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28th July 2016, 01:03 AM
Hey everyone! On the Unstable Steam branch I have just uploaded an update that includes an experimental splitscreen mode. After doing some initial testing everything seems to be fine so far, so it should be stable enough for consistent play. If anybody gets the chance to try it I would love to know of any quirks, I'm also open for suggestions.

Thanks :)

16th August 2016, 08:51 AM

Yesterday i've downloaded this Unstable version of game to test SplitScreen feature. But I've noticed that game looses all WO3 Ships in this build. Files are where they should be, but game ignores them. WO1 and WO2097 are fine. Custom ships too.

About SplitScreen and controls. Question is: what are they ? Because in game generally players can edit and set it only to 1 player. You should consider do make separate control set to both players ;) I assume it will be in the future.

SplitScreen it self works fine. No problems I've noticed so far but will be testing more and if anything happens - you will be informed =]

And a question for last word:
Will SS will have H/V option in the future ?

19th August 2016, 04:38 AM
The Wipeout 3 ships are now read from the game's data now, specifically WO3SE. In the game's directory is a readme that covers what to do :)

The splitscreen controls are made from the primary and secondary controls that you can bind in the controls menu. In singleplayer both of those inputs can be used, but in splitscreen primary inputs are used for player 1 and secondary inputs are used for player 2. There might possibly be an option for horizontal/vertical splitscreen, I just need to see how I could compact the HUD down to fit into a vertically split space. I also want to do multiple monitors for splitscreen since that could be useful for anybody with multi-monitor setups :)

23rd August 2016, 08:52 AM
Ok, thanks for the answer :) I found another problem. With controls again. If you program in game any functions (i.e. Acceleration, Thrust) to Triggers on X360 Joypad - and you go and play SplitScreen - these buttons (Triggers) are ignored by game. It happens only in SS game, when play single - everything works fine. Please check and if necessary - confirm.

3rd December 2016, 10:47 PM
I've noticed when testing split that when both players have a weapon/utility equipped either fire/use control will fire the weapon for both players. (Example: I have fire/use mapped to player1 as Spacebar and player2 as gamepad button0. If either player picks up a weapon, both button0 and Spacebar will fire it. The same goes for player 1.) So say, if both players pick up a weapon (i.e. P1 gets rockets and P2 gets a turbo) at the same time (or have to option to use it) and player 2, turning into a chicane, decides to save the turbo until after the chicane but player 1 wants to fire his rockets. Both will use their pickup when player 1 fires his rockets.