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23rd July 2015, 07:15 PM
As there seems to be a fair number of teams being set up, shall I put together a team for us? I know technically it is a multinational team so we may have timezone issues, but we're experienced enough to be able to sort that out now.

24th July 2015, 12:07 AM
Is this team similar to the group thing on here? Or an actual team which will go up against other teams? (Like literally compete for ranks or something)
You can make one either way though :p


24th July 2015, 12:07 AM
What about teams formed by members of the community?

24th July 2015, 07:30 AM
That might be a good idea as most of know each other, unlike the other teams being started.
I found it odd that R8 had capped the FF test pilot program at around 300 [was it capped, or lack of response?], when in the email were received from them with our test pilot numbers they were saying it was going to be 2500

24th July 2015, 08:29 AM
In the end they said the 2500 was a massive overestimate, it turned out around 380 signed up.

What about teams formed by members of the community?

Yeah, that's a tricky one. I don't want to discourage any members from forming their own team if they want without looking like they're excluded from the community. If I knew there were a considerable number of us signing up I'd say we make a number of smaller teams and link them back to WZ, but it looks like numbers are quite low. What I'd suggest is if you did want to make your own team, I'd have no issue with you associating it with WZ

Is this team similar to the group thing on here? Or an actual team which will go up against other teams? (Like literally compete for ranks or something)r

Yeah, it's an actual team for competition.

I'm gonna submit the team to the FF forums later today, let me know here if you want in. You'll need an account over there to be properly linked.

24th July 2015, 11:15 AM
I'm not a fan of teams in games (unless it's all friends), they cause hostility, dirty play, the "me" in "team", blaming team mates when it doesn't go well, ..., the xX333 guys come to mind for wipeout, don't think many people like them tbh, although i could be wrong
I seriously hope it's not a requirement to play competitively, sure, not everyone here might be like this, but pretty sure ~80% of online gamers are (From personal experience, wipeout seems to be the exception (Borderlands 1 too!!), which is why i like it so much, best community, but even lately, it's been baaaaad)

I'l lurk from afar for now :)


24th July 2015, 08:47 PM
I think it will depend on how the game turns out on whether teams are actually needed/wanted.

Possibly because FF is being released on PC first, a lot of the PC gamers at the FF forum are of the mindset that teams would be the way to go, much like teams in a online shooter, they are the ones attempting to start teams up.

Since FF is going to be pretty close to WO, I doubt team play will gather much traction in the end, it never really did with HD/FURY.....I mean racing games are more a single player pursuit, where it you against the clock for a lot of it.
It might workout well for those looking to meet up with people in their own timezone, but probably that's about as far as it will go

R8 said they are currently looking like having a max of 10 players online at once.

There is another thing you need to factor in, and that is once FF is ported to console, who will be jumping the PC gaming ship and swapping to playing it on a PS4 or Xbone?
Teams could be left with big holes in them.
I want to play "The Last Guardian", now it has imminent PS4 release I'll finally need to get one, if and when FF gets ported to the PS4 I'll probably switch to playing it on that, as somehow I think there will end up being a bigger group of players on the PSN than on Steam.

25th July 2015, 02:43 AM
I know from playing some WZ members in the past that you guys would make a formidable team, if you decide to go down that path. I'd encourage you to do so. I'd even apply myself, but I've already committed myself to an FF team.

Perhaps WZ members could start threads over at FF.co.uk regarding the logistics of organizing tournaments and team play and such. I know your input would be invaluable to R8 at this juncture, as I've been told they're presently working on the single player component and haven't yet begun work on MP. Varsh has been very kind about my brainstorming so far, I bet he and the other developers would certainly appreciate WZ members' input.

25th July 2015, 03:27 AM
Purespeed7 wants to start up a Worlwide team at the FF forum, Hellfire posted the difficulty of organizing people in different timezones , I then chipped in with a more detailed example of the difficulties, see the response for yourself.


I think you need to actually experience the amount of work involved first hand, to realise what a thankless task it can be.
People showing total disregard for others by not showing up to race is the worse.

Although, come to thinking about it, organization could be a bit easier via a PC rather than the PSN, and people having to log onto the wipeoutzone to see what's happening....like where are you? your supposed to be racing!

The mere fact that you could keep open a translator, then copy & paste messages you need to send in another language would solve a lot of problems.....that was a killer during the WO world Cup for me, especially when I would get a reply via PSN message in another language and I didn't know what the hell they were saying [having to write it down, go to the PC, open a translator, type the message in, then finally find out what they were saying :brickwall ]

29th July 2015, 02:03 PM
Bit of an update on the organisation front. Varsh has said that you can join as many teams as you want, but you can only represent one of them at a time when joining team-based races. So there shouldn't be any issues with anyone wanting to join the WZ team and still wanting to start their own