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23rd August 2016, 12:51 AM
Author's Note: Note that this is not related to Light Buster's and keg_11's work. In any case, I'm taking inspiration from Challenger 001's work. Just a heads up!


Amazon Fury (Unofficial Piranha Junior Squad)

Lead Pilot - Leonel Silvaris (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9a/Flag_of_Spain.svg/22px-Flag_of_Spain.svg.png)

Age: 14
Nationality: Spanish

With many young recruits willing to file applications to join the Piranha Junior Squad in the state of São Paulo and its city, there's always a say when its out with the old and in with the new, but only of the few veteran pilots remained for the Brazilian AG team until they would officially announce their retirement. But just like the senior squads, there's been always word that Amazon Fury were still angst from Assegai's midst upon having established their own Junior Squad headquartered in Durban, and sub-headquartered in Johannesburg with more teams being brought in free of charge by experience. Though for Piranha's Junior Squad, they had an ace up their sleeve; their spiritual successor that'll hope the fans to spread their word.

The son of Leona Silvaris, Leonel was the perfect mirror image of how Piranha's future pilot had set their sights upon. After her retirement of a long-term relationship flying for Piranha and started a family, Leonel was born from both Leona herself and his unnamed father, though it was then Leona had filed a divorce against her husband for slacking off of his job and failing to pay debts, including missed payments for Leonel's scholarship. But just like his own mother, he never attended school until a year later when he had attended school in Barcelona, Leona's birthplace. Even before he attended school, he had learned his first experience of witnessing the FX350 series via a motion-sensored television, where his mother had used to race for Piranha, even went on to her loner ways.

It wasn't up until his mother received an invitation from Zack Vilmã himself, offering her to have his son be given training sessions for Piranha and to pass on her legacy and bloodlines to her son. Though she was still withdrawn at first, she happily obliged to take the young Leonel to Brazil from the same cargo transport she used to travel to Jamanha via Spain sans her hover bike, which was rendered decommissioned since her retirement. Upon arrival, they were both greeted by the aged founder, though Leonel's reaction to Zack was mixed as he huddled back behind his mother. He wasn't much of a talker, and he sure as hell wasn't keen with strangers even on his adolescence, Zack himself included. It was then he reminded Leonel of Leona herself, being socially withdrawn among other pilots, though Leona herself had cleared her throat to have her son taken to the Junior Squad known as Amazon Fury, where many younger pilots were training and willing to become one of the best.

After Leonel's departure and a farewell kiss from his endearing mother, it was clear that Leonel had quickly become the talk of the week by 'Float Nation', with Leonel regarded as a silent fellow with a fiery passion in his heart. Though of course, this wasn't entirely the case as his first debut race in the Venom class in Makana's very own Vineta K resulted in him being hit with a barrage of Rockets and Missiles, particularly from Assegai's Edward Mkulu, resulting poor Leonel to finish seventh, despite having been trained appropriately by the Piranha crew prior to the race. And at the post-race interview - unlike Leona's shouting match against Sibrand Van Saur of Icaras - is where things turned for the worst when Leonel had unleashed his personal fury against the aggressive Assegai pilot into a major fistfight with exchanged profanities against each other after having called him out for using weapons solely on himself to ensure that he would've finished last in his debut appearance, which then took 30 minutes for the officials and other pilots and crews to separate the two from causing further altercations against each other, which left Edward with only a couple of bruises, which includes a busted lip, whereas Leonel had been left with a shiner on his left eye and a nosebleed that had damaged his nose, along with scratches on his face and arms that left both of their pilot suits tattered as a result, and both required medical attention. Because of this, both pilots from two different teams were given disciplinary actions and were suspended from appearing in future events until further notice.

Upon returning home from suspension, Leona was quick to scold her son upon witnessing the latest news between him and the Nigerian pilot, who was far more aggressive in terms of flying than Leonel himself despite his efforts, and while she compared herself regarding her shouting match with Sibrand to her son, she warned her that engaging in a physical altercation any further can result him to be indefinitely banned by both Piranha and the Anti-Gravity Racing Officials and preventing him from joining any teams he could apply, even giving her no choice but to punish her son for ruining the dream. He did felt regretful and promises his mother to win the next race for her.

