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8th February 2016, 05:24 PM
Hi guys,

I am considering buying an old PS1.. then at the second hand shop I saw a PS2 and it got me wondering whether that was a better option?

I plan on buying a digital TV with composite input. I've never owned a PS2. The model is very small, flat, and has a silver color, there is one gamepad which also has a silver paint (no idea if its custom, I remember the PS2 was black?)

It should be PAL, and I'm wondering if I can play these PS1 titles flawlessly on it?

- WipeOut 3 SE (PAL)
- Rapid Racer (PAL)
- Wipeout 2097 (PAL)

Are there any gotchas to playing these PS1 titles on the PS2 ?

If not, it sounds like the better option since I could also play the Pulse and Fusion titles.


edit : okay I did some research and

- games shoukd work (according to compat list)
- require a PS1 memcard on the PS2
- might have to tweak the digital TV mode to "game mode" (something about refresh rate?) to remove input lag

8th February 2016, 08:02 PM
The PS2 is pretty much fully backwards compatible with PS1 games. Still I recommend a PS1 to play PS1 games.

8th February 2016, 08:23 PM
I would get a PS1 but to be honest I'm only going to play the WipeOut games, and maybe Rapid Racer. Sadly, Speed Freaks appear to be incompatible. Many other games I enjoyed but couldn't be bothered to play again.

With the PS2 I could play Wipeout Pulse... but then I guess I need both a PS1 and PS2 memory cards.

OH wait.. and these games I've wanted to play forever on the emulator : Baldur Gate Dark Alliance and the EverQuest spinoff. :)

18th February 2016, 07:16 AM
Two things, you can play those games on a none backward compatibile PS3 as well, but WO3 standard version doesn't...only the SE version.

As for the PS2, get a component cable, not a composite, the difference in video quality is worth it.
Besides, most modern digital TV's now days only accept HDMI, mainly to save costs in fitting different plugs that most won't use.....if you find yourself with a TV with only HDMI inputs you need to get a component to HDMI adaptor [they are cheap]....also your sound will need to run separately from the PS2 via either a L & R RCA phono plugs, or a optical cable.

18th February 2016, 02:00 PM
Hey, thanks for the advice!

I ended up buying a Sony KDL40W705. It has a SCART / Peritel , and a component input (labelled "L/R/Y/Pb/Pr).

I'm currently using the SCART and it looks okay. Would component improve the quality over SCART?

I didn't know about Component to HDMI, that is interesting.

I'm glad I bought the PS2 (slim) in the end. I was able to get a new/sealed copy of Wipeout Pulse, and a used copy of Champions of Norrath. :)

My original PS1 discs of WipeOut 3 SE and WipeOut 2097 seem to work identically to the PS1 (edit: oh, and Rapid Racer =)).

My only bummer so far is the Chamions of Norrath games makes a slightly annoying sound when the disc is spinning, which is not produced by Wipeout Pulse.. could be the "dual layer " disc, or maybe that it is on old disc.

Another question : would using the "Dsic Speed" option on the PS2 settings improve Wipeout Pulse long loading times? Would it be a good / bad idea on an old / used PS2? (I have no idea, maybe it does increase the hardware spin speed?)

Aaand another question : does it matter to set 60hz mode if I have a PAL television? The Sony model I bought (above) appears to support it, but the only difference I notice so far is that at 50hz the scrolling text in Wipeout Pulse options screen is stuttering. Does it change the gameplay in any way?

19th February 2016, 12:49 PM
PAL is a 50hz system, so you should use that.

SCART was a Euro connection that didn't make a appearance elsewhere [except on old FOX boxes], but my understanding is that it doesn't do progressive signals, where component definitely would, so I think as you best output from the PS2 is component, I'd get a component to HDMI adaptor for better visuals.
The one thing SCART has though, is Audio through the same cable, where with component you need to run a separate cable from the PS2 to the TV, and with your TV it takes a digital audio cable.

As for PULSE's loading times, sounds like they are just as bad as Wipeout Fusion on the PS2.
From those who bought the PS2 disc version of Pulse apparently it's not very good....I don't have it, I have PURE & PULSE plus all the DLC for those games loaded onto a PSTV, and have a PS4 controller to race with....if you want to see how good those two games are on a modern TV, get a PSTV [they are selling them cheap, grab one while they are still available]....one HDMI cable from it and you are racing.....if you can get a secondhand PAL version of WO 2048 on disc, apparently there is a hack you can do to the PSTV that allows you to play it like Pure & Pulse....it doesn't work on the download version from the store though [I know I've tried :mad: ]

19th February 2016, 02:09 PM
Whoa. I never heard of the PS TV.

So if I understand correctly, to play newer titles I'd want to buy

- DualShock 3 controller
- Wipeout Pure and Pulse as digital downloads
- additional PS One titles

Do they sell the PSOne wipeout titles on it?

And how much did you pay roughly to get Pure and Pulse?


19th February 2016, 02:47 PM
If you got vita? Get it both through psn and the price are not bad.

For the record, you do need to pay Pure game but DLC are free and you can find the links on pure section.

And pulse, you have to pay a game and DLC as well, four dlc l think about 3 each

stevie :)

19th February 2016, 03:05 PM
Do they sell the PSOne wipeout titles on it?

Only the first game, not 2097 or 3/3SE

20th February 2016, 05:37 AM
Whoa. I never heard of the PS TV.

So if I understand correctly, to play newer titles I'd want to buy

- DualShock 3 controller
- Wipeout Pure and Pulse as digital downloads
- additional PS One titles

Do they sell the PSOne wipeout titles on it?

And how much did you pay roughly to get Pure and Pulse?


With PSTV you can play ALL PSP & PS 1 titles on it, plus VITA titles that didn't use all the rear controls of the VITA handheld console.....quite a few.
If you have Pure & Pulse on a PSP that was bought from the PStore, there is no reason to buy it again.
You can download Sony's Media GO! software to a PC, and transfer the same download onto your new PSTV unit. [some cavets, and you need to know the procedure...so post back if that's your situation and I'll show you how to do it ]

Here, see the thread I made a while back when I first got my PSTV.

Just click on the photos to see larger versions, all those photos are FULL screen on that TV..... NO Boarders.

When I was running the same sort of setup via a PSP GO! and using the video upscaling function of my surround amp, the picture still wasn't full screen.

I suspect the same would happen to you when running your PS2, as the PSP GO! was using component out, where the PSTV uses HDMI, plus the VITA processor is a lot more powerful.

Do yourself a favour, Get a PSTV and a PS4 controller [you can use a PS3 controller] but if you want to try the 2048 hack, you'll need a PS4 controller.

PM me if you get stuck, as I don't always browse all the different sections of the forum

20th February 2016, 06:00 AM
@blackwiggle: you don't need a DS4 to play 2048 hack on the pstv. i can play it with a DS3. just make sure to stay @ v.3.30 on the pstv, update 2048 to v.1.04. it's really awesome, almost as good as whd/fury ;)

20th February 2016, 06:25 AM
Well there you go, straight from somebody that has it working :rock