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28th August 2016, 07:56 AM
Auricom Academy

Lead Pilot - Nejat Juričan (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f0/Flag_of_Slovenia.svg/23px-Flag_of_Slovenia.svg.png)

Age: 21
Nationality: Slovene

Typically, most Auricom lead pilots were usually Russian, or anyone else from Eastern Europe, such as Anastasia Cherovoski for the F3600 league (though this is still debated as of today), or even the famous Pascale Rouser for the F9000 league. Though however, Auricom has always been subject of controversy as a result from its recent withdrawal from the F9000 league which sparked major outrage among many fans from around the world and demanded explanation which often fell into deaf ears, including from its lack of adequate preparation for the FX400 league that went unannounced, resulting in another public uproar. Luckily for Auricom and Jessie Fairbanks, they had set up their Academy based in Los Angeles for cadet pilots who are willing to set foot for the American team.

Nejat Juričan was an avid Auricom fan and follower, amid their controversial decisions including from the downfall of the F9000 league before its re-emergence. Having already earned his private airline ticket sent by Auricom, he was set abroad a flight trip from Slovenia to the United States where his arrival in California was greeted by a number of Auricom workers after having paid Nejat's visa in order to gain access in the states for routine training. Though passive and laid-back, he delivers a lot of momentum for the JX250 league, especially from a Time Trial exhibition race in the decommissioned track of Arridos IV in Utah, after achieving the fastest time there is.

Within his core, his first race came out exceptionally well, even after barely getting second from upstart Buster Harding of Triakis in The Amphiseum with timed barrel rolls and precision cornering, even after being hit by a lucky Plasma blast which could've proven deadly for the Slovene man. It earned him a fine reputation for his home country and on the American soil, but even with his thorough pedigree, he is routinely shunned by Qirex officials with their own junior squad, Quantax Dynamics though Nejat holds no quarrels for the Russian team, often disregarding and referring to them as 'attention-seeking fanatics'.

After Platon's reluctance with the use of weaponry, Nejat was always willing to fill in for Eliminator events, but rumors spread that he might be pitted against other, equally skilled Eliminator pilots in store for him and was dubbed as the 'Death Race' from many fans, which became a front cover for the latest 'Float Nation' magazine. But as for the rest of events, he would still be required further training by Auricom officials if Nejat aims to be the top dog of the JX350 league, including the FX350 league looming over the horizon.

Second Pilot - Jordan Eldershaw (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/b/b9/Flag_of_Australia.svg/23px-Flag_of_Australia.svg.png)

Age: 23
Nationality: Australian

Jordan Eldershaw was one of Auricom Academy's powerhouse and also their backup plan, known for his precision aim and having achieved Zone 99 from his previous event in Sol 2 at the high skies of Makana, making him the current record holder. While previously a test pilot for Triakis in his own nation, he had left to the United States the other day over the RIDS controversy, citing Triakis having shamed his own country home and had since been Auricom's protégé from his arrival at the Academy. While this caused a negative reputation for Triakis' junior squad for his exit, Jordan wanted no part of it.

It was also further evidenced that he used to look up to his own team in his younger years, but thanks to the controversy regarding the Reverse-Inertia Deceleration System after years of realizing this, he figured that he's better off with another team of his sole choice and Auricom was his for the taking. Though Auricom does have a strong, bitter rivalry with Quantax Dynamics and Qirex as a whole, Jordan is willing to fly and die for his team and nothing more, even if it meant being blasted to kingdom come.

The ship itself he had flown during routine training was as equally heavier than Triakis' very own 'Victoria' ship, but has enough finesse for him to maneuver around even the tightest corners around the track but pales in comparison with other pilots with better skills and reliability from different teams.

While he can deliver much-needed promise for Auricom Academy, its not clear how he'll fare up in a series of events once the JX350 league has commenced, and if Auricom does consider him their powerhouse, Jordan will need a little more than just being their backup plan and their future star. Especially if he's up against the hard-earned pilots of Quantax Dynamics that will really put him to the test.

Third (and Reserve) Pilot - Sybgeline Bonteton (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/af/Flag_of_South_Africa.svg/23px-Flag_of_South_Africa.svg.png)

Age: 19
Nationality: South African

Auricom Academy's only reserve pilot that is currently undergoing training, Sybgeline was their underdog and their least skilled pilot for the American team. While she still has much potential like both of their chosen pilots, she is still undergoing training procedures because Auricom weren't ready to pit her as their third pilot until she had met the requisites from her practice run. Though despite this, she had a fair run during her Speed Lap run in Tech De Ra and The Amphiseum combined though she has yet to face off other pilots in actual races.

To date, she partakes in exhibition races in both Venom and Flash classes in oder for her to go easy on the ACM-9 prototype Auricom Academy had given her whilst their main ship was still under total maintenance. Unlike two of their pilots, Sybgeline's accuracy in weapons were a mixed bag, often missing shots but also managing to score some hits during Races.

While Auricom has yet to comment for Sybgeline's participation in future events, Sybgeline herself had said that she is very confident and willing to step up to the game and fulfill their wishes to win their championship leagues but for now, she has not been eligible to partake in any leagues until her lengthy training sessions have been completed. In terms of weapon accuracy is where perfection is key for gold medals and first places.