I want to try to host a fictional blog, set in early 2169, created for the purpose of exposing Overtel to the world and reviving the legend of Pierre Belmondo. It will be a privet thread (on another site for more immersion) hosted by an ex-Overtel puppet with a shady past and a controversial career. By posting on the blog about things you're character thinks, knows, or does, you'll be making a small contribution to the blog as a whole.

To show that a do have the ability to create a coherent plot, I've made a backstory surrounding the host of the could be blog. If enough people show an interest, that I'll post details on the plans that I have totally made, and in know way am I not prepared.

Pilot Log, Nic Carlo.doc

I made an attachment because of length (it's 5 and 1/2 pages). It was made in a program that wasn't word, and I wasn't able to proof read as much as I'd have likes, so I apologize for any major problems.

BTW, I do mention original canon characters, so if something turns out to clash with the predetermined canon (I researched as much as I could, but you never know), please let me know so that I can fix it.