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30th December 2015, 09:21 AM
Hi Everyone!

In a move to put more focus on the community aspect of Formula Fusion we have enlisted the help of Jody Cobb – a veteran game designer and one of the original designers on Wip3out. It is a great privilege to have him on board and you will see Jody becoming more engaged from the start of the new year.

Jody’s job will be to discuss with you the changes we have made, to review feedback and to talk about all things Formula Fusion. I will also make sure he active in the WO forums as we aim to build bridges.

Additionally - we all agree that we need to be more actively engaged with you guys so we have decided internally to move to more incremental build updates leading up to more regular major updates that will have official announcements made to the press.

Whilst many of you have voiced your frustrations about the lack of new content, that will come – but the main thing is the technology. Although it needs balancing the build we have just put out represents a lot of work ‘under the hood’ from a handling point of view and we are now in a great position to start to reveal more of the game ‘content’ you are all expecting.

Track development is under wraps at the moment, soon to be revealed, but I ‘can’ tell you that multiplayer aspect is well underway and we are also working on a cockpit view which will also include a VR option. In addition, you will see weapons start to make more of an appearance and further craft refinements.

So please welcome Jody Cobb to the family and be sure that we are now moving in the right direction – at speed.

Kindest regards

Andrew Walker
Founder and CCO

30th December 2015, 01:35 PM
Welcome to you, Andrew and Jody!

Before proceeding with FF talks, I'm itching to ask you guys something about WipEout: in recent years, has there been any talk about bringing back the WipEout franchise at a senior level (Sony), or even between ex-developers from Studio Liverpool?

Do you think there's even a remote chance for the licence to come back?

Bonus question: if any of you were asked to join a potential developers' team for a new WipEout game, would you say yes?

All the best :beer