View Full Version : SPECIAL EVENT - 25% off - Test Pilot Recruitment Week!

19th August 2016, 09:46 AM
Fri Aug 19th 1200h to Fri 26th Aug 1200h
25% off - Test Pilot Recruitment Week

In a drive to recruit more Test Pilots and to celebrate the progress we have made we have decided to stage a one off reduction of 25% over the next 7 days (from Friday 19th August 1200h GMT to Friday 26th August 1200h GMT). This move is to help us increase active multiplayer users.

To join the Test Pilot Programme please email
putting “TPP Request” in the subject line
and your name and Steam name in the body of the email.
We will then contact you with further instructions.

Anticipating some questions, please see below:

Why are you putting the game on sale?
Formula Fusion is already on Early Access at a substantially reduced rate.
When the game is finally ready for release the price will go up to $39.99. We always try to be fair and are not planning to go from one sale to the next. The temporary reduction in price is to help us recruit more pilots during this critical testing phase. This initiative will NOT be repeated. When the 7 days are up the doors will be closed.

What do I get as a Test Pilot?
Upon signing up you will receive a special code to allow access to our RedRoute prototype test tracks. You will also be invited to join our limited access Test Pilot forums which will be closely moderated by our QA manager.

I bought the game on Early Access, can I join up!?
YES! If you bought the game on Early Access you can join the Test Pilot Programme - see instructions above.

I signed up as a Test Pilot in the early stages - how come this is being made available to everyone now!?
We thank you and our amazing Kickstarter backersfor all your support. You have helped us get to the stage we are at now. We have not forgotten our commitment to you. You early adopters will still be rewarded with access to some amazing content (skins etc) that NO ONE else will have, so please don't think we are downplaying your contribution. We will be reaching out to you soon. If you are already active on the forums you will know that we have appointed a QA manager and we will be much more proactive from now on. Without your help and the extra numbers of Test Pilots we can't refine the game to be as polished as it needs to be.