F3600 Anti-Gravity Racing League
Season 2052
General Information

The 2052 F3600 Anti-Gravity Racing League was the inaugural F3600 season and the first since the standardisation of Anti-Gravity racing after 2050.
Venom Class made its first appearance in this year and due to the nature of being the first season held, it was the only class available at the time.

Pir-hana retired after after the 2050 Anti-Gravity Racing Championship season in Nova State City. FEISAR, AG-Systems, Qirex and Auricom on the other hand continued their efforts.

Races are held in Altima VII, Karbonis V, Terramax, Koroderra, Arridos IV and Silverstream.
The Altima track from the 2050 AGRC season was upgraded to F3600 standard and is now known as Altima VII.
Media and Press Releases

  • “And to the world watching this event, already bigger than soccer’s World Cup or the Olympic Games, we say, “See you again next year!” Race on!
    • Dirk Breakwater, Chief Executive of the F3600 Race League Commission
      • Introduction to the official programme of the first F3600 Championships, June 2050

  • “I am glad about finally standardising AG racing. It was only a matter of time until a major incident with such sophisticated tech would happen if you race right in a city.”
    • Pierre Belmondo, AG Pioneer and Founder of AG-Systems
      • Social Media announcement on the page of AG Systems, January 2051

  • “I think our philosophy is more fitting than that of Qirex Industries. Especially considering the new regulations of weapon use and the policy that no ships should be destroyed due to these gimmicks, we start with a fast and maneuverable craft into this new, pure age.”
    • Delia Flaubert, Founder of Auricom Research Industries
      • Interview with AG Today, November 2051

  • “There are some people who underestimate us. Especially some people at Auricom seem to get ahead of themselves before the first race actually was decided.”
    • Arian Tetsuo, Second Pilot of Qirex Industries
      • Interview with AG Today, December 2051

  • “There have been several ‘accusations’ that our craft might be too slow for this league. We don’t hesitate to say that speed was not our priority, but we think it is the right approach when jumping into cold water.”
    • Chris Robertson, Manager of FEISAR
      • Socia Media announcement on the page of FEISAR, January 2052

Rules and Regulations

Sporting Regulations

  1. Racing Classes: Venom Class an rapier Class are the two running speed classes of the F3600 league.
    1. Every pilot is allowed to take part in the Venom Class.
    2. To attend the Rapier Class a pilot must have won the Venom Class Championship previously.

  2. Event Types: During the season the F3600 Championships will be held completed by one Single Race and Time Trial per track and race class.
    1. The championship is held in both speed classes if a minimum of eight pilots are entered. During the championship season all six tracks are raced.
      1. A pilot must come at least third during one out of up to three rounds at a track. If a pilot fails to qualify in all three rounds, they are no longer taking part in the ongoing championship of the respective speed class.
      2. The final standings for each race are based on an aggregated score from all three races.
        1. Points are awarded according to the scheme: 1. - 9; 2. - 7, 3. - 5, 4. - 3, 5. - 2, 6. - 1, 7. - 0, 8. - 0

    2. Single Races are held on all tracks and every speed class if at least eight pilots are entered.
    3. Time Trials are held under the same regulations as Single Races.

  3. Race Length: Every race lasts over a total of three laps.
  4. League Scoring: The final standings of the league are based on the total score of championship points, total amount of single race victories and time trial wins.
    1. For the single race standings all race victories are counted together and a standing based on mere race wins is formed. The final standings are awarded with the same point scheme used for a single championship race.
    2. The standings for the Time Trial are based on the average position reached in all Time Trials. The points awarded are the same as for the Single Race campaign.

  5. Starting Grid: The starting grid is determined by a three-lap qualifying session on the day before the actual event starts. In championship events the qualifying is parted into three three-lap runs, each determining the grid for the respective round on the next day.

Technical Regulations

  1. Race Class Engine Regulations: Full engine power is used in the faster Rapier Class. For the Venom Class the power output must be reduced by 33% through a fuel flow limit or air restriction.
  2. Weapons: The weapons are homologated by the F3600 Anti-Gravity Racing Commission and currently delivered by Anti-Gravity Systems.


  • Shield: Stops enemy weapons affecting the ship. Each shield is subject to a time limit. When a shield is activated, pilots can’t activate another weapon but pick one up.
    • Shields use specially saved energy which is regenerated through a heat generator unit at the engine.

  • Turbo Boost: Speeds up the craft very quickly for a short period.
    • Turbos use the same energy reserve as the shields.

