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23rd August 2016, 08:41 PM

Lead Pilot - Marina Kirsipuu (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/8f/Flag_of_Estonia.svg/23px-Flag_of_Estonia.svg.png)

Age: 23
Nationality: Estonian

There's always been legendary pilots to name that has gone into the cockpit and create a long-lasting legacy, fighting tooth and nail for the European team and to win the hearts of many fans and officials alike, including its craft's easygoing handling and reliability. While speed still plays a large factor to catch up with other, faster competitors, its no wonder FEISAR and its 'Octavian' craft has proven to be the big cheese of the FX500, but its not without its controversies and major mishaps in races. Sophia de la Rente was the first to fill in FEISAR's shoes for the F3600 league, having begun her legacy from her amazing performances. Generations after generations have passed, FEISAR Study had been established. With one successor after the next, there was soon a young woman willing to retrieve the torch and the one that mirror Sophia well.

Marina was the first, lead pilot for FEISAR Study with a studious appearance that'll glue their eyes for her. Her flight suit had already donned with the signature FEISAR outfit but with the flag patch stitched to it instead of the usual European Union to represent her home country in Estonia. She was also renowned for her high awareness levels whenever danger was present in the tracks, though her main favorite would be The Amphiseum in Las Vegas, mainly from the thrill of the atmospheric track itself and neon lights illuminating the buildings nonstop. Nicolo himself was enthralled to the young woman's talents and offered her to compete in the FX200 league if her results were successful. She happily obliged, but had informed that she would remain int eh JX200 league for the time being to ensure that she was purely ready to take on the veterans.

When she wasn't training, she frequently tours around Venice for sightseeing old landmarks mixed with new, highly-advanced buildings that dominate the landscape. Of course, it wasn't until she was confronted by a couple of street gangs looking to steal her valuables right across the alley they emerged from. Despite the obvious 3-to-1 confrontation, Marina was quick to fight back and held her own before the street gangs soon ran away bruised and beaten while she continued on her way unscathed.

From her first exhibition race in De Konstruct that is currently under renovation and with weapons disabled, the results were as expected from FEISAR Study as Marina had managed to finish second place without any hesitation, even though Icaras were much faster and more agile despite her timed barrel rolls. It was then she was officially pitted in the Eliminator series where she racked up points in weapons damage and having nearly lost to Goteki's Samuel Teodoro in the lead by a single point. She was never ashamed from the latter and stood proud in the podium where fans praised for her magnificent performance. But even as rivals, she still comes in good terms with her fellow Goteki rival and holds no grudge against him. She also considers him as her younger brother, despite having no blood relations between the two.

She had also dedicated her recent win to the late Sophia de la Rente, who had previously raced in the F3600 league after the conclusion of her JX200 league. And upon returning to her birthplace of Tallinn, she was met with millions of Estonians cheering for her name. Glancing up to the blue, clear skies, the young woman is looking forward to pit herself in the FX200 and beyond, no matter what the odds are.

Second Pilot - Miralem Divjak (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/bf/Flag_of_Bosnia_and_Herzegovina.svg/23px-Flag_of_Bosnia_and_Herzegovina.svg.png)

Age: 22
Nationality: Bosnian

The AG-racing committee were not unfamiliar with heated politics, such as one of the European nations that had led into an ongoing civil war over a disagreement on Bosnia and Herzegovina's full annexation of its unrecognized neighbor nations as a result from extremists making demands for the Bosnian government, including AG-crafts being illegally imported from overseas. Having soon led to the destruction of most of Sarajevo along with most of the cities, Miralem was one of the few war-torn candidates for FEISAR to offer him safe refuge amid the ongoing war that had broken out.

While having piloted AG-crafts before (though were deemed illegal imports from the law enacted by the Bosnian Prime Minister), he has never been in actual races in the JX leagues. Though the talented Bosnian has major potential worthy for the FEISAR team, he often undergoes psychiatric treatment by highly-trained physicians after having escaped from the widespread destruction of Bosnia's capital, along with his family's untimely demise from a high-grade explosion strike. It took several months until he was up to his normal, mental conditions to be eligible for training procedures. It was then he expressed his sorrow how he was ashamed of his own people and his nation even though he still represents it by birth, but FEISAR officials had assured the grief-stricken Miralem that they and their pilots have his back and are willing to lend a helping hand outside of races.

His actual training went well as expected ever since having escaped from a civil war that had broken out in his home country, with a surprising amount of endurance after completing a whole 99 laps in Moa Therma thanks to his high stamina level that keeps him from becoming fatigued.

In Races, he was able to get an acceptable podium positions though his strongest factors are Zone, Zone Battle and Detonator, which comes as close as Eliminator as FEISAR Study needed to hold the young Miralem off of Eliminator events and to allow Marina to take over until further evaluations of his mental condition was stable enough for him to take part for such an event. They clearly can't afford the risk for him to re-live his past events that may deem too traumatizing to even race for FEISAR altogether.

Third Pilot - Claudia Di Natale (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1a/Flag_of_Argentina.svg/23px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg.png)

Age: 18
Nationality: Argentine

One of FEISAR's secret selection, Claudia Di Natale was born half-Italian, half-Argentine from an Italian father to an Argentine mother though represents more to her South American nation than in the European continent. Nevertheless, she had her history for FEISAR with their recent establishment in Buenos Aires due to its strong ties to Italy and Nicolo Testa had been on his recent trip, greeting many of its citizens of his heritage. Claudia had also been considered as the female counterpart of fellow pilot Ezio Di Rosso. Even with FEISAR's recent failures and controversies for poor working pay, she had remained loyal to the European team and no other team would change her mind.

Within her caliber, she had nerves of steel on taking flight in the cockpit of the FEISAR-X5-Alpha prototype with no hesitation, though has been in a recent confrontation with EG-X's Junior Squad pilot Temuge Otchigin, claiming her to be taking the easy way out and called it as 'beginner's luck' though she was quick to dismiss it. And her view with Goteki 45's junior squad was mixed, stating that they needed a serious evaluation.

Though for tougher events, she's usually armed and ready to go, mainly for Eliminator events held in Sebenco Climb. She would usually fall behind the pack and catch up to other competitors to score easy points for weapons damage against other pilots. While the result was in FEISAR's favor, her tactic was proven questionable by AG-racing officials. Whether or not this was deliberate, Temuge of EG-X Junior Squad was right and his statement for her rookie move was proven valid.

Claudia will need more than just staying back in the pack and charge head-on instead of delivering a lot of momentum to it, especially with the upcoming JX350 league heading her way, and FEISAR will need her full arsenal to be put to good use if she wants to stay loyal for the European team.