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Thread: HD/Fury ship stats spreadsheet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin Berry View Post

    For those who remember the Triakis error in Pure, it was the Turning Falloff and Turning Gain of the Triakis that was incorrect, leading to it retaining more speed than intended through corners, which Foxy then cleverly wrote into the back story after we discovered the error
    I remember thinking "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE SL?" and then stared at my Piranha in confusion. MFW. utterly confuddled.

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    Default Tigron & Van-uber stats...

    Man this is been of a huge help to me , I am working on a Text-based/PnP RPG and without this I would up ended up with completelly made up stats, and everyone of you who may try the game some day, would hate me, anyways do you know if there's a chance to get the Omega stats,or concretelly, the Tigron & Van-Uber relative ones to the HD version?

    Also, one big question I still have about this spreadsheet, how does it relates/translates (in numbers) to the stats shown on the game (Speed/Thrust/Handling/Shield)???
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