gb ram PC from 135 FPS down to 35 FPS.
Some people couldn't get it to run at all, seems R8 new what the problem was once about 10 suffering the same thing posted at the FF forum explaining what was happening.

As for the stutter, I might of noticed it on a previous build, Niagara track I think, as that is the flattest and it would be the most noticeable on that, but this current build seems OK on the tracks that haven't suffered the frame rate drop...... I haven't had enough time on the MK2 version of this current build, as it was 3.30am when I installed it, and I had to go to bed so I could get at least some sleep before heading off to work.

6th October 2016, 07:45 PM
Love the red route 4 as well, there is a very good flow on it with vixen class :)
I have the same stutter problems with internal view + speed pads, it's something which appear/disappear with the different patches here.

7th October 2016, 04:14 AM
Actually I got the wrong track as my favorite, it wasn't track 4 Neo Camden.
After re testing them, my favorite is track 3 - FURY V ... this track just rocks, it's really fast, this was the track I meant originally.
The other 3 tracks I like are Track 1 - Midtown 1.....except the last two banked turns, which made me queasy
Track 5 - Midtown II --- there is a combined blind corner/drop at track ID 223 that is something that takes ages to get used to, it going to throw a lot of people out, but it's also fun
Track 7 - Fury IV Another good track, second only to FURY V, but the two tracks differ quite a bit.

As for the No Thanks, take them away, I don't like them tracks.
Track 2 - Fury 1 - This track just doesn't do it for me, just as you start to get into some sort of rhythm on it, that rhythm is broken, and this happens several times in one lap....ultimately annoying to race on.
Track 4 - Neo Camden - Just too twisty for my liking, it's like Sebenco on Steroids, but not done as well.
Track 6 - Midtown III - The track that splits in two with the Monorails that touch down on the track on both sides, this track doesn't fit in with the rest of the game, it's a confusing track as well, plus it has sections of multiple hairpin corners all linked together, really annoying, really slow, and no fun to race on, and that's at Vixen speed, the slowest...... I don't intend to even try this track at the faster speeds...... this is a rage quit track....reminded me of Temptesh Bay track from Fusion, with those stupid opening and closing doors in the tunnels..... more suited to Table Top Racing, not FF.

16th October 2016, 03:17 PM
my i7 / GTX970 / 32gb ram PC

Snap, but still not gaming on mine lol