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Thread: Ballistic NG - Wipeout fan project

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    Default BallisticNG - Wipeout fan project

    Join us on Discord - we're on all the time!

    Download Game
    Non-Steam Download (major releases only)
    Download Soundtrack


    This is the thread where BallisticNG started! BallisticNG is a free love letter to the original Wipeout trilogy, you can find it on Steam using the links above. There is also a discord server if you want to talk with us directly.

    About (steam description)
    BallisticNG is a free anti-gravity racing game that takes the genre back to basics and aims to deliver a similar experience to the original Wipeout games on the Playstation One. Coupled with the gameplay is an artstyle that seeks to completely mimic that retro 90s Playstation look with a few extras thrown in.

    You are a pilot in the 2159 Anti-Gravity League and you can choose to race for a variety of corporations all looking to get their own outcomes from the race. The game comes with a large array of tracks with five increasingly fast speed classes. Each team is configured for different playstyles, all have their pros and cons and itís up to you to find which one you like!

    • 14 tracks all in unique locations
    • 13 teams setup for different play styles
    • 5 gamemodes - Arcade, Time Trial, Practice, Tournament and Survival
    • A big arsenal of weapons to slow and damage your opponents
    • Cockpit view - each ship has a unique cockpit!
    • A soundtrack full of songs inspired by electronic music from the 90s and early 2000ís
    • Modding Tools - Custom tracks, custom ships, custom sounds, custom music, workshop support and more to come in the future!

    Dev Branch
    The dev branch is a branch of the game on Steam which is updated nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day. It's the best way to try out all of the latest additions and changes as they happen.
    To join the dev branch right click the game on Steam and then go to properties, the betas tab and then enter the password PsygnosisWereCoolGuys, click check code and if you entered it correctly then you'll be able to select Developer from the the dropdown menu. Once you've selected that branch the game will then update.
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