Once Leonel's appeal was upheld by the Amazon Fury's officials, he was available to pilot for the Piranha Junior Squad again, but was also given extensive training regarding his impulsive behavior, especially after having promised the former Piranha pilot to keep his volatile temper under control and win his race without any issues. But because of his recent behavior from his previous race, most other pilots, including their own, would stay away from Leonel from ever befriending him. With no friends and one enemy already made since his arrival, he stands on a clear path of being just as socially withdrawn as Leona herself. While his behavior may benefit for the upcoming Eliminator series, this would also prove his downfall without moral support, and Mkulu is waiting in his 'Leopard' craft, armed to the teeth and to settle the score against Piranha's future pilot.

Second Pilot - Manolo Goiáis (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4f/Flag_of_Sao_Tome_and_Principe.svg/23px-Flag_of_Sao_Tome_and_Principe.svg.png)

Age: 20
Nationality: São Toméan

After both islands were submerged from its very existence as a result of the mega-tsunami from the 9.5 earthquake triggered just off the coast of Western Africa, which claimed half of the population with it, Piranha's Amazon Fury had sent in their elite squad of search-and-rescue operatives, with Manolo barely being rescued from drowning before being airlifted to Brazil where he received further medical treatment. Of course, it wasn't without a heavy price that he is now homeless without his remaining family being left to rescue though it wasn't until he was offered a luxurious condo on the capital city by the founder of Piranha and Amazon Fury, in exchange for routine exercises and race for the JX350 league.

Manolo was exceptionally ecstatic from being given a home free of charge, though AG racing seemed very alien to him. His island hometown never had working television at all, nor did they ever handled state-of-the-art AG craft before and even so, the São Tomé man would've been too poor to afford anything at all. As he was recovering in the Hospital das Cl*nicas da Universidade de São Paulo (or the University of São Paulo Faculty of Medicine Clinics Hospital), he was slowly but surely understanding the true nature of Anti-Gravity Racing from the Portuguese holographic news he's been receiving daily by the caretakers. That's where Manolo became intrigued and once he was discharged from the medical facility, he was escorted by Zack for him to begin his training. Surprisingly enough, even without any history of his past involvements in AG-racing, his accuracy in weapons are surprisingly efficient, even earning himself a podium for his performance.

Though in Time Trials and Races, he wasn't able to make a turn on the 'RocketTooth' without the use of airbrakes, mainly because he was still discovering the true nature of Piranha's 'RocketTooth' hovercraft. But even so, the Piranha's officials are hopeful that Manolo will be able to master the techniques around corners and rely the use of airbrakes to glide around hard turns despite the craft's weight. One unknown fan had mentioned from an unsourced social media website:

"Always start slow, then you'll be soaring through first place!"

Third Pilot - Hartley Birkenstock (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0a/Flag_of_Jamaica.svg/23px-Flag_of_Jamaica.svg.png)

Age: 17
Nationality: Jamaican

Most Caribbean pilots were willing to make names for themselves in order to gain fame and fortune for their hard-earned reputation in the JX350 racing league and possibly for the FX200 (or even join in the big leagues that is the FX350, and with the exception of Samuel Teodoro of Goteki 35 who currently represents in the Pacific), Hartley is no exception. Born in the newly-founded city of Kingston after having recovered from a twenty-year economic depression as a result from its dwindling currency including its citizens forced to live in extreme poverty, the young Jamaican was Amazon Fury's pupil and their backup plan for Eliminator events in case if Leonel becomes too injured or ineligible to participate in.

Originally a discus thrower in the Olympic Stadium at the heart of the island, his friends had suggested on trying out in AG-racing with their improvised hovercraft they had salvaged from the junkyard. Though wary of its dangers due to lack of safety features, Hartley willingly accepted the offer and gave the craft a test run. His run was cut short by government officials and were quick to file a 'cease and desist' against the rookie pilot, obviously stating for its dangers that poses the risk of getting himself severely hurt, even though he was wearing a racing suit that provided little protection, if any. Of course, it didn't stopped the latest news to hit the next day, with rumors rapidly spreading his leave from Jamaica to Brazil to join up Piranha's junior team before his 18th birthday.

With lightning fast reactions around corners and with a sixth sense in detecting incoming weapons from afar, its no doubt that Hartley was quick to learn around the basics from the Brazilian team though his misuse of barrel rolls on jumps means getting overconfident could've been a costly mistake in his race at Anulpha Pass when he nearly veered off-course from edging the shortcut section a little too close for comfort. Nevertheless, his performance so far had been much outstanding, though his fate is left in question on whether he'll be the suitable replacement of Leonel Silvaris as lead pilot or he'll remain as a reserve pilot until Amazon Fury gives the okay.