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    Default WipEout Infinity

    WipE'out" Inf'inity_

    In this series I am going to portrait the F-class leagues of the WipEout series in the style of...well, how it is done nowadays with real life motorsports.
    Over the long run I aim to do every single year, so this is probably a really long project. But the beginning was already really fun!
    General scheme should be to make a big article about the season, then smaller race reports for the important runs.
    In order to keep some diversity for everyone I plan to go with one year per league.

    Furthermore this opening post will give links to all articles, so here we go.

    F3600 Anti-Gravity Racing League
    Season 2052:
    Venom Championship
    Round 1 - Altima VII
    Round 2 - Karbonis V
    Round 3 - Terramax
    Round 4 - Koroderra
    Round 5 - Arridos IV
    Round 6 - Silverstream

    Additional Material:
    F3600 Starter Lists
    F3600 Results Chart

    Any questions or suggestions can of course be made here!
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