  • Mines: These slow down the affected craft with each hit. They are released in batches of five, hovering above the track for a few seconds before exploding automatically.
    • Mines are stored in a bay under the engine. They expand after release to increase the chances of being hit by another craft. This way it is also possible to store a high amount of mines with less need for space.

  • Shock Waves: When affected by a Shock Wave, a craft will stall shake and be difficult to control for a short period of time.
    • Like the turbos and shields, shock waves are using the same energy store.

  • Rockets: Fires from the front of the craft and causes an opponent to slow down on impact. Rockets have terrain hugging capabilities but fire only in a straight line. Aim carefully.
    • Rockets and missiles are identical, but if a rocket activated it is not using it’s homing abilities. The terrain hugging ability is reached with a sensor measuring the distance to the ground.

  • Missiles: Similar to rockets, but with heat seeking capability. Wait for the missile lock symbol to appear over an enemy before firing.
    • Missiles are similar to rockets but have their heat seeker activated.

Teams and Pilots

Team Craft No Pilot
Anti-Gravity Systems AG Systems 3240ii SRX 1 John Dekka
Japan AG Systems 3240ii SRX 2 Daniel Chang
Auricom Research Industries Auricom A.R. 2700 Model B 3 Arial Tetsuo
North America Auricom A.R. 2700 Model B 4 Anastasia Cherovoski
Qirex Industries Qirex Quantax Design Model 4 5 Kel Solaar
Russian Federation Qirex Quantax Design Model 4 6 Arian Tetsuo
Federal European Industrial Science and Research FEISAR LS-5600 Mk.IV 7 Sofia de la Rente
European Federation FEISAR LS-5600 Mk.IV 8 Paul Jackson

Races and Results


Date Track Event Winner
6th April 2052 Altima VII Championship John Dekka
13th April 2052 Altima VII Single Race Kel Solaar
21st April 2052 Altima VII Time Trial Kel Solaar
5th May 2052 Karbonis V Championship Arial Tetsuo
12th May 2052 Karbonis V Single Race John Dekka
19th May 2052 Karbonis V Time Trial Arial Tetsuo
2nd June 2052 Terramax Championship Arial Tetsuo
9th June 2052 Terramax Single Race Arial Tetsuo
16th June 2052 Terramax Time Trial Arian Tetsuo
7th July 2052 Koroderra Championship John Dekka
14th July 2052 Koroderra Single Race Daniel Chang
21st July 2052 Koroderra Time Trial Arial Tetsuo
4th August 2052 Arridos IV Championship Arial Tetsuo
11th August 2052 Arridos IV Single Race John Dekka
18th August 2052 Arridos IV Time Trial Arial Tetsuo
8th September 2052 Silverstream Championship Arial Tetsuo
15th September 2052 Silverstream Single Race Daniel Chang
22nd September 2052 Silverstream Time Trial John Dekka

Final Standings


Position Pilot Points Position Team Points
1st Arial Tetsuo 45 1st AG-Systems 53
2nd John Dekka 33 2nd Qirex 52
3rd Arian Tetsuo 26 3rd Auricom 45
4th Kel Solaar 26 4th FEISAR 12
5th Daniel Chang 20
6th Sofia de la Rente 12
Not qualified Anastasia Chrovoski -
Not qualified Paul Jackson -

Single Races

Position Pilot Victories Position Team Victories
1st John Dekka 2 1st AG-Systems 4
1st Daniel Chang 2 2nd Qirex 1
3rd Kel Solaar 1 2nd Auricom 1
3rd Arial Tetsuo 1 4th FEISAR 0
5th Anastasia Cherovoski 0
5th Arian Tetsuo 0
5th Sofia de la Rente 0
5th Paul Jackson 0

Time Trial

Aggregated Position Pilot Aggregated Position Team
1st Arial Tetsuo 1st Auricom
2nd John Dekka 2nd Qirex
3rd Arian Tetsuo 3rd AG-Systems
4th Kel Solaar 4th FEISAR
5th Daniel Chang
6th Anastasia Cherovoski
7th Sofia de la Rente
8th Paul Jackson

Total League Results

Position Name Points Position Name Points
1st Arial tetsuo 59 1st Qirex 80
2nd John Dekka 49 2nd AG-Systems 66
3rd Kel Solaar 34 3rd Auricom 63
4th Arian Tetsuo 33 4th FEISAR 19
5th Daniel Chang 31
6th Sofia de la Rente 14
7th Anastasia Cherovoski 3
8th Paul Jackson 2


  • Arial Tetsuo is awarded the Venom Class competence.
  • All races have been held in the Venom Class.

(See opening post for further information)