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8th September 2016, 09:10 AM
‘Boot Camp’ (Triakis Junior Squad):

Lead Pilot - Rathunga Wickremasinghe (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/11/Flag_of_Sri_Lanka.svg/23px-Flag_of_Sri_Lanka.svg.png)

Age: 18
Nationality: Sri Lankan

Amid the ongoing controversy which had nearly led Triakis' disbandment which was narrowly avoided from the recent unveiling of 'Victoria', their highest priorities were to train younger pilots to shine and become crowd pleasers for the Australian team. Though of course, they were very few young cadets having applied for 'Boot Camp', and only 3 out of 10 applicants were chosen for the Junior Squad team. Had they only gotten just one, then Triakis would've been forced to call it quits and re-evaluate their current pilots at the cost of having to close down their Junior Squad early and ending their hopes of ever taking part in the JX leagues for good.

But with three potential pilots in their arsenal, it was a relief that three is better than none, all which have high caliber of degree in piloting the 'Victoria' prototype craft. Rathunga was their selective pilot, hailing from the bustling city of Colombo, and a marine specialist after having saved rare species of fish for aquarium usage. He was also keen of the F9000 series, even though Triakis failed to make their debut prior from their latest entry in the FX300 series.

After having undergone training procedures a week after joining the 'Boot Camp' team, he was already armed to the teeth and was already pleasing the crowd with a balance of both passive and aggressive maneuvers around the corners, earning him a spot for the upcoming JX250 events. Though his eyes were set on the Friends in Speed squad, his main rival would be Jordan Eldershaw of Auricom Academy, referring to him as the 'not-Australian of his own home and a disgrace' after having left to join the American team regarding the RIDS controversy.

He also didn't had good terms for the Friends in Speed squad for 'having too much women and not enough men on the field' which had sparked outrage by AG-Systems officials. His attitude does translate well for Eliminator events, being able to get a clear shot from afar and even placing mines on tricky corners that can be considered difficult to avoid without an active shield. But even after his results were proven positive, its currently unknown on how he will fare up in the JX250 league and beyond. 'Boot Camp' believes that they have high hopes in him, even with his brash attitude, particularly to both Jordan and the Friends in Speed squad.

Second Pilot - Florina Lehnherr (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f3/Flag_of_Switzerland.svg/16px-Flag_of_Switzerland.svg.png)

Age: 14
Nationality: Swiss

Florina Lehnherr was originally one of FEISAR's reserve pilots before being waived off and was instead substituted to the Triakis Junior Squad. While a bold move, it also meant that the young Swiss girl would be forced to transfer her scholarship from Geneva to Melbourne in Triakis' very own private, hyper-jet. While she took in negatively, Florina was reluctant to accept their offer in order to impress the Australian team.

Though relatively young, she had no issues of flying an AG craft taught by her father prior to being sent to Australia by Triakis officials for further training. Impressively, she managed to hold her own by securing her very first win in the JX200 league but felled in the JX250 league from other skilled pilots leaving her far behind the pack. Despite expressing disappointment, Florina never backed out from the team and was willing to accept their training to hone more skills better. Many fans weren't expecting her to reach her levels at maximum levels, considering as how she is still far too young to compete in bigger, tougher events.

Even so, Triakis is willing to let her have a go, but in Eliminator events is where she has to wait until the time is right and they don't want to waste their future potential of pitting the young girl into the bigger boys and girls without risking injury.

'Float Nation' had recently spread rumors on whether or not Florina will become a temporary pilot for Triakis or will FEISAR bring her back to their original team. To date, she refuses to comment on this.

Third Pilot - Waralee Cheenchamras (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a9/Flag_of_Thailand.svg/23px-Flag_of_Thailand.svg.png)

Age: 16
Nationality: Thai

One of the lesser pilots for 'Boot Camp', Waralee Cheenchamras was one of the least favored in the AG-racing league. Though sharing equal terms for Triakis, she had sought 'Victoria' as a difficult ship to fly with due to its heavyweight nature and had only been seen in Zone and Time Trial events under the Venom class. Though much of everyone's curiosity, she performs races fairly well even having fallen back to fourth though had seldom used weapons apart from autopilot and turbo boost, including shields to defend herself.

Though that wasn't as easy as to please everyone, mainly from the Friends in Speed's junior squad who often makes fun of her for being too easygoing and soft around races. This would've meant that Waralee strays away from interviews except private ones, secluded from the fans and officials alike, in an undisclosed broadcast. She states that she dislikes being around Friends in Speed due to her quiet and sensitive nature and that she often needed protection from her fellow pilots and other trustworthy pilots who are of best interests of her.

It seems that because further training is needed for the underpowered Thai woman, she'll need a lot of motivation from Triakis officials in order for her to ready up for bigger events; if her training meets their requirements, though for now, further evaluations are needed for her in order to muster up her courage and stand up against their arch-rival AG-Systems. Though Chinatsu of Friends In Speed denies those claims of insulting Cheenchamras, she states that she'll be ready and won't hesitate to give Triakis' Junior Squad a beating.